Circle of Stone and Shadow 2: Mission X ~ Walkthrough

by Pavlovscat  10/02/2008


An Introduction to Playing Mission X

Mission X gives you many options for completing the mission successfully which made it difficult to do a traditional walkthrough from start to finish. This walkthrough will guide you through completing the various objectives, both required and optional. Because Mission X is based around team interaction, there will be some times when you are waiting for your team members to complete their tasks. During these times, you are free to explore the Ivory Rose, loot, and/or work on your optional secondary objectives. This walkthrough is designed so that you will be able to work on each section independently or while completing other objectives. It is your choice. There is no loot objective though there is plenty of loot to be found. Because of that, loot locations will not be detailed in this walkthrough. However, there is a detailed loot list available which is organized by floors and rooms to work with this walkthrough.


Mission X utilizes captioning for all agents’ spoken lines. It is important to pay attention to what the members of your team say, so this helps if you are in a noisy area when someone else is speaking. The captions are color-coded by speaker to help with clarity. Mission X also utilizes the Key Ring feature used previously in CoSaS1: Gathering at the Inn. When you take a key, it will be identified on your Key Notes page. The name will appear briefly at the top of the playing screen when you get the key.  If you try and fail to pickpocket a key, the name of the key will also appear briefly on screen though not on the Notes page until you actually acquire the key.


Once you’ve loaded the mission, familiarize yourself with the auto-map. Select the map and scroll through the pages. You have important information about the mission, your team members and instructions for using your gear, especially your lock picks which are not the traditional ones and work a bit differently. You should thoroughly read all your mission notes. As the mission progresses, notes will be written in your mission notes and accessed through the Map key. You will hear the sound of writing as Dante scribbles a note to himself which will appear on the map pages or in inventory. So, if you hear scribbling, you’ve found or heard something important. Also, it is important to make sure auto-equip is turned on, otherwise you may miss masks or other important things because they don’t move to the top of your inventory.


Anarchic Fox summed up the differences in the structure of Mission X as compared to other FMs:

Actually, there is a subtle point about the mission's structure that is easy to miss. MX has several central "hub" areas connecting to many locations, most notably the Mahogany Hall (spanning the top three stories)... but unlike many missions, where you use a convenient central hub as a place to stage forays into dangerous locations at the edges, in MX the hubs are the most dangerous places in the level. They're convenient for the AI too! In MX the peripheral areas of the map tend to be the safest, and if you adopt the strategy of keeping to them (with the help of the vent key), while traversing the central areas only when forced, you'll find that you'll rarely have to deal with more than one AI at a time.


 Of course, once you get the lightswitch key, you have the run of the place.


I couldn’t have said it any better. Keeping this in mind will make playing Mission X much less confrontational.


Why It’s Called Impossible

There are three difficulty levels: Expert, Professional and Impossible. The most immediate difference you will notice is the number of health shields: Expert - 10, Professional - 8, Impossible - 6.  There is one less Dagger KO Drops bottle in your starting gear on Impossible. The gear you will find during the mission changes between all difficulties. There also will be more AI on harder difficulties. The biggest difference is probably the light switch key which does not exist on Impossible. As the mission progresses, you will find various clues and have the opportunity to ask questions of your team members. On Expert all information is written on your notes pages, indicated by the appearance of the quill pen (Last Note selector) in your inventory and the sound of writing. Also, your team members will be mostly helpful in their answers. On Professional, you get less helpful answers and fewer notes are written down for you. On Impossible, your teammates are not especially helpful, and you will have to figure out most things on your own. This mission is designed to be harder than the average mission, so be ready for an extreme challenge if you choose Impossible the first time around.


Pav’s Playing Tips for Maximum Fun & Enjoyment

  • Save often, and not just quicksaves. Make a good hard save every time you complete a major task. I typically use around 9 slots for hard saves.
  • Turn on auto-equip. Go to the options menu, select GAME and make sure it is on. This will make playing much smoother and make it easier to know when you’ve found something important.
  • Ring the front desk bell. Wait for the clerk to finish speaking, and then ring it again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat and listen closely.
  • Looting is fun when the victims think you’re one of them.
  • See those guys in black? Whack every one of them. They run for the alarm buttons at the slightest disturbance.
  • Yellow light switches are pickable. Blue ones are not.
  • All the victrolas can be turned off if you are having trouble hearing things.
  • Leave a vine arrow hanging on the rafter above the Mahogany Hall balcony. This is a fast and easy way to go between floors.
  • When on the third floor, be sure to stop and listen at the door of Room 303.
  • Someone should tell Mr. Gibbons that Fish do not belong in Accounting!
  • The sap works only on guards with chain mail cowls and other non-guard AI. It will only anger guards with helmets.
  • Check the kitchen areas for arrows.
  • Check the bathrooms and sub-basement for water arrows.
  • Check the upper vents for gas arrows.
  • Check lockers for loot and equipment.
  • There is an extra vine arrow in the HR office.
  • Vine arrows will attach to metal grates and other textured surfaces as well as to wood.
  • Most electric lights can be extinguished with two water arrows.
  • Dust bombs aren’t just for marking doors and keypads.
  • Remember you can break down wooden doors, but it’s noisy.
  • If you are stuck, take a break, look at the maps and think about it. Try another approach. Mission X is not linear. There are multiple ways to get just about anywhere.
  • If you do not accept Rubber’s chores, then you will not be able to complete all Optional Objectives. It will also be much harder to explore the entire Ivory Rose.
  • Do not knock out Sgt. Dendrington. He is Raputo’s man in the red and silver uniform patrolling the hall outside the Monarch Suite. You will need him later!
  • If any AI wearing a purse leaves the map before you pick his pocket, the amount of that loot is subtracted from the total.
  • There is no Dewdrop, but there is Lil Milly. See if you can figure out what to do with her.
  • Read everything and listen to the team.
  • The speed at which you finish your various tasks will affect the ending conversation of the mission. If the team doesn’t mention your agent name at the end, then you can do better! Try again!
  • Can you finish the mission with ZERO loot? You don’t get an award for it, but it’s not that easy.
  • Have fun!!!


What Do All Those Colors Mean?

Alternate paths – Red text will direct you for alternate paths, optional tasks and tell you to skip ahead in the walkthrough when you either do that portion at another time or don’t do it at all.

Impossible Difficulty – The yellow highlighted text alerts you to major differences in game play or tools that apply only to the Impossible or Hard difficulty levels.

(Key Locations) – Keys are your friends! Introduce yourself to as many as possible.

Key Names – Reference to keys you may or may not have on your ring.

(Important Documents) – Any information to help Master Nightfall gain an advantage over his enemies should be copied.

Important Stuff – Copy kits, items, documents or information that will help you complete your objectives.

Rubber’s Chores – Items you will need to complete Rubber’s list.

Mistress Hints – These clues will help you identify the room where Cloud stashed his Mistress. There is a master list of hints in the ‘Who’s Behind Door Number…’ section.







Noble Clothes Fit Right In…and They Are So Becoming!

You begin the mission dressed as a noble, so you can wander freely outside and throughout the first floor. You will see your clothing in inventory until you don your gear. Go exploring before you get your gear. Pay a visit to the Front Desk clerk and ring her bell (and keep ringing it). Once you enter the hall S of the Front Lobby, you will trigger an important conversation in the Ivory Hall between Mr. Cloud, Lord Raputo and Lady Antonette. One of your objectives is not to disturb them, so do not enter the Ivory Hall until they have left it. If you do not care to listen to the entire conversation, you can enter the Staff Only door to the S and walk around them through that hall.


Familiarize yourself with the area, especially the Pearl Gambling Hall & Bar. The bar area has a couple interesting things to read. You can find a key (Minister’s Suite1) on one of the gaming tables. When you are ready, your gear is located in the Men’s Restroom in the SW corner of the map. There is a guard patrolling this area wearing a chain-mail cowl. Once you don your gear and the Communications Mask, all AI will become hostile, so be careful if he is in or near the restroom when you pick up your gear. Enter the “Out of Order” bathroom stall. Pick up your mask, clothing and dagger sitting on the toilet lid. The screen will go dark briefly as you “change clothes”. Grab your satchel full of gear. You now have your new lock picks, a sap (mini-blackjack), and other gear. You will find Copy Kit 1in your starting gear. You have arrows, but you must find a bow somewhere in the Ivory Rose before you can use them. Either find the patrolling guard and hit him with the sap or just avoid him. The guards with the chain-mail cowls are the only ones that can be knocked out with the sap because they are not wearing helmets. The rest of the guards are immune. Now, find a quiet place to stop. The S hall at the bottom of the steps has a nice dark area which is also a good place to hide the guard’s body.  Now you are ready to use the Communications Mask to contact Sheam.


How to Use That Ugly Mask Thing on Your Face

Now it is time to make your first major decision directing the course of the mission. Scroll through your inventory and find the Mask. Select it. Listen to what Sheam says. She will ask if you understand how to use the Mask. You will need to respond by selecting the Mask in your inventory with the proper response. If you understand how the Mask works select “Yes.” If not, select “No, I don’t think so,” and the instruction page will come on screen. Review the instructions and return to the game. You will have several chances to view the instructions until you either select “Yes,” or get the “I guess I’m just that stupid.” option that tells you the mission will end once you select it. You will be using the Mask throughout the mission, so make sure you understand how it works. You will see “1 of 2” and “2 of 2” when you have two answers from which to choose. Otherwise, the mask will appear and you can select it to ask a question of your team mates. Most of the single masks are not required but will give you more information to help accomplish your tasks. These single masks will disappear from your inventory if they become irrelevant because you’ve completed the associated task.


Once you select the “Yes” Mask, Sheam will give you the option to pick which task you want to complete, either turning off the power to the elevator, or shutting off the security cameras. Once Steel has picked up his gear and reported in to Sheam, he will be assigned the other task. Once you have picked your task, you cannot change your mind. While working on your task, you will have various Masks available to ask your team members to provide more information. You should use them. Now, select your Main Objective. If you chose to turn off the elevator power, go to Turning Off the Power to the Elevator without Electrocuting Yourself. If you chose to disable the cameras, go to You are Smarter than Upgraded Old Hammerite Technology Cameras. Now, go find your bow.


You Must Find a Bow

Detailed instructions on finding a bow are given while completing both objectives, but here are all the general locations for you adventurous souls:

  • On Expert and Professional; Second Floor Office, Guard Barracks, Security, Old Stormcloud’s Clubhouse Lounge
  • On Impossible; Security, Old Stormcloud’s Clubhouse Lounge (Yes, there are only 2 on Impossible!)


Turning Off the Power to the Elevator without Electrocuting Yourself

The first thing you will need to do is find the Foreman’s Office. Starting in the S hall, follow it W until you are back to the hall between the Front Lobby and the Ivory Hall. On the N side of that hall is a locked Staff Only door. Pick the lock and enter the staff area. There is a female staff member patrolling the area. Pick her key (Casino Service 1) and sap her. You can stash her body in the Staff Locker Room. Read the note in there.  Hmm…you should have the Minister’s Suite key already. Check the lockers. Go N to the intersection in the hall and head W. The W door leads to the Front Desk area. You can grab a key (Arbitration Room 2) from the board. You will also find a Step Stool in Julie’s mailbox. Take it and head back to the staff hall. The door to the SE is the foreman’s bed room. You will find a Speed Potion in the cabinet. You will need the stool to access the loot. Go back to the Front Desk area. Pick the yellow light switch W of the window to turn off the lights in the Staff Area. Read the hotel register on the Front Desk for Mistress Hint 1.Through the W door is the Foreman’s Office and the Front Desk clerk. Sap her and check the floor next to the couch. Rubber has left you a key (Basement 1) and a bottle of Dagger KO Drops. You will also find Copy Kit 2 on a desk. Go N to the Storage Area.  Another female staff member patrols through the Kitchen, Storage Area and Orchid Dining Hall. Pick her key (Casino Service 2) and sap her. Go back E of the Storage Area to the Kitchen. Check the freezer for gear and the counter for a Health Potion (Expert only) and read the note. Go W through the Storage Area to the N open area where you will see a toolbox. Pick up the Wiring Diagram and unlock the box with the Basement key and get a Bad Fuse.


The S window in the Storage Area leads to the Basement as does the W door in the Foreman’s Office. Both unlock with the Basement key, so you can choose either way. If you choose the door, then go down the stairs and through the W door into the hall. Hide in the S end of the hall. There are two patrolling guards with helmets. This is the perfect time to try out the Dagger KO Drops. Select them then use the bottle. The number of KOs is cumulative so you can use them all at once if you want. Select the dagger and stab each guard once. Unlock the Wine Cellar door to the SW and put the bodies in there. The second room has a key (Hotel Service 1) on the floor behind the storage chest. Back out to the hall to pick the metal door to the NW and enter the Electric Utility Room. Pick the other door and loot the Barracks. You will find a key (Basement 2) and Mistress Hint 2. On Expert and Professional, you will find your Bow. Put out the torches in the hall. If you are playing on Impossible, you will not be able to extinguish the torches, but will have to sneak around them.


Head back to the Electric Utility Room. The second switch from the left controls the elevator. Flip it. Now run to the hallway, open the right hand power box and remove the fuse. Replace it with the Bad Fuse you found in the Storage Room toolbox. Pomok will turn the switch back on and blow the lights in the Basement. You can now select the “Success” mask. If you choose the wrong switch, you will have a chance to try the other one. Keep in mind that the more times you flip a switch, the more guards will come out from the Security Area. If you decide to use KO drops on them all, this can be an advantage. If you flip too many levers, the alarm will sound, and you fail the mission.


Once the Basement is dark, go to the double doors W of the fuse boxes. Through here is the Vault and Security Office. If you are playing on Impossible, your Bow is in the Security area. Sneak in and copy Important Document 1(Mechanist Plans) and grab some loot. If Steel has already disabled the cameras, go to the Storage Room to get Steel’s spare gear.  If he hasn’t, you can explore bit or wait for him. He will leave you a key (Vents), the Vent Map and some gear once he has disabled the cameras. Look for a note under a desk in the Storage Room and read it. Frob the desk and the armoire behind it and unblock an entrance to the vent system. Climb up the ladder for the key and Steel’s gear.


You are Smarter than Upgraded Old Hammerite Technology Cameras

You will need to find the gear that Rubber left in the second floor Utility Room.  Go up the square staircase in the NW to the second floor. Enter the doors and go into the first door on your right. Take your gear which includes a key (Vents), vine arrows and a Vent Map. On Expert, Rubber will suggest the entrance to the vents in the second floor Public Bath. You could sneak down the hall to the bath, but there is an easier way. Go back downstairs to the Storage Room. Look for a note under a desk. Frob the desk and the armoire behind it and unblock an entrance to the vent system. Entering the vents from here is easy. It is also the easiest way to get your bow on all difficulties.


Climb the ladder, open the vent and follow that duct N. Once you get to the ladder, climb down one level. Follow that vent (S-E-S-E) until you reach another ladder. Climb up to the second platform and open the vent at the E end.  Carefully drop down into Old Stormcloud’s Clubhouse Lounge.  Take Old Stormcloud’s Bow from above the fireplace. Shoot a vine arrow into the vent and climb back into the vent. Don’t forget to take your vine arrow with you. Go back to the ladder and go all the way back down, go back through the vent where you entered (W-N-W-N) back to the first ladder. Take that ladder all the way down to the water level. Check for arrows. Head E through another vent then S and climb that ladder. Go S, and you will be right above the camera room.


Sheam will now give you further instructions, and you will find an amusing note from the head of security. Open both vents and lean forward to shoot a moss arrow onto the floor. Now shoot a vine arrow into the grate above and carefully descend until you see two buttons and two lights.


Use the buttons to synchronize the timing of the cameras by pressing one button twice and the other button once as quickly as possible. This will give you 15 seconds at the keypad. Go almost to the bottom of the vine and throw a dust bomb at the keypad.  Dust will be stuck on four keys:  3, 6, 7, 0. The code is a combination of these four numbers. On Expert and Professional, Rubber will give you part of the combination. On Impossible, you will not get any numbers. The combination is 3760. You should be able to jump down and enter the combination within 15 seconds. You will hear a bell, and the success mask will appear. Select the “Success” mask.  


If Steel has not cut the power to the elevators yet, you can either wait there for him to finish or arrow up to follow the other vent to explore the Mechanic’s hideaway for Camera Schematics and Mistress Hint 5. Head back to the camera room and wait for Steel to finish.


After Steel blows the lights in the basement the guards will be running around so you can sneak out of the camera room into the darkness. You will find Important Document 1 (Mechanist Plans) and some loot. Sneak out of the door and head through the double doors. Go into the Guard Barracks for a key (Basement) and Mistress Hint 2. Head back into the hall and follow it to the Wine Cellar. Pick that door and go into the second room. There is a key (Hotel Service 1) on the floor behind the chest. Visit the ladies in the Kitchen for a few arrows, and head up the stairs to the Foreman’s Office. You will find Copy Kit 2 on a desk. Go to the front desk area. You will find a key (Arbitration 1) and Mistress Hint 1. You can pick the light switch there to darken the service hall area. Pick the key (Casino Service 1) from the girl wandering the hall. Check the Foreman’s bedroom off the E hall for loot and a Speed Potion. Go into the small Kitchen area and check the freezer for arrows and the counter for a Health Potion (Expert only). There is a second girl wandering through the area and into the Orchid Dining Hall. Pick her key (Casino Service 2). Head S to the Staff Locker Room and check the lockers. Read the note. It mentions the Minister’s Suite. I hope you got that key earlier. Go back through the hall into the Storage Room and find Steel’s gear in the vent you opened earlier.


Meeting Up in the Middle

You have now completed the main objective of the mission. Whichever objective you picked, you should be in the first floor Storage Room. You should have found all the same keys, hints and gear. The remainder of the mission will be roughly the same.


What Does an Agent Do to Pass the Time?

Your main objective is complete, but you must stay in the Ivory Rose. So what do you do? You are now free to explore.  Climb up into the vents from the Storage Room and head N. When you get to the ladder, if you go up, you will find bathroom access vents on the second and third floors. Go into the second floor Public Bath. Check the lockers and get the Health Potion near the bath (Expert only). You’ll explore the rest of those floors later. For now, we are heading to the fourth floor. Climb down one level. If you did the camera objective skip to the black text. If you did the elevator objective, there is one thing to do first. Climb down the ladder to the bottom. Check the sub-basement area for water arrows, and then follow the passageway until you reach a ladder. The ladder takes you above the camera room. There is a saucy letter from Cyrano up there that you may want to read. Retrace your step back to the ladder you came down. Now climb up one level. 

Follow that vent (S-E-S-E) until you reach another ladder. Climb all the way to the top. This is why these things are called Talls! Jump over to the platform and enter the vent. You can listen to the negotiations between Mr. Cloud, Lord Raputo and Lady Antonette through the first vent if you wish.  Follow the vent (E-N-E-N). There is a recessed vent on the E side. Open the vent, vine arrow the grate and carefully lower your self into the Head Accountant’s Office. Copy Important Document 2 (Ledger) on his desk. Look under the desk for a lever. Grab the key (Head Accountant) from behind the picture. Head back up the vine into the vents. Take your arrow. Continue through the vent (N-E-S) until you find an upright grate on the W side. Open it and walk out onto the beams above the Mahogany Hall. If you are playing on Impossible, there is no key so skip ahead to the next section. On the W side of the hall, you will see four small windows in the center. Shoot a vine into the beam so that is hangs in front of one of the S windows. Climb down, open the window and carefully jump into the Executive Aid’s office. You will find a key (Light Switch) in that office.  Turn off the lights in that office. Jump back out of the window and climb back up to the beams.


Offices are Great Places to Find Useful Information

You will likely be interrupted by the team while exploring. If you are, do what you need to then come back to this section. None of it is time sensitive. Go to the S wall by the balcony. Shoot a moss arrow down on the balcony and a vine into the beam just N of the balcony. Jump over to the vine and onto the balcony. Unlock and turn off the lights in the Mahogany Hall. Open the balcony doors and unlock and turn off the switch directly across the hall. Also use water arrows to put out the light at the W end of the hall. It takes two arrows per light to extinguish them. If you are playing on Impossible or if you couldn’t get through the Executive Aid’s window, then you will need to put out the lights in that hallway with water arrows. Now sneak down to the W end of the hall and pick the key (Upper Offices 1) from a female guard. On the opposite end of this hall is a male guard with a key (Upper Offices 2), which you can pick pocket once the lights are off. Open the Chief Bookkeepers door to the S and turn out the lights. Go through the E door to the Records Room and out onto the balcony to the S to turn off the Theater lights. Head back into Records and open the door to the hallway. Head E down the hall until you see Cloud’s Office. Pick the lock and find a key (Owner’s 1). Head out the N door and across the hall to the Human Resources Office. There is a vine arrow and an amusing letter about some misbehaving casino staff. There is a light switch a short way down the N hall on the S wall. Go into the Procurement Office and put out the light. Sneak into the Accounting Office and grab Copy Kit 3 on the desk. Climb onto that desk and move forward until you can reach the light switch. Now you can get the Mistress Hint 3 off the desk near the girl.  On Impossible, either put out both lights or gas arrow the man facing you. He is there on Hard, but not Expert. Run in and sap the girl and grab Mistress Hint 3. Head back through to Cloud’s Office, stop to copy Important Document 3 (Cloud’s Letter to Mistress) on his desk, then go to the S hall and unlock Cloud’s Apartment. There is loot here and Mistress Hint 4 on the desk in his bedroom. If you went to the Mechanic’s Hideout while waiting for Steel to finish his task, skip ahead to the next section. Go back to the balcony and up into the Mahogany Hall vent again. Turn S and follow the vent (E-N-E) to another Tall. You will find a Slow Fall Potion (Expert and Professional only). Go down a series of 3 ladders to water level and head through the S vent. You will find the Mechanics Hideout at the corner. Search it for Camera Schematics and Mistress Hint 5. Head back the way you came, all the way up above the fourth floor.


Something’s Happened to Rubber!!

At some point during your explorations, Stone will have swapped the bonds and is ready to drop off the key for Rubber to return to Cloud’s Room. When Rubber doesn’t answer, Sheam asks you to return the key. After some persuasion, you agree, and Stone leaves the key for you to find. Depending on how close you are to the Theater, Stone will either leave it on top of the stage curtain rod or slip it between the elevator doors on the third floor. While near the Theater, if you want to loot the Monarch Suite later, you will need the Invisibility Potion behind a cabinet in the Theater dressing room. This potion does not exist on Hard or Impossible. You can get one in Old Stormcloud’s Clubhouse Office, and go back for the Monarch key later. You have to get Cloud’s key and return it to the drawer in Cloud’s bedside table. Steel’s Challenge: Return the key to Cloud’s belt. It is possible to pick Cloud’s purse and return his key to the ring on his belt. As this is not a requirement, I’ll let you find a way to do it. Once you have Cloud’s key, it is easier to finish the previous section before you start doing Rubber’s chores. To get the Monarch’s Suite key, you need to go back to the Garden where the meeting is. Hide in the NE corner. Shoot a moss arrow on the garden edge in front of you. Drink the invisibility Potion and dash over to grab the key (Monarch’s Suite) off Raputo’s personal guard’s belt.


Are You Really a Team Player?

Rubber will get back in contact with the team, but he’s in trouble. He cannot finish his nightly duties. This will blow his cover as an Ivory Rose employee ruining months of undercover work. He will ask you to finish the chores for him. This is an optional choice. If you are having problems returning Cloud’s key, you can say no, and, once the key is returned you are free to leave the Ivory Rose having done what was required of you. If you said, “No”, select the “I’m leaving the Ivory Rose,” mask and skip ahead to the last section. If you are a real team player, you will agree to do Rubber’s chores for him so he will be able to resume his undercover position as Simon at the Ivory Rose. Remember, if you say yes, you must complete all five tasks. Try and leave before all the tasks are done and see what happens!


Rubber’s Drudge Work

Once you’ve accepted the chores, Rubber will leave several very useful keys for you at the front desk. Check his mailbox as well for Dagger KO Drops. You will need to visit the closet at the W end of the N hall on the third floor. You will find a list of five chores.

  • Return the red suit to room 304.
  • Bring a fresh bar of Ivory Rose soap to room 209.
  • Drop off a locking scroll case on the table outside the Monarch Suite.
  • Carry the drunk guard from the Pearl Gambling Hall bar to the Foreman’s office.
  • Lock the balcony doors of Old Stormcloud’s Clubhouse.

If you have the light switch key, turn off every switch you can find, and Rubber’s chores will be relatively easy. If you are playing Impossible, you will need to figure out what lights need to be shorted out and sneak around the guards to complete the chores. Good Luck! Grab a fresh Bar of Soap from the box on the closet floor. The Red Suit is on the rack near the closet. Grab the suit and bring it down the hall and hang it on the door of 304. Take a detour through the Pine Lounge. You will find some things behind the bar including a Health Potion, loot, a note and a key (Duke’s Suite 1). Next head down to the second floor and put the soap on the table in Room 209. While you are here, check room 208 for loot and Mistress Hint 6. Make sure you turn on the light. After that you need to get a Scroll Case from one of these locations:

  • Second floor office
  • Procurement
  • Records

You will pass right by the second floor office, so just grab that Scroll Case. You should have that key, but the door can be picked. On your way to the Front Desk, stop in the Coral Dining Hall and ring the gong signaling the Cashier to go off duty. Get what Rubber left for you: a bottle of Dagger KO Drops and several keys (Hotel Service 2, Ambassador’s Suite, Minister’s Suite 2, Duke’s Suite 2, Owner’s 2). Now you can open the cashier’s cage and grab Copy Kit 4. The next chore is the locking scroll case. Before you leave it on the table, go to the Men’s bath at the W end of the N hall. Open the door and shoot a moss arrow in the doorway. Shoot a second one on the tile floor of the short N-S hallway. Now you can place the scroll case on the table by the Monarch Suite. Sgt. Dendrington, Raputo’s guard that walks the hall in front of the Monarch Suite will take the case. You need to follow him. First he will go up to the Garden where the big meeting is taking place. You should still have a vine arrow to go to the balcony over the Mahogany hall. You should be able to jump on it and climb back to the fourth floor. Head down the dark hallway to the Arbitration Room. Dendrington will come to the Garden and stand there for a while. This is a perfect chance to pick Cloud’s purse and return his key to his belt. Raputo suspects something, so he pens a letter and gives it to Dendrington to deliver. You need to follow him again. Watch from Cloud’s office until you see him pass. You can either follow him down the stairs or go back to the third floor from the balcony. He will come down to the third floor and – remember the moss arrows – head to the restroom. Follow him down the hall. Once he goes into the stall, you can dash into the bathroom, unlock the case, copy the Important Document 4 (Raputo’s Letter) and hide in the Duke’s Suite until Dendrington finishes his business. Continue to follow Dendrington. He will wander around and eventually head to the Pearl Hall Bar. As written in his note on the bar, all four of Raputo’s guards in the Hall will leave with him to deliver Raputo’s letter.

Now you will be able to get the Drunk Guard, who will have passed out behind the bar by this time, and carry him to the Foreman’s Office. 

If you want to get another Important Document and a lot of loot, you can skip locking the balcony doors for now and go to the next section which will tell you how to get to the doors from inside. Otherwise, continue in this section.

You should head outside of the Ivory Rose to complete the last chore. Shoot a vine arrow into the carved balcony railing above the entrance. Climb up and go open the double doors. There is a small dark spot you can stand in to watch the guards. You will need to pick pocket the key and lock the Balcony Doors with it. Congratulations! You have finished all of Rubber’s chores. You may now leave the Ivory Rose. Select the “I’m leaving the Ivory Rose.” mask. Skip ahead to the last section.


Who’s Behind Door Number

Cloud left a letter to his Mistress on his desk which is information Master Nightfall can use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help us find the Mistress. It does prove her existence though, so it is Important Document 3 for Master Nightfall. You have gathered all six Mistress Hints from various places. Now, you should be able to figure out which room she is in.

  1. Rooms with women; 204, 205, 209, 302, 303
  2. Smaller room visible from back stairs; a room off one of the N halls, 201-207 or 301-305
  3. Blond hair, blue eyes, room visible from Mahogany Hall; possible 203, 204, 205
  4. Sketch and name, Patty;  eliminates 209, 302, 303 – possible 204, 205
  5. Loud ticking in the room; possible 205, 209
  6. Painting of Patty; person in sketch with blond hair, blue eyes; with 3, possible 203, 204, 205


Taking Raputo’s Cold Hard Gold

You have the key to the Monarch Suite. Go to the Theater. Enter the Monarch Suite through the E door. There is a floor lamp in the middle of the open area. Short it out with water arrows. It is now dark enough that you can sneak over to the bar and turn off the light switch. Grab everything you can find. Don’t forget the bath and the closet. Open the window near the closet, climb out and grab Copy Kit 5. Now jump back inside and go downstairs to the Pearl Gambling Hall Bar.


Tweaking Cyrano’s Nose

Go to the Pearl Gambling Hall Bar.  Open the vent in the floor. Follow it S-E-S until you get to a Tall that is in disrepair. Climb the ladder on the N wall to the very top. Slide to the W as far as you can, then run and jump onto the platform. Head N through the vent until you see a fancy grate to the W. Open the vent and carefully drop down into Cyrano’s Office. Grab the key (Guard Captain) and look for a book switch. Also, note the number 2814 written on a scrap of paper. Ah, could it be the combination to the safe in the cashier’s cage? Maybe. Go try it! Look around to see what else you can find in Cyrano’s office, then head through the secret passage way.  Follow the vent and climb the ladder. Follow the long vent to the outside roof. Climb through the window to the N. You will find a key (Lounge Office), an Invisibility Potion, and Important Document 5 (Cyrano’s Letter).  Open the door and check out Old Stormcloud’s Clubhouse. There are two guards patrolling. Both have keys (Clubhouse) which will lock the balcony door completing the last of Rubber’s chores. You can leave by the balcony and lock the door behind you. You are done. Select the “I’m leaving the Ivory Rose.” mask.


It Took You Long Enough!

You did it, and nobody messed up too badly! The mission is a success. But just how good an agent are you? You will get different responses depending on how well you do. To receive top honors and get your MC name, you have to be really, really good. Did you…

  1. Finish the initial objective before Steel?
  2. Either return Cloud’s key before Steel got Rubber out of the Ivory Rose OR at any time return the key to Cloud’s belt?
  3. Accept Rubber’s Chores?
  4. Mark the correct Mistress door?
  5. Copy three Important Documents, including Raputo’s letter?

If you did, then Congratulations, you are now Agent Glass. If you didn’t quite make it, then try harder next time!!

Thanks for playing CoSaS 2: Mission X!!