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Many thanks to Cratus for helping develop the FM archive!

This program is needed to run Thief Fan Missions

To play these fan made missions, you will need to download some files and utilities. These files, and the directions for use, can be found here.

This is a description of our Hammer rating system, and values of the scores.

If you have created a mission, The Circle would like to add it to our datebase. To find out how to help us to this, read here.

2007 was a good one for taffers. The break down of releases is as follows: 4 for TG, 66 for T2 (3 GER, 1 POL), 4 for T3 and 4 demos. That makes a grand total of 78 missions & demos released in 2007! This is a refresher of all these releases with the demos listed first in order of release dates followed by the missions, also in date order.