About the service

This project was started to assist fans of the Thief series who are trying to obtain some of the larger fan missions, but are unable to do so because of slow (or no) internet service.

A group of individuals from the www.ttlg.com community have offered to mail out CDs & DVDs to these fans. The only thing we ask for is to be compensated for postage and handling. The group includes members from all over the world, so this cost should be minimal.

Want to help ?

If you would like to join the list of people mailing out missions, you can email Brother Renault at moc.oohay@tuoliamfeiht or PM me on TTLG. If needed I will send out a free (including postage) set of the missions we offer if you join up.

The request form

Below are the largest missions available, everything over 50 MB. Please specify the ones you would like, along with your current mailing address and the disc format you prefer. Someone from the group will contact you within a couple of days. You must be a registered member of TTLG to participate in the offer and you can order only once.

Please fill the form carefully. Incomplete or inappropriate orders won't be answered. Thanks, and remember that all Thief fan missions are available for download at  www.thiefmissions.com.



Name / TTLG nickname:


Medium: CD DVD

Full address, including state and continent:


323 Calendra's Legacy Purah
115 COSAS 1: Gathering At The Inn Team COSAS
87 Horns Of Canzo Book 1: A Long Way Up Sterlino
53 Impurities in the Mix Ziemanskye
59 Karras Diary: Prophecies Of Gold Thorin Oakenshield
214 Keeper Of The Prophecies 1-9 Frobber
84 Krellek's Labyrinth Asscotk
202 Ruins of Originia YcatX
81 Shadow Of Doubt Sperry
136 T2 Elevator Mission JIS
655 T2X Team T2X
169 The Night Falcon Christine
330 Thief Deadly Shadows editor ION Storm
100 Dromed Deluxe - DEDX Rob Hicks