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Test spoiler:
If only the Keepers would find me. I have a feeling they'd know what to do.

Broken Triad

Mission 1 - Arkford

Walkthrough - Expert Difficulty


The mission starts in your apartment. Read the museum ticket and the newspaper, pick up the fake sculpture and go out of the room into the corridor. Your bedroom is on the right and the door facing you opens onto Market Alley. There is nothing of interest in the bedroom so go outside and walk down the alley and round the corner. What the ….!? There is no other exit from the alley and your front door is mysteriously locked, so just walk bravely into the unknown. Whoosh! And then things are back to normal..... or are they? Let's try again - that's better!

The Security Inspector's Report

Walk across Market Square and try the cemetery gate. It's locked, so head east past the crematorium then turn south. Walk past the crates and the banner, pick open the door in the corner, go in and down the ramp into the pub cellar. Hmm, root growing through the ceiling! Check the bookcase for an oil flask and if it's there, pick it up. (Don't worry if you can't see a flask, you'll find one somewhere else later.)

Climb the ladder, read the notice about the heating, switch the lights out and open the door. Steal the Inn Cellar Key from the bartender and collect 50 cash from the moneybox on the floor under the barrel. Go back down into the cellar, use the key on the locked door, enter and open the heating valve. That should warm things up!

Go back up into the fresh air, climb onto the big crate and mantle up to the top of the wall. Head south, clamber in through the open bedroom window and pick up the ring from the bedside table (+25 = 75). Leave the bedroom, head right, climb to the top of the stairs, duck down in the shadowy corner and wait. The heat soon becomes too oppressive for the guard and he nips downstairs for a drink. While he is absent sneak into the room at the end, grab the vase from the top of the cabinet (+30 = 105) and take the Museum Security Report from the desk. Objective Complete! Read the report carefully as soon as you get the chance.

Sheila's Apartment

Leave the pub through the same window you got in, drop down on to the crate from the wall, go past the cellar door then turn right (S), right again (W) at the next corner and pass the front of the museum. Sheila's house is to the right but so is a guard! It is easier to get close to him if you go left and circle round into Tower Square. There is a sewer manhole in the Square (marked by a cross on your map) but it won't open without the proper tool. There is another cross marked in Hewitt & Sons Transport yard but you can't get in there either!

Walk over to the clocktower bridge and jump across to the ledge on the left. Go along to the end and mantle up to the ledge above then reach through the left-hand window slit and frob the lever inside. The gate protecting the door will slide aside.

Enter the tower then go through the next door and up the steps to pick up a rope arrow and some broadheads. Come back out of the room, go down one step and jump across to the top of the open door. Now climb clockwise using the stone ledges. At the far end of the top ledge you will find a ring (+30 = 135). Return to the bridge, drop into the canal and swim to the south end where you'll find a water arrow lying on the bottom. Swim back to the bridge and mantle out.

Leave Tower Square via the passage in the northeast corner and approach the guard from the rear when he's looking the other way. Go north, then left through the arch where you will find the door to Sheila's Apartment on the left. You can tell that something is not quite right as soon as you enter. Climb the stairs, pick open the door on the landing and then go into the room at the end.

Sheila is on the bed but when you pull the covers off you get a nasty shock! Read the letter on the desk and also read Ned's crumpled note in the wastepaper basket. Pick open the box under the desk and collect the Museum Backdoor Key. Objective complete!

Judging from the Security Report the museum back door is in the cemetery, so we need to get in there somehow. Let's go exploring. When you leave Sheila's building go straight ahead (N) through the archway under the statue of St. Bernard.

Rope up to the wood block above him on the left and frob his blessed hand. Secret #1! A hatch has opened in the archway roof. Rope up and collect a blue gem from the chest (+25 = 160).

The Director's House

Walk north then turn left and go along Gregory Street nearly to the end. Pick open the door of the house on the right and go into the downstairs room. Read the card to learn that this is the Museum Director's House. Make a note of his wife's name, which will be useful to know later. Pick open the wall safe and help yourself to the bottle of wine (+25 = 185). Now go upstairs and into the office.

Frob the head mounted high up on the wall opposite the door. The armoire slides across the room to reveal a wall safe.

Pick the safe open and collect the Victrola, which plays a short sequence of musical tones.

The Northwest Area

Return to the street, walk along to the lamppost and rope up onto the sloping shed roof. Go through the window at the east end and read the note on the desk about the wood chipper - it's in the far corner of the workshop floor below and you can see it through the window. Now go to the other end of the sloping roof, jump over the lamppost to the ledge above the arch (not easy), reach in through the window and collect a purse (+20 = 205).

Back on the ground head north up the hill and go into the tower. Climb the ladder to collect the flash bomb from the chest and the rope arrow from the windowsill, then continue along Upper Gate Street and take the first turn to the right. Pick open the door at the top of the steps which are flanked by a pair of lights and read the note on the desk. Aha, a Mechanist outpost!

Rope arrow up to the ledge above the coathooks and jump off onto the shelf. Frob the small lever that's tucked in behind the chimney and the statue in the wall nook below will slide down revealing a purse (+15 = 220) - Secret #2!

Back outside, rope up to the porch roof and jump across to the corner of the ledge opposite. Walk round clockwise until you come to a shuttered window on the east side. Climb in and pick up the purse from the desk (+25 = 245).

Bell Court

Drop down from the ridged roof and make your way to Bell Court at the front of the Museum. Pick open the door of the Apothecary's shop, go in and look behind the counter. If the oil flask is here pick it up. You can definitely pick up a couple of flares and a healing potion and collect the money from the cash box. (+30 = 275). Now go upstairs and pick up a couple of coins from the table in the bedroom (+10 = 285).

Back in Bell Court, pick open the door of the house immediately opposite the Museum front entrance and go in. There is a goblet on the small table in the sitting room (+15 = 300). In the bedroom upstairs you can collect a purse from the sleeping woman (+20 = 320). If you haven't found the oil flask already it will be on the dresser here. Bring it with you.

Mill Square

Head east from the Museum and make your way to Mill Square. There is a burning brazier here, and a partly burned note is on the ground by it. Pick the note up and read it. Now you know why you might need that oil flask!

Jump onto the waterwheel and collect the Blacksmith Key from the window ledge above. Hop over to the ledge on the north side of the water, drop down onto the ledge below, walk along to the end and collect the coin (+5 = 325).

The Casino

While we are here let's investigate the Casino - there might be rich pickings in there! Go round to the west side, where you climbed onto the crate earlier and look up. There is a wooden beam protruding from the wall between the icicles and the window. Use a rope arrow to climb up, crawl through the window and enter the Casino roof space. Go left halfway along and collect the moss arrow hanging from the ceiling. Continue east to the end then turn right and slide down the trusses onto the wood ledge above the gaming room. Drop down via the reception kiosk roof into the shadow near the door.

Creep across to the one-armed bandits which contain a fair bit of money (+150 = 475). Now ease round north and behind the blackjack table you will find a coin on the floor (+5 = 480). There are two coins on the unoccupied roulette table (+10 = 490). The croupier on the other table is wearing the Casino Key, and the woman is wearing a purse (+25 = 515). Now go into the reception kiosk where there is a coin pile on the table (+25 = 540) and more money in the safe (+100 = 640). Use the key to let yourself out.

The Sewers

If you look at the map you will see there is another sewer entrance in the water here, so dive in, swim south and investigate. OK, there has to be a way to open that gate.

Get out of the water via the ladder the other side of the bridge and then cross over the bridge and take the first turn to the right down Stone Avenue. Walk along to the metal door at the end, pick it open, go in and flip the lever. That's good, you can hear the gate retracting.

Back outside, get into the water and swim south. Dive down, turn right, and right again just before the next gate. Swim to the end of this tunnel then head up towards the light. Mantle out and open the tool chest to collect the Manhole Cover Key. Swim back the way you came and walk back to the manhole in Tower Square. Open the manhole and down you go.

Walk along to the T-junction and turn left, then left again (W). Pick open the metal door and flip the lever to open the Western Sewer Gate. There is a ladder on the right hand wall a little farther west. Climb it to emerge in Hewitt's yard. Go into the workshop where the chipper machine is and collect the flare from the footlocker, then go back into the yard, turn right, and frob the lever that opens the gate. There's nothing else to do here right now so climb back down the ladder and continue west.

Turn down the tunnel on the left, jump across to the ladder, climb down and go into the room with the sliding door. Read the note that is under the toppled table then operate the lever. If you look across the shaft you will see that the gate nearest you has opened and the one at the far end closed. Get the boulder out of the water, climb up and place it on the open gate, then operate the lever again. That's better - both gates are open now. Go through them, jump across to the ladder, climb down, cross the octagonal room and climb the ladder on the other side.

Operate the EMERGENCY FLOODING lever and watch the cutscene which gives you a clue how to get out. When you emerge from the water the sliding door ahead opens into yet another sewer. Dive in, wriggle through the hole in the Southeast corner, turn right and climb another ladder. Walk along the passage and take the first turn left. You are in the catacombs!

The Riddler's Tomb

Frob the second wall lamp and the altar tomb behind you will swing across to reveal the entrance to the Tomb Of The Nameless Riddler. Secret #3!

Climb down the ladder and drop down to the circular ledge. Look up at the ceiling, where you will see a star shape surrounded by coloured smoky lights with an octagon on the south side. Walk round to the north side of the shaft, duck through the opening and drop down. Look up and you will see a symbol indicating the position of one of the colours. In the passage ceiling beside this shaft is the number 4. This probably indicates that the fourth colour in a sequence of colours is the northwest one (blue).

Walk around the passages inside and outside the shaft, looking up, down and through. You will find a rope arrow on the lowest ledge inside the shaft and eventually you should also find a total of six symbols. (You will need to use the rope arrow to get to one of them.) In numerical order these symbols represent the colours Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and Purple.

Head through the doorway on the east side of the upper passage. Looking down you will see a floor covered with octagonal coloured discs, each with a symbol on it. Climb down the ladder and make your way to the left to access the first disc in your sequence, the Orange one. Using the discs as stepping-stones and making sure you follow the colour sequence to cross the floor to the far side. Press the button and the trapped stepping-stones will disappear so that the safe route across becomes obvious.

Climb the ladder here to be confronted by a locked gate and an octagonal panel of push symbols. You need to push the symbols in the order that corresponds to the colour sequence. For example, if you look down at the stepping stones you will see the last one (purple) has an ellipse symbol on it. If the symbols were compass directions the required order is SE, NE, NW, N, SW, S. When you get the sequence right the gate will open. Go through and make your way around the ledges and ramps until you can finally collect The Staff of Far Reach. Now the gate has closed again and you are trapped. But are you?

Look up above the Staff pedestal where you will see a lever. Using the staff like a gun, shoot at the lever until you hit it, when the gate will reopen.

That's all you can do here so make your way back up to the vaults - you'll need that rope arrow!

Brother Reginald

Walk north to the corner where you will see a stone fountain bowl and a pedestal. Now head east then go round the corner and up the ramp to the fallen tomb. Climb onto it and shoot a rope arrow up through the hole into the wood beams in the ceiling above. Climb up and try the doors. They are locked, so pull the sash on the left nearest to the doors. A cut scene ensues during which Brother Reginald will open the doors for you and hand you his rosary beads.

The Museum (1)

Flip the lever on the north wall of the cemetery to open the gate to the marketplace, collect a water arrow from the small fountain then go down the ramp in the Southwest corner of the cemetery. Open the door with the Museum Backdoor Key and go in. Walk along to the T-junction and go into the Control Room on the right. Read the instructions - they indicate that if you want to operate the mechanism you will need a punch card.

Go back into the passage and walk up the stone spiral staircase and through the first door on the right into the reception area. Your first port of call is the admission kiosk on the left. Pick open the safe and help yourself to two coin stacks (+50 = 690). Cross the foyer and go into the cloakroom to pick up a couple of coins from the floor (+10 = 700) then go through the arch on the west side.

Walk on, down the steps, and keep going until a luminous red electronic gate bars your way. Make a note of the Service Point number written on the wall - 0928. Turn back, and try the green-handled door on the right. It won't open, so you will need a special key to unlock it.

Go back up to the foyer and open the double doors on the north side. This is the main display area, with The Sleeper in the centre protected by its security field. Pick up the Blessed Hammer from its pedestal in the Southeast corner and the Horn of Quintus from the Southwest corner then climb the stairs opposite and walk round the gallery anti-clockwise. Look under the sofa in the first room on the right for a coin (+5 = 705). There is another of those locked doors with a green handle here and yet another farther on near the Stravioli violin. Carry on round until you come to the stairs, and go back down to the main floor.

Return to the spiral stone staircase and walk up to the next floor. There is a note from Dierdre to Henry on the desk in the first room. Head east; there is a locked door with a green handle down the passage on the right and the door at the front of the building also has a green handle. Farther on is a notice about an audio lock - perhaps that is somehow connected to the Victrola. Open the door next to the notice board and climb the ladder to read the Merchant Correspondence.

Museum (1) - Top Floor

Now climb the ladder in the small adjoining room. Descend a couple of steps ands you will see a matrix of push buttons on the left. Press one and a tone will sound. This must be the audio lock. Play the Victrola again then push the buttons to mimic the musical phrase.

If you are tone deaf press the buttons in the order 3261 (assuming that the top left button is #1).

When you play the correct melody the door to the Director's office will open. Read the Inventor's Letter on the desk, which describes how to get a Punch Card for the Service Point. Now look at the books behind the desk and you will see that some of them highlight. You need to frob those books to spell out the name of the Director's wife, which is on the card that was by the flowers in his house. When you succeed the door opposite will slide open.

Go in and pick open the safe. Collect the purse (+45 = 750) then read the book and the instructions. OK, let's begin to disarm the security system now; flip the switch on the right to deactivate the blue rays. Leave the office and turn left along the corridor.

There is a small opening on the right and if you peer through you should be able to see a small switch in the far wall between the top of the circular window and the ceiling. Use the Staff of Far Reach to operate it; the Emerald Room opens and you can collect the emerald from its plinth (+350 = 1100.Secret #4!

The next room along is Sheila's office. You need to light the lamp and switch the other lights out as a signal to Ned (if you look through the window you will see him waiting in the tower opposite). The lamp is empty so fill it from your oil flask and frob it to light it then switch off the electric lamp. When Ned sees the signal he will leave the tower.

The Police Station

The other door out of the office opens onto the top of the spiral staircase. Go all the way down, leave the cemetery, walk back to the front of the museum and down the passage on the right of the Police Station. Good old Ned - he's opened the back door for you. Go through into the bunk room and collect a couple of broadheads from the second footlocker. Now sneak through the door on the right.

Wait until Jorek and Ned finish their conversation then cross the room behind Jorek, collect some more broadheads and a flash bomb, open the grating below the counter and go through to the room with the cosy fire. The passage to the east leads to the cells so you need to avoid the guards or put them out of action. When you reach the cell door controls flip the left lever which will open the far cell. Walk down past it and look up at the back of the stone arch to locate a small switch. Flip the switch, go into the cell, duck into the opening and descend the ladder into another vault. Watch out for spiders!

Go either way round and take the passage to the north. Go left at the end and keep going until you arrive at a chamber where a statue is guarded by a giant spider. Flip the lever to the right of the statue. Go back down the passage looking upwards until you locate an open grating with a wood ceiling above. Rope up, climb the ramp, flip the switch and emerge in the locksmith's workroom. The Green Skeleton Key is in the wall safe. Now you will be able to open all those green-handled doors!

Verais Plaza

Climb up the ladder, open the hatch and out into the entrance hall. Go through the green curtains and up the stairs. Use the green key to open the door and pick up the healing fruit from the table. Go back down to the hall and out through the door in the north wall (from now on we'll assume that if a locked door has a green handle you will use the Green Skeleton Key to open it). Continue north, jinking left, then pick open the door at the top of the steps. Go into the sitting room on the right and pick up the bellows on the right of the fireplace and the fire arrow that is in the fire itself. Now go into the office at the end of the hall on the left. There is a goblet on the table (+15 = 1115) and a gemstone in the safe (+30 = 1145).

Leave this house and go left and then right into Verais Plaza. Go into Alarius Jeweller and help yourself to the goodies in the window display - a tiara, a brooch, a ring and a necklace (+140 = 1285). Walk round behind the display case and flip the switch to open the display cases which contain more jewels (+300 = 1585).

Look closely behind the cases and you will spot another switch. This one moves the table away from the wall to reveal a hidden cellar - Secret #5!

Read the letter on the chair (Solar Core?) then drop down into the cellar. Pick open the safe, read the letter and add the ring to your loot collection (+25 = 1610). Climb back up and go out into the Plaza.

The Horn of Quintus - All is revealed!

The passage on your left leads to the White Cathedral but you can't get in there yet so head back down Stone Avenue instead. Take a left turn down the passage that leads to the sewer gate control and pick open the second door along. Open the shutters in this room and climb up on the windowsill. Jump across to the top of the pillar opposite, then jump north to the next one, then do it again. Open the window above you, mantle up and in. Read the note on the desk; it appears that there is a "downstairs" with an opening mechanism that needs a chair to reach it.

Look around where the walls meet the ceiling; one of the tringular thingies in the corner above the right end of the counter highlights! Frob it and look under the counter, where a section of the wall has opened - Secret #6!

Go in and down the steps until you see the water. Lean over the low wall on the left and flip the lever, then carry on down into the water and up into the alcove on the right. Open the hatch and climb down the ladder - wow! Read the book, which indicates that objects can be magically duplicated here. Place your Horn of Quintus on the altar; all the duplicates disappear and you can pick up the genuine original article from the floor. Bonus Objective complete!

The Inventor's House

Leave this building, head northwest to Larch Lane and turn right. Go through the archway at the top and turn right into another small square. Pick open the metal door on the left (N), go in and read the letter - yes, this is the inventor's house. Take the elevator up to the bedroom, unlock the green-handled door and take the next elevator up. It looks as though something nasty has happened here.

Grab a fire arrow from the burning furniture then go to the broken doorway, rope up to the beam above and climb up to the next room. The inventor's headless body is on the floor here and a sinister message has been written in blood on the wall. Unfortunately that message contains your name and you really don't want to be associated with these murders.

Shoot a water arrow at the message to wash it off the wall. Bonus objective complete!

Go over to the machine with the numeric keypad, enter the Service Point number (0928) and collect the punch card that is issued.

There is nothing else to do here so go back out into the fresh air and fish a water arrow out of the courtyard fountain. Climb through the shutters at the top of the board leaning on a windowsill to the south into a bathroom. Carry on into the hall beyond and go into the room on the left. There is a ring on the floor between the dresser and the wall (+25 = 1635). Don't worry if the lady sees you and swoons; she will soon recover.

The Blacksmith's

Go back out of the bathroom window and open the metal door here with the Blacksmith Key. Enter, read the book on the table and then walk into the next room. The blacksmith's headless body is on the floor in this room and there is a water arrow in the wooden bucket. You are done here now, so head back to the Museum.

The Museum (2)

Now that you have the skeleton key you can get into the Museum via the ramp at the back on the east side of the Museum as well as via the cemetery. Go to the control room and put the Punched Card into the slot. Wait for the green light then press the Start button to send the spidery robot on its way. Climb the spiral staircase and cross the foyer to the west side then go down to the showcase just before the red electronic gate. Pick open the wall safe on the left, press the button, and you will see the spidery robot cross the showcase and disappear into a small tunnel on the far side. A few seconds later the robot will disable the electronic gate so you can continue south.

Go to the end and jump into the display case where a man is holding a dagger. Take the dagger from his hand, and then look at the embrasures above the potion table.

Frob the switch in the right-hand one to open a secret door to the left of the table.Secret #7!

Go through, pass behind the burial rite display and head round to the right where you will find a blue chest containing a jar (+50 = 1685). Head back past the Apeman and Giant Spider display and unlock the door in the northeast corner. Flip the switch on the left of the machine to partly disable the red security field protecting The Sleeper.

Now go up to the main display area and climb up to the balcony. It would be prudent to check that there are no guards within earshot who are able to sound the alarm because you are about to make a loud noise. Blow into the mouthpiece of the long Alpenhorn with the bellows you picked up earlier, then go round to the other end of the instrument and pick up the Solar Core from the floor (+250 = 1935). Bonus objective complete!

Now go back to the room with the circular sofa, unlock the green handled door, go through, take a water arrow from the font and climb the ladder to the west attic. There is a jar in the footlocker here (+20 = 1955).

Come back down to the gallery and walk round to the Stravioli Violin. Unlock the green handled door here and go through Dierdre's office to the spiral stone stairs. Climb up one floor and unlock the door at the top (outside Sheila's office) with the skeleton key. Go through the room here, open the sliding door at the end of the passage and flip the left-hand control lever to complete the deactivation of the main security energy field.

Walk back down to the main display hall and swap your fake sculpture for The Sleeper. Objective complete!

Now you have to reactivate the security system. First, go down towards the Apeman and Giant Spider display and flip the switch in the room on the left. Then climb the spiral stairs to the top, walk along to the security control panel and flip the left-hand lever; now the main energy field is fully functioning again. Finally go to the Director's office and switch on the blue rays. Objective Complete!

Now with everything done make your way back to your apartment.

There's More?

When you enter your apartment you don't get the "Mission Complete" you were expecting! Keeper Lennard is inside waiting for you there and he tells you some frightening things. As proof, he directs you to your bedroom where you discover the secret passage inside the wardrobe. Collect the water and moss arrows and go down the steps to a room where three severed heads are mounted on poles - Sheila's, the blacksmith's and the inventor's! A cutscene fills in some of the detail. Now go east into the next room and read the papers and the book on the stone table.

Flip the switch on the right (N) of the entrance to this room. Secret #8! The bookcase in the passage slides aside to reveal a secret room. Go in and read the loose pages which were written by Captain Danko; among other things they refer to a mysterious island.

Now you can return upstairs to rejoin Keeper Lennard.

New Tasks

Listen to what he has to say very carefully, then collect the stuff on the table; there's a Herb Package, the White Cathedral Key, a note and a recipe. You can now work out what you need to do. You already have the dagger and know where the catacombs are. The chalice you require might be found in the cathedral, and you saw some roots and the wood chipper machine earlier.

The Chalice

Make your way over to the Bathing Burrick cellars and collect a piece of Darkwood Tree Root from the ceiling. Then go to Verais Plaza, take the Southeast exit, open the first gate you come to with the White Cathedral Key and go into the cathedral. There is no chalice here so try the Hammerite Quarters on the north side of the Close. Go into the bunk room on the left to collect a healing potion from a footlocker. The door at the end of the passage is locked, but you can unpick the door on the south side of the corridor.

There is the Chalice, but it's protected. Read the plaque. That indicates that all four statues should be facing away from the Chalice before you pick it up. The statue to the right of the door is facing the Chalice right now. Let's look at this logically; put each switch down in turn and see what happens.

Counting clockwise from left of the door:

    Switch #1 reverses statues 2 and 4
    Switch #2 reverses statues 2, 3 and 4
    Switch #3 reverses statues 1 and 2
    Switch #4 reverses statues 1 and 3

Look at them now - statutes 2 and 4 are facing the Chalice. Switch #1 reverses those two statues, so put it back up. Success! Righty-ho, collect the Chalice and head back to the cemetery.

If you make a mistake (easy to do!) flip the switches until you get 2 statues that can reversed by a single switch facing in and the other 2 statues facing out.

The Nightshade Potion

Drop down into the catacombs where you emerged earlier. Head south down the ramp and continue until you come to the pedestal. Place the Sacred Hammer on it to activate the fountain. Now drop the Herb Package into the fountain, cut yourself with the dagger to add some blood (select the dagger and the rest is automatic) and then drop the Chalice into the seething liquid. When you pull it out again it will contain the Nightshade Potion.

The Sawdust

Return to Tower Square and go into Hewitt and Sons' workshop. There's the chipper machine but you need the key to work it. Perhaps there is a key in the office, so climb up on the crates and jump over to the ledge on the south wall. Go along to the window and open it. Well, by a happy coincidence that action also took care of the guard! The Wood Chipper Key is on top of the books on the shelf. Unlock the chipper, drop the Darkwood Tree Root into the hopper, relock the machine and press the button. A few seconds later you will be able to collect the sawdust you need from the floor.

Fooling Nyarsal

Now everything is prepared, make your way back to the White Cathedral. Drop the sawdust into the flames, wait for them to change colour then stand in the circle and drink the Nightshade Potion. Your heart stops, everything goes black for a while and then you will see a strange light rushing towards you. Eventually you "awake" in a strange upside-down room.

Walk forward and frob the lever above and to the right of the inverted jackal head. Water pours upward from the jackal's mouth and a passageway opens behind you. Walk into it and approach the hammer.

A cutscene plays, clarifying everything that has happened so far. Then a second cutscene shows you lying "dead" in the circle; the evil Keeper Lennard approaches to complete his dastardly plan and transforms into the demon Nyarsal.

The Crematorium

You recover consciousness in the furnace in the crematorium. Luckily for you it's not alight! Open the hatch, climb out and go up the ladder in the northwest corner. Go through into the control room, read the note on the door and then pick it open.

Be very careful in the next area which is inhabited by undead beings composed of particles of ash. If you are very quick you can race across the first room and pick the door open before the first ash zombie sees you. You can also gain time by luring him into the control room and then shutting the door. It's best to avoid the subsequent ones completely!

Pick open the next door and pick up the Hammer Quarters Key from the floor next to Keeper Lennard's checklist. Collect a ring from inside the toppled urn on the right (+30 = 1985) then go round the corner and up to the next level via the ramp or the elevator. Go through the next door into a red-lit room. There is another elevator here; take it up to the next level and walk round the corner into a room with a mirror floor. Operate the lever behind the counter to unlock the front door, open the door and ….

The Hammer Quarters

Things have really changed, and not for the better! Make your way back to the White Cathedral Close and re-enter the Hammerite Quarters. Walk to the door at the end of the passage, unlock it with the Hammer Quarters key and go in. What a tragedy! Never mind, there is a gold hammer on the windowsill (+25 = 2010). Bonus Loot objective complete!

The Portal

Go back to the museum where you will see the portal floating above The Sleeper. Climb the steps to the gallery, go round to the Bag o' Pipes, walk out on the broken balustrade and jump into the portal.

Mission complete!

Nightwalker and Freddy Fox  -  30th May 2008