Note: This does not contain information from Thief Gold

There are few more closely guarded secrets then the nature of the Keepers. In essence, they are what which keeps the balance. They are neither good, nor evil, but true neutral. Even with this Circle's vast resources and archives, we still have very little to say about them. The operate in total secrecy, darkness, and silence. Some belive them thieves, which is not so. Some belive them a myth, which is no so.

All that we have from them is this, a notebook, confiscated from one of their novices which we corrupted. Though it gives very little away about themselves, it does reveal a bit about their nature.

Abner, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Adan: Worker under Iendros. Died during the building of the Barricades.

Adolpho: Thief of some infamy. Vanished seeking the Mystic’s Soul. Possibly former associate of Felix.

Aeric, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Alarus: Family of merchants, burial grounds in the Bonehoard.

Alchemy: Science of substances and their properties, divine as well as mundane. No direct connection with sorcery, although the two sciences can easily coexist and benefit from each other.

Andrus, Keeper: Involved with the sealing of the Cathedral fifty years ago. Correspondent of Lukas.

Ape-beasts: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster, vaguely resembling intelligent humanoid monkeys.

Apparitions: Spirits of the Trickster thought to take the form of dead Hammerite priests.

Auldale Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter, now inside the Barricades.

Bafford, Lord: Lesser nobleman. Lives in a proportionately small manor outside of the upper class districts. Runs several gambling houses. Symbol: ‘B’ in an ornamented circular field. Fond of luxury. Friend of Lord Janco. Has contacts outside of The City.

Barak: A man of some wealth, possibly a noble. Former owner of an abandoned estate now bought by Constantine.

Baron: (The Baron) Unnamed noble, supposed ruler of The City, or at least part of it. Unmarried. Not too popular with the Order of the Hammer, as he is generally looked upon as being greedy. Waging war on Blackbrook. His line has been in charge for at least three generations, his grandfather still legendary.

Barricades: see Old Quarter.

Barton: Worker under Iendros. Died during the building of the Barricades.

Basso: AKA the Boxman. Fire-boy. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison. Has a sister looked favorably upon by Garrett.

Bear pits: Entertainment featuring fighting bears in combat harness.

Beniir: Precursor. Citizen of the city in the last days of Karath-din. Possibly a city official.

biddleybong: A "potent and invigorating" brandy. Bottled in Centauri Vineyards, this cognac is known by few and tasted by even fewer, thus making it rare in the extreme.

Blackbrook Underguild: Organization of Dorcas Goodfellow. Trading contraband.

Blackbrook: Citystate at war with The City.

Bohn: Citystate at war with Cyric. Source of antiquities.

Bonehoard: Cemetery grounds and maze-like catacomb complex for the higher layers of society in The City. Reputed to be haunted.

Book of the Hammer: Hammerite canonical book.

Book of the Stone: Hammerite canonical book.

Brennan: Former servant of Ramirez. Last seen in a wagon, screaming.

Bright, Willoby: Cutpurse. Operating from Stonemarket.

Brynveran, Lord: Nobleman convicted of concealing income from the Baron. Harshly punished.

Bug-beasts: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster vaguely resembling large, humanoid insects.

Builder: Deity of law, construction, industry, vigilance, and civilization. Worshiped by the Order of the Hammer. Opposing the Trickster.

Burricks: Large burrowing reptiles found underground. Famous for excavating enourmous tunnels. Though not particularly aggressive, they are omnivorous and highly territorial creatures. They also seem to be fond of meat. Threats are neutralized by eructing a caustic gas at the intruder. Thought to support their diet with glowing mushrooms.

Camrick, Tol: See .Tol Camrick & Sons

Carpenter, Brother: Name-title of Hammerite worker in Cragscleft Prison.

Cathedral Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter, now inside the Barricades. Had a barbershop.

Cathedral, Hammer: Once the main center of activity for the Order of the Hammer, it was deserted and sealed off after events of cataclysmic proportions. Now inside the Barricades.

Cather: Thief, associate of Felix.

Cedric: Lord Bafford's Captain of houseguards, possibly chamberlain. Has been said to be lax in his duties regarding securing the mansion properly.

Census Bureau: City Officials. In charge of updating official records.

Cherok: Precursor. Citizen of the city in the last days of Karath-din. Naza’s employer.

Chisel, Builder’s: Legendary tool of the Builder. The most holy artifact of the Order of the Hammer. Kept with the High Priest. A Builder’s Hammer is also supposed to exist, but has been long lost.

City Tribune: Newspaper of The City.

City Wardens: The mightiest crime lords in The City. Have divided the city into one district each, or a Ward. Run among other things stables of loyal thieves, who they protect and help for a cut of the profits and their allegiance.

Colosseum: Arena and training place for fighters and gladiators of Karath-din. Ordered built by Emperor Va-Taraq for the enjoyment of his people.

Compendium of Natural Magic: A cyclopedia discussing magical beings, items, and effects as they occur in nature.

Constantine: Nobleman recently moved to The City. Wealthy. Lives in a large three-story mansion previously owned by Barak. It has been renovated after his arrival, recently completed. Keeps mostly to himself, but has to have some associate somewhere. Interests in non-clerical magic.

Cragscleft: An old mining complex carved out of a quarry. Partially flooded, but Hammerites still work the recently renovated top levels, parts of which have been converted to a Hammer supervised penitentiary, as well as a factory for casting hammers. Old mines are reputed to be haunted.

Craymen: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster with pincer arms.

Crystals, elemental: Possibly condensed forms of the Nature elements. Known types are Gas (Air), Water, Fire, and Moss (Earth). Each can be found in their respective elements. Bohn are exporting some. They are commonly fitted onto arrows to achieve special effects.

Cutty: Thiefs-pawn of Garrett and Felix, commissioner of several jobs and said to be a reliable fence. Perhaps a little too open.

Cyric: Citystate at war with Bohn. Source of antiquities, especially gold and enamel works.

Dale, Brother: Hammerite. The Order of the Hammer holds he died by his own fault.

Dayport: District of The City.

de Perrin Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter, now behind the Barricades. A psychic and some thief once lived close to it.

de Perrin: Noble/merchant family. One half of the "Grimworth and de Perrin: Fine Antiquities and Precious Relics" firm. Owns a shop. Contact with Lord Bafford.

Deirne: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison accused of being a whore.

Dellin: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison accused of being a ladytaker.

deNavan, Commissioner: Police officer. Paid by Ramirez to make the Baron’s policemen look away from Ramirez’s activities and shelter them from Hammer anti-crime roundups. His predecessor was dumped in the river by Ramirez’s tough-boys.

Department of Public Works: City Officials. In charge of sewers, power, and light, collected in special Public Works stations.

Deven, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Dikket: 'Heretic.' Former inmate of Cragscleft Prison, now associate of Garrett.

Dobtail, Master Forger: Hammerite. Specializing in clockworks, cogs, and gears.

Docks: District of The City.

Dolin: Hammerite. Specializing in steam-powered devices.

Dominic: Tough-boy. Frequently hired by Lord Bafford.

Downtowne: Industrial/residential district east of the old city wall. Contains a Public Works station and the Hammer Temple.

Dranko: Thief, associate of Felix.

Dreckboun: Gambling house owned by Lord Bafford. Warded by Ramirez. Ginny is comptroller at Dreckboun. Suffered a severe backlash after being infiltrated and cracked down by Hammer patrols.

Drought: Twelve years back, and this year. The river is very low, plants have a hard time, and food is increasingly expensive.

Eastport: District of The City.

Edine: Family of nobles, burial grounds in the Bonehoard.

Elemental crystal: See Crystals, elemental.

Elemental Talismans: Ancient artifacts of the four elements Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Appearance: Like stone tablets engraved with the sigil of their respective elements.

Elemental Wards: Ancient magical artifacts consisting of four angelic stone sculptures.

Elementals: Pseudo-intelligent beings, pure embodiments of the four elements Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Elementals are not "life" per se, rather high forms of magical consciousness. Highly aggressive. Capable of shooting projectiles of their respective native elements. Will not stray far from areas rich in their corresponding element.

Esse: Mountain range, cavernous. Cold climate.

Eye: (The Eye) Fabled, ancient gemstone last seen in the care of the Order of the Hammer. According to legend it has some unusual properties.

Farkus: Merchant. Owner of "Farkus Functionals," a hardware shop in Newmarket covering up for his enterprise of trading contraband to thieves. Willing to risk selling to individuals operating outside of the Wards.

Felicia: Noble, possible love interest of the Baron.

Felix: Thief. Associate of Cutty, acquaintance of Garrett. Ambitious.

Fendon: Gambling house owned by Lord Bafford. Warded by Ramirez.

Fire crystal: A type of elemental crystal.

First Hammer: Hammerite ancient holy relic. Kept in the Hammer Temple reliquary.

Flowers, Tatyana’s: Plants drawing on magical energy of other sources for warming. Primarily found in the Esses. Named after Tatyana Yobobik.

Forge’s Child, the: First hammer ever cast from a mold. Holy relic kept in the Hammer Temple reliquary.

Friehalt, Julian: Commisioner of Taxes for the Baron.

Frogs: Sometimes special kinds of suicidal frogs have been reported, jumping up to persons and exploding with great force. None of the reports are confirmed.

Fruit: Some fruits are said to have special restorative properties. If this holds true, they would signify one of the many wonders of natural magic.

Fuquan: Precursor. Keeper of the Keys, City Official in Karath-din.

Garrett: Formerly Keeper acolyte, now master thief. Extremely talented, he rejected full initiation just prior to the ceremony, accusing the Brotherhood of error. Lives in what he calls Home Turf: The neighborhood surrounding his rented apartment in South Quarters, south of both the old city wall and the river, midway between Downtowne and Newmarket proper. Keep under surveillance for possible reabsorbation!

Gas crystal: A type of elemental crystal.

Gelland: Thief. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Gelt: A fee, cut off profits to Wardens and nobility.

Gerard, Brother: Hammerite. Lived fifty years ago.

Gervaisius, Bram: Fence. Collector of arts, presumably noble or merchant. Acquaintance of Sangar.

Ginny: Comptroller and cadge at Dreckboun.

Glyphs: (Hieroglyphs) Secret Keeper marking runes. Used in books and for messaging between Keepers.

Gold: Common name for universal currency. More monetary units are in use, and in other metals, but gold is the standard exchange to which all others are compared and translated.

Goodfellow, Dorcas: Ambassador to The City from the Blackbrook Underguild. Trading dominates like medicinals and elemental crystals to Wardens like Ramirez.

Grand Library: Highest concentration of knowledge in The City. Viktoria visits once in a while.

Grand Morden: Noble, owner of a mansion. Married.

Grimworth: One half of the "Grimworth and de Perrin: Fine Antiquities and Precious Relics" firm. Owns a shop. Contact with Lord Bafford.

Guard, The: The protecting and escorting force of the City Council, possibly also of the Baron. Elite troops.

Guild of Enlightenment: Institution in Karath-din devoted to research and science.

Hal: Guard employed by Lord Bafford.

Halls of Echoing Repose: Area in the Bonehoard containing octagonal vaults constructed to enhance acoustic resonance. Burial grounds for the highest ranking nobles and Hammerites.

Hammer Book of Tenets: Collection of doctrines, rules and laws set down by the Order of the Hammer. Hammerites enforce the Tenets among the entire population of The City, whether they are believers or not, often superseding the laws of the Baron and the nobility and the actions of police and city courts.

Hammer Cathedral: Cathedal, Hammer.

Hammer Temple: Temple, Hammer.

Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct: At least 199 volumes of collected holy writings and ethics for the Order of the Hammer.

Hammerites: Members of the Order of the Hammer

Hammers: See the Order of the Hammer.

Hand of Glory: Luckbringing hand-shaped item owned by Garrett. Lent to Issyt the Beggar.

Haunts: Spirits of the Trickster thought to inhabit the dead bodies of Hammerite warriors.

High Priest: Hammerite official title. Currently one Markander. Highest ranking of the Hammer clergy, he has residence in the Hammer Temple.

Hightowne: Residential district west of Newmarket. Upper class mostly, including Ramirez.

Hodge, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Horn of Quintus: Legendary, invaluable item said to be buried in the Bonehoard. Rumored to have magical tranquilizing properties.

Iendros: Chief of workers constructing the Barricades. Lived fifty years ago. In all likelihood hired by Lord Whitsimmon.

Inquisitor: Hammerite title. Master of Torture is more accurate.

Inquistor, Brother: Name-title of Hammerite interrogator/torturer in Cragscleft Prison.

Issyt: AKA the Beggar. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Jacow: Jackablade employed by Ramirez.

Janco, Lord: Noble. Correspondent and confidant of Lord Bafford.

Jaws: Guard employed by Lord Bafford.

Joby: Soldier. Son of one of Lord Bafford’s serving wenchs. Gone fighting Blackbrook.

Jorek: Possibly a guard at Ramirez’s mansion. At least an aquaintance of one.

Journals of Morgan: Choice writings of Morgan. Declared anathema by the Smith-in-Exile.

Karath-din: A secret place now known only to the Keepers, home of the Precursos. The city before The City was buried underground in a natural disaster. It was ruled by a bureaucracy under a line of divine emperors.

Karthman, Lionel: Leader of a lay architecture house. Commissioned with reconstructing and renovating Constantine's mansion.

Keeper’s Chapel: Deserted, now inside the Barricades. By the Keeper’s Grotto. Displayed a statue of a Keeper Sentinel.

Keeper’s Compound: The campus of Keepers. Novice Keepers live and train here during their education.

Keeper’s Grotto: Local hideout of Keepers in the Old Quarter. A library existed here, as in all Keeper installations. Well protected, but now deserted.

Keeper Sentinel: A Keeper guardian of the balance.

Keeper’s Temple: See Keeper’s Chapel.

Keepers: Secret organization devoted to uphold the balance between rigid laws and forces of chaos through non-intervention. Emphasizes gathering of information and knowledge, and maintains extensive libraries. Leader is called First Keeper, next in command Second Keeper, etc.

Keybond, Brother: Name-title of Hammerite guard in Cragscleft Prison.

Keystone Tree: Tree species. Quite decorative.

Kindle: Hammerite novice. Lived fifty years ago.

Kutuluk: See Statue, creepy.

Latton: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison accused of being a falsetale.

Lisalle: Patron of Dreckboun. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Lisse: Servant at Ramirez’s mansion, correspondent of Mina.

Lost City: See Karath-din.

Lukas, Keeper: Correspondent of Andrus. Lived fifty years ago.

Mage Tower: A place of sorcery in The City. The mages seem to keep away from the Hammerites and natural magic.

Magic: That which moves beyond. The term is used of energies found in nature, cases of divine inspiration, and of alchemy. Most often the first definition would be the most correct, whereas it becomes equivalent to 'sorcery'.

Mailu: Precursor. Correspondent of Naza’s. From a village in the countryside.

Manfool: Trickster-talksie for "human"

Marad: Family of nobles, burial grounds in the Bonehoard. Connections to the Quintus family and the Hammerites.

Marcus: Thief, associate of Felix.

Markander: Hammerite. The current High Priest of the Order of the Hammer.

Market Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter, now inside the Barricades. Had shops for butcher, baker, armorer, pub, greengrocer, Public Works, dairy.

Martello, Brother: Hammerite. Deceased more than fifty years ago. Friend of Brother Murus.

Masks: Beautiful works of art by the Precursos and later cultures found around Cyric. Seemingly used in rituals, they are now esteemed valuables for collectors.

Mason, Brother: Hammerite. Scholar. Deceased.

Master Builder: See the Builder.

Master Forgers: High-ranking Hammerites under the High Priest . Possibly just another name for Temple Priests.

Maw of Chaos: The realm of the Trickster, according to legend.

Mayar, Keeper: Third Keeper. Originator of the famous words "Balance is the essence of detachment."

Medallions: Keeper's medallions are the only item that marks a person a Keeper. It is to be guarded at all costs, and all groups of Keepers moving together shall have one.

Mina: Correspondent of Lisse.

Misa: Commoner. Possibly from Shalebridge. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison accused of vandalism.

Morgan: Accomplished hunter of undead, author of the Journals of Morgan. Contacts with knights.

Moss crystal: A type of elemental crystal.

Murus, Brother: Hammerite. Known to be sly, if somewhat absent-minded. Deceased more than fifty years ago under mysterious circumstances. Friend of Brother Martello and Brother Renault.

Mushrooms, glowing: Light emitting (non-phosphorescent) fast-growing fungi found underground. Popular for brewing tea.

Mystic’s Heart: Fabled gemstone, sister stone to the Mystic’s Soul.

Mystic’s Soul: Fabled gemstone, sister stone to the Mystic’s Heart.

N’lahotep: Deity being worshipped in Karath-din. Had a temple, and accepted sacrifice.

Nammon: Jackablade. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Naza: Precursor. Servant with Cherok. From a village in the countryside. Correspondent of Mailu’s.

New Quarter: District of The City.

Newmarket: District outside and south of the old city wall.

Nobility: Feudal system of government in The City. Seemingly run by a Baron on top with several tiers of nobility below him. Divided into taxgelt districts of lesser nobles, one of which held by Lord Bafford.

Nolman: Probably Hammerite. Correspondent of Terrence. Participating in the renovations of the Hammer Temple.

North Quarter: District of The City.

‘Notyets’ manuscript: Writings regarded as prophetic by some pagans. Only fragments of it still remain.

Novices, Hammer: The Order of the Hammer sends novice apprentices when they are skilled enough to the Hammer Temple to do service for three years, during which period they are not permitted to speak while on the Temple grounds, nor allowed to carry weapons unless on campaign. When the period is through, the Novice will be considered for the Elevated Acolyte rank.

Old Quarter: Area inside and north of the old city wall. A section was walled in after being deserted some fifty years ago after some disastrous event. It contains among other things the abandoned Hammer Cathedral and the old Keepers’ Temple. The Barricades are featured in many strange tales.

Ogres: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster, vaguely resembling stupid two-headed giant humanoids.

Order of the Hammer: Religious order of craftsmen worshiping the Master Builder. Hierarchy of a High Priest residing over a plethora of subordinate ranks. Currently headed by High Priest Markander.

Order of the Vine: Obscure organization devoted to natural magic. Presumably pagans, opposing the Order of the Hammer.

Overlord’s Fancy: Gambling house, possibly owned by Raputo.

Pagans: Worshipers of the old gods, esp. the Trickster.

Possum: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison accused of being a ladytaker.

Potsol: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison for vandalism.

Power: Travelling through a grid of metal cables, power can run machines or provide light for specially built lamps. Power grids are maintained through maintenance cells and control boxes run by the Department of Public Works.

Prayer of Consecration: Prayer used by the Order of the Hammer at special funerals.

Prayer of the Wallbuilder: One of several Hammerite prayers.

Precursors: The now dead culture of the Lost City.

Quince: Jackablade employed by Ramirez.

Quintus: Family of nobles, burial grounds in the Bonehoard. Connections to the Hammers and the Marad family.

Rakel: Sorcerer. Author of Rakel’s Tome of Magic.

Rakel’s Tome of Magic: An authorative volume focusing on non-clerical magic. Advocates the use of naturally occuring magical sources.

Ramirez: Warden of areas Hightowne, South Quarter, and Downtowne. Lives in a large mansion in Hightowne. Symbol: Golden ‘R’ on a circular field. Apparently a practical man, he still loves coziness and luxury, especially his valuable fire poker and other exotics.

Raputo: Warden, areas North Quarter, Shalebridge, Newmarket (Ward 4), and New Quarter. Profiting from bloodsports, moneylending, and spywatching. Lives in Undermarket. Previous employer of Viktoria. Contact with Shemenovs.

Rat-beasts: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster, vaguely resembling intelligent humanoid rats.

Renault, Brother: Hammerite. Specializing in astrological observations, optics, and some alchemy. Friend of Brother Murus.

RS: Initials of an unknown map maker.

Rubin Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter, now inside the Barricades.

Ruitan, Master: Precursor. Scientist, possibly sorcerer. Member of the Guild of Enlightenment in Karath-din.

Ryen: Patron of Dreckboun. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Sachelman, Brother: Trainer of novices for the Order of the Hammer.

Sangar: Thief. Associate of Garrett.

Scepter, Bafford's: Three feet long jewelled weirwood, bound with copper and topped by a cloudstone gem. Delivered from Bohn by Grimworth and de Perrin.

Sennet: Cutthroat. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Serpentyle Torc: Collar of exquisite beauty. Formed as a tail-biting snake, with gemstone eyes. Very valuable. Missing for fifty years.

Sewers: Grid of underground drainage. Reputed to have become "unsafe" since the drought, and Hammers have been asked for assistance with the defect pumps.

Shalebridge: District of The City.

Shanti, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Shemenovs: A noble and/or merchant house. Crafting and selling steel weapons. Attire of guards: Black and silver. One of Raputo’s contacts.

Smith-in-Exile: Hammerite. Away from the Order of the Hammer in The City, he corresponded by letters later collected. Had some say in the declaration of canonical works. Speculations abound that he may have been expelled from the Order for heresy, though whether this would have happened through his being more liberal or conservative than his peers is unknown.

South Quarter: District of The City, home to Garrett. Directly south of Newmarket.

Spiders, giant: Several species of monstrous and dangerous arachnids, mostly found in underground or sylvan areas.

Stonemarket: Largest food market district in The City. Subject to frequent shortages because of the drought.

Sunnyfair: Gambling house and brothel owned by Lord Bafford. Warded by Ramirez.

Sutter: Thief, associate of Felix.

Sword, Constantine’s: Magical weapon said to be changing hue with the light. Owned by Constantine.

Symbol, Holy: Item of the Hammer Temple, kept with the High priest.

Taffer: A rogue, thief, trickster. Expression most often used as a cuss-word and for name-calling, but also known to be adopted by thieves as a honorable distinction.

Talismans: See Elemental Talismans.

Tarquis: Dealer at Dreckboun. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison for goldlending.

Taxgelt: Percentage of income paid by nobility to their superiors on higher tiers. Tax inspectors now receive a bounty for the disclosure of concealed income and are vigilant in their duties.

Temple, Hammer: Place of worship for the Order of the Hammer. Located in Downtowne. Residence of the High Priest and current main site of Hammerite activities.

Temple-palace: Name of the abode of the Emperor of Karath-din. Extensive archives in the cellars.

Tenel: Hammerite. Canonized posthumously. Gave name to the observatory building at Cathedal cloister.

Tennor, Father: Hammerite. Pioneered the casting of hammers from molds. Canonized posthumously. Gave name to factory building at Cathedal cloister.

Terrence, Brother: Hammerite warrior. Correspondent of Nolman. Fell in battle.

Terrius: Noble. Thought to be penny-pinching. Contacts with the Order of the Hammer and Shemenovs.

Theol, Father: Hammerite. Respected teacher among the Order of the Hammer. Deceased.

Thermotech: Firm supplying thermometers to Hammer installations.

Thiefs-pawn: A fence.

Tol Camrick & Sons: Lay (non-Hammer ) constructors. Contractors for improvements at Ramirez’s mansion.

Tough-boy: Term signifying jackablade turned guard. Often employed by City Wardens.

Tower, Mage: See Mage Tower.

Tribune: The City Tribune.

Trickster: One of the old gods. Also called ‘Woodsie Lord,’ ‘Honey Maker,’ and ‘Leaf-man.’ Deity of chaos, nature, elements, dreams, and fear. Opposing the Builder.

Tule, Constable: City official fifty years ago. Nephew of the Baron of that time. In charge of keys to public buildings. Often seen at the pub.

Tybal: Alleged whorekeep. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Undermarket: District of The City.

Vale: Hammerite. Canonized posthumously. Gave name to the library building at Cathedal cloister.

Va-Taraq: Precursor. "Son of the Sky, Brother of the Earth." Second-last Emperor of Karath-din. Father of Va-Toran. Said to be a good ruler.

Va-Toran: Precursor. "Son of the Sky." Last Emperor of Karath-din. Son of Va-Taraq. Said to be a greedy man.

Viktoria: Independent fence operating in the north districts. Elusive, but has many contacts.

Vrinde, Master: Researcher and confidant of Ramirez.

Wainwright, Brother: Hammerite. Wheelmaker. Deceased.

Wall: (The Wall) District outside of the barricaded areas of the Old Quarter. Popular den of various sorts of criminals. Object of a crackdown supervised by the Baron, rumored to be prodded by Raputo, Hammerites, or his own brethren.

Wallbuilder: Term used in a Hammerite Prayer of the Wallbuilder to designate the wish to leave something good of long lasting value.

Wards: Protection schemes run by powerful crime lords, aka City Wardens. E.g. Raputo is Warden of New Market (Boss of Ward 4). Also a method for the potent magical protection of something.

Watchman’s Grave: Monument. Thieves left coins on it for good luck. Now inside the Barricades.

Water crystal: A type of elemental crystal.

Water, holy: Water blessed by the grace of the Builder, most often created through vigorous sanctification by the Hammers. May also come from specially-prepared fonts.

Wayside: An area of ill repute in The City.

Webster: Warden, areas Docks, Eastport, and Dayport. Profiting from burglary, protection and anti-protection services, smuggling, and counterfeiting. Has strong foreign contacts.

Weirwood: Type of wood especially sought for its beautiful bluish taint. Quite valuable. Found around Bohn.

Weitan: Precursor. Secretary of Protocol, City Official in Karath-din.

Whitsimmon, Lord: Noble. Member of the City Council and in charge of the raising of the Barricades.

Wills: 'Heretic.' Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Winter tunnels: Underground system of access between the buildings of the Hammer Cathedral cloister. Seemingly used in bad weather.

Woodsie Lord: See the Trickster.

Wrendal: Jackablade, probably employed by Ramirez. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Yannis, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Yobobik, Tatyana: Archemage. Experimenting in non-clerical magic.

Yora: Hammerite. Canonized posthumously. Skull kept as a holy relic in the Hammer Temple reliquary. Gave name to accomodations building at Cathedral cloister.

Zombies: Corpses, risen from the dead. Hate all life. Dangerous because of invulnerability to normal weapons.

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