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Thief 2 Fan Mission
Book of Prophecy 2: The Hidden City

 Filesize: 38.1 MB
 Released: 1/27/2009

By: Schattengilde

Plot Description: That was a botched job: a planned meeting that ended in the midst of a Mechanist assault, because my contact didn´t come. The plan therefore had to be changed but it doesn’t matter as I still have obtained the order and escaped the Mechanists unscathed. Somebody slipped a map (or rather a sketch) to me, so I can begin. I must grab my equipment, make sure I have my instructions and map, take a deep breath and head out for the Hidden City!

Additional Comments:
This is the sequel to Book of Prophecy 1: Dead Letter Box.

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Number of Votes: 27

Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
Prowler of the Dark (v1.2)

 Filesize: 1.7 MB
 Released: 12/30/2008

By: Melan

Plot Description:
The clients who require my services can come up with some pretty extravagant demands. Tonight, I am to steal some old skull or another - supposedly invested with dark enchantment. Whatever, as long as it pays - a fool and his money is easily parted, and who am I to lecture folks on their foolishness?

Guarding the skull are a coterie of Hammerites - doubtless out for an intruder to "teach their tenets". Still, even if they guard that mouldy relic with all their care, there is bound to be a loophole for a careful thief. There is always one...

Additional Comments:

  • If you don't find a way forward, try looking for a way up.
  • With some perseverance, it is possible to climb out of the level. Beyond entertainment value, however, this has no relevance to the mission. You might also get stuck in architecture if you are really careless. Serves you right!
  • Version 1.1 adds Italian language support and fixes a bug.

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    Number of Votes: 11

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    Invitation to Castle Morgoth (vEN/IT)

     Filesize: 18.3 MB
     Released: 12/30/2008

    By: Vlad Midnight

    Plot Description:
  • You've been told someone has a job and a reward for you, see if you can locate him.
  • While you're here at Castle Morgoth, see if you can find this mysterious teleport coin thats been known to reside here.
  • You can't leave the way you came, find another way out.

    Additional Comments:
  • This mission is black. The theme is simple, if it's black, don't bother searching: you won't find any missing loot, secrets, paths or doors.
  • This mission is not ghostable either.

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    Number of Votes: 9

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Christmas Present (v1.1)

     Filesize: 11.1 MB
     Released: 12/27/2008
     Added: 1/4/2009

    By: Naks & P Forth

    Plot Description:
    It's Christmas Eve, but all is not well. The people of a nearby village have had their christmas presents stolen, and you have been hired by them to get their presents back. Yes, this is completely different to what you normally do, but hey, it's Christmas, so just for once it's time to give back, rather than take. It's time to play Santa Claus taffers,....oooohh yeah.

    Additional Comments: Mission supports English & Italian.

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    Number of Votes: 16

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Strife Part 2

     Filesize: 26.2 MB
     Released: 12/25/2008

    By: Ricebug

    Plot Description: The Strife saga continues. In the first mission, you uncovered an evil plot by the local town governor, a greedy taffer named “Meech.” Now, you’ve escaped into the sewers, where you find more evil…

    This is a mini-campaign, which includes The Sewers, The Docks, and The Prison. The mission goals of the original Strife game were changed to adapt them to Garrett’s world.

    Additional Comments:
    This is the sequel to Strife.

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    Number of Votes: 4

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Off the Record

     Filesize: 8.8 MB
     Released: 12/25/2008

    By: Yandros

    Plot Description:
    You recently met with an informant, who was told by a guard that works in the City Hall Annex that there is a case file on you being kept there. Sounds like a little trip to the Annex is in order, to make sure that your case file gets 'lost'... that way if you're ever unlucky enough to get caught by the bulldogs, none of your past sins can be held against you. You pry open a window in the basement and slip inside...

    Additional Comments: This mission was begun for the Thief Anniversary Contest, but missed the deadline. It still adheres to the space restriction of the contest.

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    Number of Votes: 13

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    15 Days 3: Greenbay (vFR/EN)

     Filesize: 3 MB
     Released: 11/30/2008

  • 15 Days 1: Vol de Nuit
  • 15 Days 2: Chasse A L'Homme

  • By: DrK

    Plot Description:
    The third part of the "15 Days" campaign

    The story ...
    Garrett continues to search for testmonies and evidences against him. He got a message from a friend, who found another witness hiding in Greenbay quarter. Garrett has to make sure this witness doesn't speak to anyone...

    Additional Comments:

  • English & French supported
  • Original concept by TheHardyBoyz

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    Number of Votes: 22

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Memoirs of a Dead God

     Filesize: 33.5 MB
     Released: 11/29/2008

    By: Nick Dablin (nicked)

    Plot Description:
    This mission is set just after the events of Thief 1. Lord Morego is one of the more reclusive of the city's nobility. He's rich, but he's never had any one item valuable enough to be worth the risk of robbing him. This is all about to change, because word on the underground tells me he'll shortly be receiving a mysterious book from sources abroad. There are wild rumours it's a pagan magic book bound in human skin, but I've not heard anything concrete. The item must be phenomenally valuable though, because it's being transported with an escort of armed guards. I'm no highwayman, so my best chance will be after the book has arrived. This may also pose a problem, because the paranoid Lord Morego is having a brand new vault constructed underneath his house, using new Mechanist technology. It seems some inside information couldn't hurt, so I'll be casing the joint before the vault is finished, to try and get some tips on how to break in. Once I've figured out the best way to get in, I'll make my plans for the night Lord Morego is throwing a party for the city's nobility...

    Additional Comments:
    QUICKSAVE WARNING! There may occasionally be times in mission one where the ghosting objective fails suddenly. This is usually due to a guard hearing you even though you didn't make much noise. For this reason, please check to make sure you have no failed objectives before quicksaving, as there's nothing more frustrating than having a save just before the Mission Failed screen!

    This is a 2-part mission. I know some people will be put off by the ghost objective and find secrets objective. For this reason, the ghost objective is optional on Normal and Hard and you only have to find one secret on Normal, so play on normal if you don't like this type of gameplay much! Stick with it though - the restrictions don't apply to mission 2!

    Please download and install the Object Enhancement Pack for the optimal experience! (not required)

    Please note that the Armory is deliberately inaccessible in mission one - there is nothing mission critical in there so don't waste time trying to find the key!

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    Number of Votes: 27

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Rust Belt Prison (v1.3)

     Filesize: 13.5 MB
     Released: 11/14/2008
     Added: 1/1/2009

    By: John Denison

    Plot Description:
    The City Watch caught you in the slums and took you to jail. Today is your trial date. The Judge and Jury have found you guilty of many hundreds of crimes ranging from grand theft to assault. Before you are taken to your prison cell, you stand to witness the next court case. The court has found that both you and this prisoner aided the escape of Mr. Joe Oh Dear.

    The prisoner on trial is Joe's brother Jack. Both have been identified as invalids from an evil place. Jack would have been given an automatic death penalty, but Jack was given a fair trial in exchange for telling the City Watch the location of the invalid's hideout. You, Garrett, have been given the same life sentance for many numerous crimes in addition to aiding Mr. Oh Dear's escape. Had it not been for your unwaivering assistance in clearing out the city of over one hundred fifty thousand invalids, you would have been given an automatic death sentance as well.

    Your main objective is to get out of the prison. All of the ground level entrances are locked tight, so you will have to find another way out. The Judge ordered that you were to be inprisoned forever, so make him pay for it. Using your intuition, you feel that the judge is hiding something, so this place may take you by surprise.

    Additional Comments: Supports English & Italian.

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    Number of Votes: 17

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Sensut's Dracula Reloaded (v1.2)

     Filesize: 255.2 MB
     Released: 11/14/2008
     Added: 1/4/2009

  • Upgrade Patch v 1.2
  • Sensut's Drakula Ujratoltve Hungarian only & Hungarian Readme.rtf

  • By: Szabo Csaba (Sensut)

    Plot Description: This is the final version of Sensut's Dracula Reloaded with all new mission upgrades, including an Italian translation. Sensut has also produced a brand new version with only Hungarian language support. This is the complete Dracula saga including all extras.

    Cast your vote by clicking on the vine image below -- Current score: 10 of 10 -- 33 Vote(s)

    Number of Votes: 33

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Deceptive Perception 2: Phantasmagoria (v1.0)

     Filesize: 91 MB
     Released: 11/14/2008

    By: William the Taffer & Yandros

    Plot Description:
    You've met your old friend Willick at the Rotting Carcass for a pint and some light discussion, when talk turns to your recent adventure trying to recover an artifact from the upper floor of an abandoned Mechanist warehouse that's supposedly haunted. You don't really want to relive that terrible night just for his entertainment, but he insists on hearing the story, so you throw back some beer and begin.

    Additional Comments:
    This is the spiritual sequel to Will’s 2002 FM Deceptive Perception, which came in second place overall in Komag’s Contest 3. In some ways it is a full-sized remake, but in other ways it is much, much more than that.

    Cast your vote by clicking on the vine image below -- Current score: 8 of 10 -- 26 Vote(s)

    Number of Votes: 26

    The Keeper (v2)

     Filesize: 46.7 MB
     Released: 11/10/2008
     Added: 1/16/2009

    By: Savar

    Plot Description:
    This story takes place in the South Quarter. A year has passed since Garrett activated the Last Glyph. So, here is the continuation of the TDS story. In this FM, you'll find out what is going on with Garrett, the Keepers and the hag now. Some mystical event took place in the City and Garrett saw it in his dream...

    Additional Comments:
    This mission supports English, German, Italian & Russian.

    From the author: First of all, this map is based on the original TDS map. Of course, I wished to make it more beautiful but my knowledge of the T3Editor is not good enough for it. You'll see a huge number of objects so be prepared for a hard gameplay. Climbing gloves should help you a lot.

    Both TDS characters and the great names of history were used in this FM. Altho there is a tragical story of pagans from North Quarter - a religious carnage that took place 30 years ago. I would like to make FM about the North Quarter in future but it will be another story.

    Cast your vote by clicking on the vine image below -- Current score: 9 of 10 -- 2 Vote(s)

    Number of Votes: 2

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Keeper Investigations Campaign (v1.1)

     Filesize: 23.4 MB
     Released: 11/9/2008


     Other: Author's Webpage

    By: intruder (Steffen Lehnert)

    Plot Description:
    The City changes very fast. After the defeat of the Trickster, a group of Hammerite separatists who call themself "Mechanists" grows in number and influence in the city. The Hammerites are weakened and unable to stop the fluctuation in their ranks. These new fanatics are especially interested in engineers, chemists and inventors and a lot of them have already joined them. But it is not clear what their plan is and how it will affect the City.

    Artemus is concerned about this developement and decided to share his knowledge with Garrett. He is convinced that Garrett would be able to gather some information and reveal some of the mysteries surrounding those new Mechanists. But one thing was mentioned many times in the Keeper books:
    The Metal Age and that time is short...

    Additional Comments: The first mission, The Dawn of a New Age, was originally released Aug, 06, 2008 with the title Keeper Investigations. It has been updated to version 1.1 and renamed to become the beginning story in this 3 mission campaign with 2 more missions planned for the future.

    Cast your vote by clicking on the vine image below -- Current score: 6 of 10 -- 22 Vote(s)

    Number of Votes: 22

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Carkess' Escape (Carkess Flucht) (vENG/GER)

     Filesize: 1.1 MB
     Released: 10/24/2008

    By: Carkess (Carsten Kessler)

    Plot Description: The Keeper Carkess was an instructor of Garrett's, as well as a good friend. As Garrett followed his own path, they parted company. Carkess was tired of always living in concealment with the fear of being discovered. So Carkess wanted to settle down in a small village and live life like everybody else. But the ruler of this city, Lord Hagen, started using this city as his private hunting site. Then, the troubles began. More and more guards were sent into the city to protect the lord, and the calm days were gone. Carkess was discovered and had to leave the city. Now, he could use the help of Garrett, his former apprentice.

    The mission starts outside the city gates of Lord Hagen's town. There are zombies, ape beasts, guards, thieves and a lot of loot in the mission. Please consider the fact, that this is my first FM and 2,5 months ago I didn't even know about DromEd.

    Additional Comments: This mission supports English and German.
    Italian support by Krenim added Nov 10, 2008.

    Cast your vote by clicking on the vine image below -- Current score: 5 of 10 -- 7 Vote(s)

    Number of Votes: 7

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Heist at Night

     Filesize: 0.42 MB
     Released: 10/20/2008

    By: Silencium18

    Plot Description: There`s a new, rich person in the city. Everyone claims that he has much gold, many guards and a crypt under his house. It will be an easy job for you to break into his house and steal something from him. But first you have to make your way through the city to his house. The best way in should be the through the little garden behind his house.

    Cast your vote by clicking on the vine image below -- Current score: 4 of 10 -- 8 Vote(s)

    Number of Votes: 8

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Mechanist Facility

     Filesize: 36 MB
     Released: 10/19/2008

    By: cardia1

    Plot Description: The Keepers have found out that the Mechanists were building a nuclear bomb that was planned to be used in a Pagan territory. This nuclear bomb would eliminate most of the Pagan population. And the Mechanists would show no mercy for them, even if children, old people and defenseless people were to die as well. This decimation would certanly bring an unbalanced future to the world, as the Mechanists would certainly destroy forests to build their industries and whatnot. The Keepers knew that they had to do something to stop this bomb being launched into the Pagan territory, because Pagans are essential for nature's perseverance. So, once again the Keepers approached Garrett and asked him to sabotage the nuclear bomb. (More...)

    Cast your vote by clicking on the vine image below -- Current score: 3 of 10 -- 18 Vote(s)

    Number of Votes: 18

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