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gamesys v1.1 gamersky
T2 The Golden Project - First City College
Coliseum (SS2)
GarrettLoader Beta v1.42
ANIR 2: Sound Patch
ANIR 1: Sound Patch
Deep Trouble: City Under the Sea (remix)
T3 Rope Arrow Vid
Garrett's Revenge Gold
The Docks (T1)
Burglary in Blackbrook (T2)
Burglary in Blackbrook (TG)
The Gauntlet (T1-2)
Garrett to the Rescue 1-2
New Critters 1-2 (demo)
Night Falcon 1-9 (includes Curse of the Falcon)
Thief: Deadly Shadows Soundtrack
The DarkMod Teaser
Thief: Deadly Shadows Trailer #5
Thief Screensaver 2
Thief Screensaver 1
T3 Wallpaper 10 Pack (1024x768)
Emil's Journal
Thief Kart Vid
Verticle Contest Base Missions
HI1: Seven Shades of Mercury - Update to v1.1
Ruins of Origina - Part 07 (Split Zip)
Ruins of Origina - Part 06 (Split Zip)
Ruins of Origina - Part 05 (Split Zip)
Ruins of Origina - Part 04 (Split Zip)
Ruins of Origina - Part 03 (Split Zip)
Ruins of Origina - Part 02 (Split Zip)
Ruins of Origina - Part 01 (Split Zip)
TNH Script v2.1
Calendra's Legacy - Part 09 (Split Zip)
Calendra's Legacy - Part 08 (Split Zip)
Calendra's Legacy - Part 07 (Split Zip)
Calendra's Legacy - Part 06 (Split Zip)
Calendra's Legacy - Part 05 (Split Zip)
Calendra's Legacy - Part 04 (Split Zip)
Calendra's Legacy - Part 03 (Split Zip)
Calendra's Legacy - Part 02 (Split Zip)
Calendra's Legacy - Part 01 (Split Zip)
Street (demo)
Garrett Jones (demo)
TDP Original Soundtrack by Child of Karras - CD Package
Lord Julian's Labyrinth Walkthrough (ENG-ITAL)
[LGS Fanmix - Child of Karrass] - Thief - Shipping and Receiving International
[Eric Brosius] - Thief 2 - MysteryDev Mix
T2X Commentary
Making of T2X
Pinball (demo)
Bezpieczna przystañ (Polish)
T2 Cheat Tool
Shipping & Receiving - Hammer/Noble Conversation Fix
Life of the Party Fog Fix
[LGS Fanmix] - Thief - T3 Rap
[LGS Fanmix - Shadow Sneaker] - Thief - Twilight Trickster
[LGS Fanmix - Shadow Sneaker] - Thief - Nowhere
[LGS Fanmix - Shadow Sneaker] - Thief - Midnight Whispered My Name
[LGS Fanmix - Shadow Sneaker] - Thief - Mechanist Massacre
[LGS Fanmix - Shadow Sneaker] - Thief - Dreams of Dead Thoughts
[LGS Fanmix - Shadow Sneaker] - Thief - Crypts
[LGS Fanmix - Unknown] - Thief 2 - Mechanist Smoke
[LGS Fanmix - Seth Brian Byrnes] - Thief - Assassins
[LGS Fanmix - San Sanitch] - Thief - A Thief's Path
[LGS Fanmix - Picklocke] - Thief - Haunted
[LGS Fanmix - N.C. Shadows] - Death of the Party
[LGS Fanmix - Muzman] - Thief - Rising Hunger
[LGS Fanmix - Lazarus] - Fun Tribute to Steve Russell
[LGS Fanmix - Gecko] - Thief - Intro 2006 (Extended Mix)
[LGS Fanmix - Gecko] - Thief - Credits 2006 (Extended Mix)
[LGS Fanmix - Gecko] - Thief - Catch the Thief
[LGS Fanmix - FireStorm] - Thief - Morelarts Mix
[LGS Fanmix - Euji Acha] - Thief 2 - Mechanist
[LGS Fanmix] - Thief - Benny - Dayport State Of Mind
[LGS Fanmix - Digital Nightfall] - Thief - The Vine
[LGS Fanmix - Digital Nightfall] - Thief - The Hammer
[LGS Fanmix - Digital Nightfall] - Thief - Sneaksie Thiefsie
[LGS Fanmix - Xenith] - Thief - Waxy Tune
[LGS Fanmix - Xenith] - Thief - Child of Endeavour
[LGS Fanmix - Taonside] Mortified
[LGS Fanmix - Taonside] Mortified (excerpt)
[LGS Fanmix] - Thief - Gummsies Burricks
[LGS Fanmix - Calvin] - Thief 2 - Credits (Shoalsgate Mix)
T2X Soundtrack
14. End Credits 2
13. End Credits 1
12. Undead Themes
11. Cooked Burrick
10. T2X Trailer (remix)
09. Themes from the House of Ill Repute
08. A Pagan Interlude
07. By Train to Sunnyport
06. Breathing Fear
05. No Place for a Stranger
04. Main Credits (Moodwarbles)
03. Under Cover of Darkness
02. Amaris
01. T2X Intro (full version)
The Dark Mod Music
19. DarkMod Teaser (Tyrot)
18. Deviginti (drewb50)
17. Underwater (Theo)
16. Caves (Saxmeister)
15. Underground (Pakmannen)
14. Musicbox (Muze)
13. Alienbirds (Muze)
12. Frogs (drewb50)
11. Darkwood (Schatten)
10. Grand Piano (mrDischarged)
09. Chant (drewb50)
08. Defiled Church (Schatten)
07. Cathedral (mrDischarged)
06. Mechanists (drewb50)
05. The Clockword (Schatten)
04. Twins (Schatten)
03. Inside the Mansion (Saxmeister)
02. Outside the Mansion (mrDischarged)
01. Victrola (Saxmeister)
Memiors of a Courtier by Delicioud [Ivory Throne Records] music inspired by Mission X
06. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Mission Experimental
05. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Because Thew Can
04. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Juggernauts
03. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Downright (feat. Raputo)
02. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Through the Room
01. [Ivory Throne Records] - Deliciound - Material Components
John P. - Statue
John P. - Rat Beast
John P. - Misc. TDS Textures
John P. - Kurshok
John P. - Hammer Guard Outfit
John P. - Guard Face
John P. - Garrett Outfit
John P. - Garrett Outfit Clothed Arms
John P. - Garrett's Face with Medium Scar
John P. - Garrett's Face with Mask
John P. - Garrett's Face with Large Scar
John P. - Garrett's Face without Scar
John P. - Female Face
John P. - City Guard Outfit
T3 Burricks
CoSaS Release Packs 1 - 26
CoSaS Release Pack 26 - Dagger Motions
CoSaS Release Pack 25 - Bow & Quiver
CoSaS Release Pack 24 - Gambling Set
CoSaS Release Pack 23 - Bathroom Set
CoSaS Release Pack 22 - Pub Set
CoSaS Release Pack 21 - Loot
CoSaS Release Pack 20 - Bookcases
CoSaS Release Pack 19 - Flowers
CoSaS Release Pack 18 - Musical
CoSaS Release Pack 17 - Drapes
CoSaS Release Pack 16 - Desks, Cabinets & Dressers
CoSaS Release Pack 15 - Lights of All Types
CoSaS Release Pack 14 - Noble Skins & Drunk Voice
CoSaS Release Pack 13 - 58 Tables & Stands
CoSaS Release Pack 12 - Tiffany Lamps
CoSaS Release Pack 11 - 80 Doors
CoSaS Release Pack 10 - Light Gem & Health Shields
CoSaS Release Pack 09 - Books & Scrolls
CoSaS Release Pack 08 - Folded Clothes
CoSaS Release Pack 07 - Chests, Boxes & Luggage
CoSaS Release Pack 06 - 103 Chairs
CoSaS Release Pack 05 - Tinderbox
CoSaS Release Pack 04 - 18 Keys
CoSaS Release Pack 03 - Ladders
CoSaS Release Pack 02 - Portcullises
CoSaS Release Pack 01 - 178 Beds
The Circle of Stone and Shadow 1-2 (CoSaS)
A Night in Rocksbourg 1-2 (ANIR)
A Night in Rocksbourg 1-3 (ANIR)
Mystic Gems 1-2
Hell's Motel 1-3
The Varyx Obelisk 1-2
The Trickster's Gem Mine 0-8 (TTGM)
Snobs 1-2
Sly's UT Arena 1-2
Sisterhood of Azura 1-2
Quick Cash 1-7
Love Story 1-4
Lord Alan 1-3
Library 1-2 with 3 unfinished levels
Library 1-2
Legend of the Four Elements 1-2 (LDVE)
Lady Lotti 1-3
L'Arsene 1-4
Kill Factory 1-2
Haddur 1-12
Coalport 1-2
Broken Hammers 1-2
The Bear Pits 1-3
Heaven in the Garden of Stones 1-2
Greyfeather Gems 1-2
Forgotten Forest 1-2
For a Better Tomorrow 0-5
Five Tigers 1-3
Deceptive Perceptions
Darkness Falls 1-2
Creature Clash 1-3
Circle of Strain 1-3
Book of Prophecy 1-2
Bestest FM 1-4
Bane 1-2
15 Days 1-3
2008 Thief Tenth Anniversary Contest - Komag & Southquarter
2008 Classic Thief Experience Contest - uncadonego
2007 Masters of Horror Contest - Random_Taffer
2006 Total Crap FM Contest - Southquarter
2006 Small Stock Resource Contest - Yandros
2006 Water Contest - Komag
2005 Glyph of Hammer & Trowel Contest - Polish
2005 Contest 6 TDS - Komag
2005 Novice Contest
2005 Dromed Beauty Contest - NeKoeNMa
2004 Contest 5 - Komag
2003 Contest 4 - Komag
2002 Contest 3 - Komag
2001 Contest 2 - Komag
2001 Contest 1 (64 Cube) - Komag
2000 Trial Contest - TTLG
Strife III
Rusty Barrel
Glyphs Pack
T1 Model Patch
T3 Main - no check zones
Minimalist Project 1.4.1
T3 Gamesys v2
T3 FOV Patch (widescreen)
T3 Patcher by Myagi
Thiefbot (difficulty level fix)
T2 Gold Missions (demo)
CoSaS 2: Mission X - v1.13 Patch Readme
CoSaS 2: Mission X - Readme
CoSaS 2: Mission X - Lootlist
CoSaS 2: Mission X - Walkthrough
SSR Shadows of the Past
Lost Castle

LDVE 2: The Last Hope (ENG)
CoSaS 1 Teaser Trailer Audio
CoSaS 1 Teaser Trailer
T2 High Res Texture Pack - NTEXDDS13
T3 BEM Thiefy Texture Pack 2
Short AI (demo)
Wicked Relics
Gem (no brief)
Five Tigers 3: Claw of the Tiger
The Hotel
An Adventure in Eastport
Amoral Dilemma
Darkstone Mine
His Own Medicine
Ice Base 1 (v4)
Prisoner's Revenge T2
Retrieval vT2: Pedro Quintela Mix
TCC Walkin' Da Moon
TCC tOt1 The Escape
TCC The Scary Castle
TCC The Medal Age
TCC The Joker
TCC The Drop
TCC The Cube
TCC Tcrap
TCC Shadows of Darkness: Exploring Frytefull Crypt
TCC Quamtotius Purgamentum
TCC OMG Get You're Blackjack Back!
TCC Kill the Guard
TCC Kill Factory
TCC Incubus
TCC House Rob
TCC Having Regrets
TCC Hammerite Hideout
TCC Half Blind
TCC Chuffy Train
TCC Bad Man
TCC A Long Way Down
TRIAL A Grand Opening
Woodsie (demo)
Tower (demo)
Playtest (demo)
Courtyard (demo)
Bank-cut (demo)
CEM Realist Resources
Classic Lamps Pump (demo)
Keepers Training (demo)
Krypt (demo)
Rope Arrow (demo)
Schism (v3) (demo)
T3ed Cubemap (demo)
Rope Arrow Rantako (demo)
Water Test (demo)
Fanatics Arena!
FPS (demo)
Jester's Pawn (forge & temple) (demo)
Klasztor (demo)
Models (v2) (demo)
Shop in Game (demo)
Sky (demo)
Bed (demo)
Trap! (demo)
Tower (demo) (JP)
Zombie City (demo) (JP)
Dromed 2 v1.18 Enhanced
Cold Feet
Wicked Webs We Weave
After the Party
Mine Affairs
Hideout (Das Geheimversteck)
Temple of the Tides (v1.1)
L'Anneau (FR)
C2 Allusions Alchimiques (FR)
UNAR 2: Découverte (FR)
UNAR 1: Un nouveau départ (FR)
Das Buch der Prophezeiung - Teil 1 (Toter Briefkasten) (GER)
Carkess Flucht (GER)
Die Eiserne Insel Pt. 1: Die stählerne Festung (GER)
Ultima Ratio (GER)
L'Antre des Mages (FR)
La Revanched du Prisonnier (FR)
Avec Ameet Coeur (FR)
I Will Kill You All
Jak zabawa, to zabawa (POL)
Misja Bez Celu, Pocz¹tku i Koñca (POL)
Paweuek's Keys (POL)
Robbing a House
Niggsters Erste FM (GER)
Carkess Rache (GER)
Lord Beliman's Estate
Carkess' Revenge (Carkess Rache)
Thief: The Dark Art Book
Skygem Connection (no movies)
Hunting Treasure
Walkin' On Mars
Garrett's Young Years (Garretts junge Jahre)
Blue Rose
Hammerite Imperium 1: Seven Shades of Mercury (no movies) (v1.1)
Hammerite Imperium 1: Seven Shades of Mercury (v1.1)
Whisper in the Desert
Artefakt (GER)
Tales from the Cleft: Vandal (no movies)
Tales from the Cleft: Vandal
Return of Ramirez
Book of Prophecy 2: The Hidden City
TDS Landsknecht Soldier Textures Pack
Weak Links (v1.0.1)
Bad Intentions (ENG/GER)
Yume no Rozen
Invitation to Castle Morgoth
Prowler of the Dark (v1.2)
Christmas Present (v1.1)
Off the Record
Strife 2
15 Days 2: Chasse A L'Homme (Manhunt)
15 Days 1: Vol De Nuit (Night Flight)
Library Third Floor
Library Second Floor
Library First Floor
TAC Yume no Rozen
TAC All 13 Contest FMs
TAC A Weekend Getaway
TAC Weak Links
TAC Vampire Skull
TAC The Tower
TAC An Old Friend
TAC The Kindred Vault
TAC The Homeless Dude
TAC Flowers for a Friend
TAC Falling Down
TAC Bad Intentions
TAC Ashes and Dust
TAC The Affairs of Wizards
15 Days 3: Greenbay
Memoirs of a Dead God
Sensut's Dracula Reloaded Patch (v1.2)
Thief 2 Multi-Player Demo (v187)
Deceptive Perception 2: Phantasmagoria
Rust Belt Prison (v1.3)
Sensut's Drakula Ujratoltve (HU only)
Sensut's Dracula Reloaded (v1.2 ENG/ITAL)
The Keeper (v2)
Keeper Investigations Campaign
Carkess' Escape (Carkess Flucht)
The Bloody Flounder Inn
Tears of Saint Lucia (Dark Mod Beta Demo)
Heist at Night
Mechanist Facility
TDS Sexy Female Servants Textures Pack
TDS Noble Males Golden Textures Pack
TDS Mechanists Textures Pack
TDS Garrett Lady Pagan Blue Textures Pack
TDS City Ladies Textures Pack
TDS Aristocrat Ladies Golden Textures Pack
TDS Material Museum (texture demo)
Heading Out
Closemouthed Shadows (Dark Mod)
The Phoenix Hath Risen
CoSaS 2: Mission X Printable Map Pack v1.13
CoSaS 2: Mission X Manual v1.13
CoSaS 2: Mission X v1.13 (movies, divx)
CoSaS 2: Mission X v1.13 (movies, indeo)
CoSaS 2: Mission X v1.13 (credits movie, indeo)
CoSaS 2: Mission X v1.13 (no movies)
CoSaS 2: Mission X v1.13 (Patch)
CoSaS 2: Mission X v1.13 (full)
Balfour's Secret
Batman Demo
CTEC The Unsung Villian
CTEC Unbidden Guest
CTEC A Simple Job Planned for This Evening
CTEC Shadow Moon
CTEC The Plot Thickens
CTEC Bafford's Town House
The Mask
Elizabeth Bathory Pt 3: On All Souls' Day (no brief) (v1.2)
Elizabeth Bathory Pt 3: On All Souls' Day (w/brief)
Mystic Gems II: Heart of Bohn (v1.1)
Lord Baffor's Manor CE (v 3.5)
Pirates Ahoy!
Avoiding Mistrust (v1.1)
Lord Raven's Mansion (v1.2.2)
A New Place for Ghosts (Updated)
CoSaS 2: Mission X Art-Pack (standard)
CoSaS 2: Mission X Art-Pack (widescreen)
CoSaS 2: Mission X v1.13 (DivX movies only)
Das Gasthaus zum blutigen Butt
Legend of the Four Elements 2: The Last Hope-Legende der Vier Elemente II - Die letzte Hoffnung
Evirath's Misery
The Horn
The Uninvited Guest
[LGS Fanmix - Dussander] - The Haunted
Strife 1 (v1.1)
Lord of the Thieves: Attack of the Orcs
Good vs. Bad (v2.5)
Gold in Fort Knocks Revised (v3)
Valley (multi)
Broken Triad (v1.0)
Legend of the Four Elements (v3)
Holy Hammer
Returning the Lockpicks
Admiral's Compass
Bruder Snuck (demo) (GER)
Captured by Beasts
Legende der Vier Elemente (GER)
John Dosio's Compound
Ominous Bequest Gold
HookShot Demo
QC7 Island of Iron 2: Confrontation
QC6 Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel
QC4 Your Last Breath
Plot (v1.1)
UNAR 3: Encre et Poussière Briefing (indeo) (FR)
ANIR 3: Ink and Dust Briefing (indeo) (english)
UNAR 3: Encre et Poussière Briefing (divx) (FR)
ANIR 3: Ink and Dust Briefing (divx) (english)
UNAR 3: Encre et Poussière (no brief) (FR)
ANIR 3: Ink and Dust (no movies) (english)
UNAR 3: Encre et Poussière (FR)
ANIR 3: Ink and Dust
Sir William's Keep
Kill for Life, The
Chat Noir
Lord Julian's Labyrinth (v1.1)
Mirror, The (Rev)
Sly's UT Arena 2
Castle of the Dead (Revised)
Five Tigers 2: Eye of the Tiger (v1.01)
Crazy Maniac Mr. Timms & The Wooden Shack, The
Texture Enhancement Pack T2
Sound Enhancement Pack T2
Sound Enhancement Pack T1
We Miss You, Bob!
Flying Age, The (v1.18)
Deep Trouble: City Under the Sea
All for a Night's Sleep (v1.1)
QC1-3 Dark Beginnings
TDP OST by Child of Karras
QC5 Brawl in the Tombs (v2c)
The Dark Mod Alpha Demo - Thief's Den
Bestest FM 4: Wishy Washy
Hearts and Minds (uncompressed)
Hearts and Minds (compressed)
Cabot (v1.1)
Time for Culture (v2)
Thief Enhancement Pack 1
United Bank of Auldale
Seven Sisters, The
Bad Debts Winter
Bad Debts
Unusual Conditions (Greenhorn demo)
Love Story 4
Elizabeth Bathory Pt 2: Blood On Ice (v1.1)
Unknown Treasure (vF1.11)
Three Crowns
Schwaa Breaking Lights Demo
Unnecessary Risk
Box, The
Hammerite Deathmatch
Way of the Sword (v1.2)
Cragscright Prison
Just Another Hole
Lost Crusade
Wedding of Lady Dark (Theker's Castle)
C4 Amnesia
Bane II: Cult of the Damned
Temple of Death (v2)
Silence Pt 1 (v1.12)
In the Loom of Doom
Hammerite Mission Development Kit (v1.0)
C6 Forgotten Stash
Podroz do Krainy Biedakow (v1.0) (POL)
C5 Relic
WC LostSouls (v1.2)
Training Grounds (demo)
Bad Feeling (v1.2)
Dancing With the Dead Campaign
NC Rosaries Are Red
Doschtles Beginn (GER)
C5 Properly Paranoid
HeroQuest (demo)
Baron's Provisions (demo)
C5 Working the Mines
C5 Viktor Gaspar
Tower of Karras (grappling hook demo)
NC Taffer's Bank
C5 Summit
Schneesturm (v2) (GER)
Snowstorm/Schneesturm (v2)
NC Serge Bank
C5 Saint
C5 Plagiarism
Obligatory Prison Mission (v1.0)
BC Nice Stroll
C5 Midday Escape (v1.0)
NC Mech Bank
NC Last Gleaming of the Rising Sun
Kill Factory 2: Escape from the Planet of Robots (v4)
C5 House of Random
Horns of Canzo Pt 1: A Long Way Up
C5 Haunting
C5 Gussie's Dream
C5 Guard Called Benny
C5 Frozen Mines
Friend In Need
C5 Focus
C5 Fate of the Art
Bestest FM 3: In a Link of an Eye
C5 Bafford's Bone Collection
C5 At the Royal Rumble Show
C5 Adventures of Burrick Boy
Theker's Schloss (GER)
WC What Lies Below
WC Temple of the Tides
WC Sneaking Through Venice
WC In These Enlightened Times
WC Dangerous Conditions
WC A.K.A. Noah
Ultima Ratio
Mysterious Invitation (v2)
Assassinations (Assassination Trap Demo)
FBT 4: Four Weapons (v1)
FBT 3: Waterway Tunnel Pt 2: Ground Quest (v1)
Plant Demo (v2a) (demo)
Suffer Catalyst
Bestest FM 2: Fairground Attraction
Walk (v1.0)
SS2 Soundtrack
T3 DS Icon
T3 Soundtrack
MOH Torn Apart
MOH Dead of Winter (v1)
Radiant Garden (v1.1)
Teddy Bear's Curse (v2)
Scepter of Dor Am'al Pt 1: Shipwreck
Playground of Doom (v2)
Murder in Featherstone (v1.1)
Mystery at the St Anne Inn (no brief)
Mystery at the St Anne Inn (w brief)
MOH Last Caress
La Mine AKA Underneath (v4)
Bane I: Keep of Deceit (v1.47)
Dromed Tool Kit v1.0
Sensut's Dracula Pt 5: The Final Chapter & Bonus: Home Sweet Home (v1.0)
Defense Assassination (v2)
Thief: The Chain Project (v1.1 vGL)
Bloodmist Tower (v1.2)
Elizabeth Bathory Pt 1
Arac Attack (v1.2)
Angkor Wat Textures
Love Story 3 (v1.0)
Misc Things (demo)
Bunch O' New Objects (demo)
Security (demo)
Rising Water T2 (demo)
New Keepers (demo)
Jump (demo)
Flow (demo)
Fish (demo)
Burricks (demo)
Breath (demo)
Trial (multi path demo)
Spotlights (demo)
Sitting AIs (demo)
Self-Lighting Torches (demo)
Rising Water T1 (demo)
BC Surrounded by the Metal Age
BC Ride the Butterfly
Retrieval (vT2) (Komag)
KotP Ep 4: Oracle of the Prophets (v1f)
Killing Time (v3)
BC Hazelshade Cemetary
Forbidden Rites
Darkness Falls: A Dire Venture
Damsel in Distress (v2.3)
Creepy Temple
BC Cloister of St Lazarius
BC Clocktower
CZSK Council
Borrington's Castle (v4)
NC Bank Job
Bafford's Last Stand (v1.3)
Return to the UNN (SS2)
Arboretum (SS2)
Ack! There's a Zombie in the Basement (v1.1)
MOH Island of Madness
Skygem Connection (v1.02)
Eternal Candle (v1.1) (no brief)
Tomb (demo)
SSDD1: Tipping the Scales
Shadows of Eidolon (v1)
Oldstone Castle (v1.2)
Lost Souls (v1.4)
Knockout Darts (demo)
Keys and Locks (demo)
Golden Book of the Keepers Campaign
Debt Repaid, A (v4.0)
Dark Night (v1)
C6 Creature Clash T3
Choose Your Own Objective (traps demo)
Two Steps (v3)
Impurities in the Mix (v4)
Thief 3 E3 2003 Teaser (hires)
Thief 3 Editor Documentation
Fletcher's Final Mistake (hires brief)
Night Falcon (v2) (GER)
Return to Bafford Manor
T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age (update patch)
T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age (v1.1)
Thief Fan-Video 'Sneak Music Video'
Thief 2 Intro.mp3
Final Crusade I Gold (full)
Strange Meeting (v2) (Seltsame Begegnung)
Zapomniany Las (cz2) (POL)
UNN Nightwalker (SS2)
Relics (no brief)
Ponterbee Station (v2, SS2)
Lord Hammerarse's Manor
Dark Messiah (Bassilus)
Lord Alan's Factory (v1)
Temple of Death - Eric Cartman Sounds
Eternal Candle (v1.1) (w brief)
Five Tigers 1: HBS Iron Butterfly
Librarian (v1.0)
Lord Gibson's Estate
Vadrigar's Prison (v2)
Dirty Business
Dance With The Dead (v1.2) (full)
Dance With The Dead (v1.2) (mission only)
Broken Heart (v2)
John P's TDS Texture Pack v1.0.3
Sensut's Dracula Pt 4: The Darkthrone (v1.3)
Citadel of Douro (v2)
Night Watch
Doschtles Labyrinth (GER)
Crypt (v 1.2)
To Whom The Bell Tolls
Reflections (v1.4) (ricebug-T DeLaney)
Secret Breaking of a Pyramid
Freedo Finds One
Some Shopping
Mask of Agamemnon
Sisterhood of Azura Pt 2: The House
Folly of Youth (v2.0)
Mystic Gems I: Unlucky Soul
Karras Apartments
FBT 5: Old Tribe
Pirate's Downfall
Book of Prophecy 1: Dead Letter Box (v1.1)
Guardmen Of Haddur
Transitions in Chaos 1: Conspiracies in the Dark
Forgotten Stash (v SS)
Bridge (v. 1.5)
Sunset in Darkdale
BC Requiem for a Thief
Relics (w brief)
Portisco Head (v1)
Pereira's Mansion (v2)
Orthodox Wedding (v1.0)
Lovely Night (v1)
Last Page (v1.3)
In Dubio Pro Garrett
Curse of the Hammerites (v1.3)
HGS1: The Haunted Church
HGS2: Secrets Of Avidan
Golden Book of Keepers (v. 2.2)
Ghost Town
SSR Fever
SSR February
Evicted (v1.4)
Easy Bank
Sensut's Dracula Pt 3: Traitors of Poienari (The Beginning)
Sensut's Dracula Pt 2: The Return (v1.1)
Sensut's Dracula Pt 1: The Love Thief (v2)
SSR Cryptic Cravings
Coalport (v2)
SSR Auldale Chess Tournament
15 Days 2: Chasse A L'Homme (FR)
Living Nightmare (v1.2)
Bestest FM
Mountain Monastery
Love Story 2 (v1.3)
Servant's Life (v1.1)
Assault at the Gas Station (v1.2)
Bad Blood (v2)
Thru the Lookin' Glass (v1.0)
Ashen Age Prt 1 (v1.4)
Thief Fan-Video 'Thief Gold Remix'
15 Days 1: Vol De Nuit (FR)
Power of Suggestion
Thief Fan-Video 'Touched'
Thief Fan-Video 'Falling Seizure'
Thief Fan-Video 'Chosen One'
Arx Ambient Loops
Arx Credits Music
Dark Messiah 7 minute E3 Demo
From Beneath The Sands
Quiet Heat (v1.2)
Mann Mansion (v1.1)
Hidden Stone
Gheldorf's Towne House (revised)
Rebellion of the Builder (v1.2f)
Special Vintage (v1.01)
Krellek's Labyrinth (v1.1)
C6 Defender of the Crown
C6 Skulduggery (0.5 beta)
All the World's a Stage
SSR Adventure in Eastport (v1.1)
SSR Choose Your Own Adventure
SSR Complications
SSR Keyhunt
SSR Night Shift (v1.1)
SSR Payback (T2)
SSR Slow But Steady Progress (v1.2)
SSR Through No Vault of My Own
C6 Starting from Scratch
Return to the Dark Temple
Sly's UT Arena
Crystal Clear Conscience
Shocking Ruins (SS2)
Good Samaritan
C6 Crypt (v 1.1)
Dream of Tyrus
Heretics and Pagans
Treason and Plot
Sepulchre Of The Sinistral
Creature Clash 3 (v2)
Wedding at the Bar
What a Drag! (v1)
Snobs Pt 2
Forgotten Forest 2
Blackheart's Recording
ANIR 2: Discovery (Découverte)
ANIR 1: New Beginning (Un nouveau départ)
GHTP First Day Of Winter
GHTP Winter Holiday
GHTP Citadel Of Wrath Amon
Under Templehill (v1.1)
Broken Hammers (v2)
Shopping Stopover (v1.1)
Escape From Castle Black
Dark Temple (v0.5)
Thieves' Highway
Ganbatte, Thief-San!
Alternate Thief Movie Codecs
Saints and Thieves
Greyfeather Gems Pt 2: Rodamill
Burrick's Head Inn: Vintage Edition
Powerslaves (demo)
Gladiator (demo)
City Square
KotP: Keeper of the Prophecies Campaign 1 - 9 (v1a)
KotP: Episodes 5 - 9 (v1f)
Turn of the Tide
Mechanist Cathedral
Snobs Pt 1
Sinful Opportunities
Right up there in the Mountains
Meeting with Cutty
C5 Into the Maelstrom
Chain of Events
T2X Transcripts
TIMtoE Conversion
Delford Abbey (v2)
Insurrection (v1.3)
Water Arrow In The Fire
Dancing With The Dead Pt 1: A Rift In The Loot
Cell Next Door
Small Blackout, A (v1.1)
Unfinished Business
Ghost House & Haunted Hospital
Frobable Cause (v1.2)
Thief 3 Launcher V2.0
Clean Out
Homo Arbor
All Torc
Thief 3 Editor
Happy New Year Mr Lambert!
Children of the Future SE
Time That Has Passed
All Mission Saves (T1 & T2)
Simple Enough
Thief's Holiday 2004 (v2.2a)
Servant's Revenge
Lady Lisa's Harbor (v2)
Close Encounters (v2)
FBT 0: Meeting (intro) (v4)
Shadow of Lord Rothchest (T2)
Heist Society (v1.0)
Sinking Demo
LLS3: Bloody Ruins
FBT 2: Waterway Tunnel Pt 1 (v1.2)
Having a Ball
Dead Flower
FBT 1: Old Bad Fellows (v1)
Night Visit to the Natural History Museum/Visite Nocturne au Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle(ENG/FR)
Mystic Estate (To Rob From…)
So Long Hammers
Konkurrenten (v1.4)
In-game movie
LLS2: Abysses (v2)
Profane Ascension (v3)
Firefly (v1a)
Moth To A Flame (v1.1)
Thief 3 Patch v1.1
TTGM 7 & 8: Chasm of the Lost, Pts 1 & 2
KotP Ep 1: Enterprise (v2.2a)
T3 Gamesys - Cheaper Weapons/Items
Improving T1/Gold texture quality
Wonderful Reception
McLeod's Revenge
Thief 3 Settings Tweaker v1.1
Out for Revenge
Just Friends Pt 1
Fletcher's Final Mistake (lowres brief)
TTGM 5 & 6:Trickster's Rift Gem Mine / Elsewhere
Thief 3 Trailer 3 (Intro)
Thief 3 Trailer 2
Thief 3 E3 2003 Teaser (lores)
LLS1: Coterie of Smokers
Dan & Saam's Thief 3 Shakeycam Vid
TTGM 0: Training
Interview: Warren & IGN (Winmedia)
Interview: Warren & IGN (Quicktime)
T3 Vid Gspot 4-22-2004 Mission Setup (Quicktime)
T3 Vid Gspot 4-22-2004 Cutscene (Quicktime)
T3 Vid Gspot 4-22-2004 #4 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid Gspot 4-22-2004 #3 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid Gspot 4-22-2004 #2 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid Gspot 4-22-2004 #1 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #13 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #12 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #11 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #10 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #9 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #8 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #7 (Winmedia)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #6 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #5 (Winmedia)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #5 (Quicktime) (Low)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #5 (Quicktime) (High)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #4 (Winmedia)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #4 (Quicktime) (Low)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #4 (Quicktime) (High)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #3 (Winmedia)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #3 (Quicktime) (Low)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #3 (Quicktime) (High)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #2 (Winmedia)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #2 (Quicktime) (Low)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #2 (Quicktime) (High)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #1 (Winmedia)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #1 (Quicktime) (Low)
T3 Vid IGN 4-21-2004 #1 (Quicktime) (High)
Mystic Lady
Trickster's Castle (v1.07)
T3 Vid IGN 4-16-2004 Full (Winmedia)
T3 Vid IGN 4-16-2004 Full (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-16-2004 #7 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-16-2004 #5 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-16-2004 #4 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-16-2004 #3 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-16-2004 #2 (Quicktime)
T3 Vid IGN 4-16-2004 #1 (Quicktime)
T3 ShakeyCamp Vid IGN 9-3-2003 #5 (Winmedia)
T3 ShakeyCamp Vid IGN 9-3-2003 #4 (Winmedia)
T3 ShakeyCamp Vid IGN 9-3-2003 #3 (Winmedia)
T3 ShakeyCamp Vid IGN 9-3-2003 #2 (Winmedia)
T3 ShakeyCamp Vid IGN 9-3-2003 #1 (Winmedia)
T3 Gamestar-DE Vid (Mpeg)
Thief 3 Teaser (Deus Ex 2 Demo Edition)
Thief Gold Direct3D Texture Error Fix
Thief - patch TDP v1.33 Direct3D texture error fix
Thief - patch TDP v1.14 Direct3D texture error fix
By Order of an Unknown (v1.6)
Spider Caves (T2)
Two Towers (demo)
Nightmares (Cauchemars)
Mighty Joe Young
Bloodflowers (demo)
Gen Purpose Motions DB
Keeper of the Bell
Masque of the Red Death (v1.1)
Spoof: The Daft Project (v1.1)
Return to Bafford Manor (revised)
Love Story 1 (v1.1)
Gathering at the Bar (T2)
Undead Reckoning
Returning a Favor
Prison of Garrett (v2)
Curse of the Falcon (v2)
Circle of Strain (T2)
Eastwater Bank Gold
Great Tree (T2)
Retrieval of the Soul (v1.1)
Just Take A Look
Cathedral (v1.1)
Betrayal: Voices (v2)
Garrett and the Beanstalk
Thief's Holiday
Yandros's Doors
Thief 2 tools objects list (v3.0)
3ds2bin Converter
Motion editor
Motion database tools
All motion tags
Custom scripts for T2
All T1 Missions - unstripped
T1 Mission 14 - unstripped
T1 Mission 13 - unstripped
T1 Mission 12 - unstripped
T1 Mission 11 - unstripped
T1 Mission 10 - unstripped
T1 Mission 9 - unstripped
T1 Mission 7 - unstripped
T1 Mission 6 - unstripped
T1 Mission 5 - unstripped
T1 Mission 4 - unstripped
T1 Mission 3 - unstripped
T1 Mission 2 - unstripped
T1 Mission 1 - unstripped
All T2 Missions - patched and unstripped
T2 Mission 16 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 15 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 14 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 13 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 12 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 11 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 10 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 9 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 8 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 7 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 6 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 5- patch unstripped
T2 Mission 4 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 2 - patch unstripped
T2 Mission 1 - patch unstripped
Complete package of motion tags & schemas
SS2 motion schemas
T2 motion schemas
T1 Gold motion schemas
T1 motion schemas
Custom scripts for T1
Developer script package for T2
Developer script package for T1
Winged staircase multibrush
Thief - tools objective wizard (v1.02)
Thief - tools mission zipper
Thief - tools mapper
Thief - tools book wizard 2b
Compound file viewer
T2 textures index
T1 models modification package
Spiral stair multibrush
Schema update
Schema files
Rust gas bomb object (vbr)
Reskinable paintings pack
Reskinable humans pack
Piano Multibrush
Thief - tools collection of object tools
Dromed Objects (22 new)
N3ds2e: object type convertor
Mission text file wizard
T1 AI 3d meshes - gif version
T2 AI 3d meshes - gif version
Meshscale (v2.0)
Custom dromed 2 menu (Gonchong v2)
Custom dromed 2 menu (Gamophyte)
Custom dromed 2 menu (Caminos)
Custom dromed 2 menu (Gonchong v1)
Thief - tools media edit
Mapper tools
Knife Throwing AI (demo)
Custom dromed keybinds
DarkLoader (v4.3, GPL)
Combination doors multibrush
Balatro's gamesys for texture packs
Balatro's texture pack 3
Balatro's texture pack 2
Balatro's texture pack 1
Custom dromed 1 menu (little mouse)
Short Sewer (JP)
Mixed Messages (no brief)
Thief 3 Teaser
Convict TG
Convict T2
Convict T1
Kidnap Patch
T2 -> TG Mesh Patch
spo thief (patch)
T1 Texture Patch HW
T1 Texture Patch SW
Thief 2 German Patch
Thief 2 Video Patch
Thief 1 & Gold AI Mesh & Skin Patch (GIF Version)
Thief 1 & Gold AI Mesh & Skin Patch (TGA Version)
Thief Gold Patch
Fortress by the Sea (v3)
Forgotten Forest 1
Mixed Messages (w brief)
Friend Basso (v2)
Gerrard's Temple
Graduation Day
Elevator Mission (T2)
Safe Haven (Bezpieczna Przystañ)
Easy Money
Chronicle of the Metal Age: Chapter 1 (v2.0)
Mad as a Hatter
Night Falcon (v2) (ENG)
Freedom for Nepumuk
Worlds Collide
Cop in the Shadow (v2)
Lord James' Retreat (v1.1)
Tom's Fun Level
Sluggs' FM Pack
Lord Matt
Lord Fishkill's Curse
C4 Basic
C4 Thievery?
Bafford's Curse (beta)
C4 Volcano Island Prison Facility
C4 Unfortunate Formulae
Tymoteusz (POL)
C4 Too Good To Be True
C4 Thief Nonetheless
C4 Thief Noir
C4 Secret Weapon
Retrieval (Hans) (demo)
Resurgence 1: The Ancient Crown
C4 R G B
C4 No More Clients For Monty (v0.53)
C4 Night of the Singing Potion
New Critters 2 (demo)
C4 Mylokh's Tower
C4 Mother's Love
MISTRZ: Efekty Specjalne (POL)
Mistrz (demo) (ENG)
C4 Mission With No Name
Mines of Margroth (beta)
Lady Sakura's Dragon Eye
Jocke (demo)
Garrett to the Rescue 2: The Auction House
Fragalicious (demo)
C4 Father Hirvakia's Portal 4
C4 Father Hirvakia's Portal 3
C4 Father Hirvakia's Portal 2
C4 Father Hirvakia's Portal 1
C4 Dwelling Insanity
Ducal Hammerite Asylum
C4 Debt to Nate
C4 Curiosity Shop
C4 Cashing In
C4 Careless Little Fly
C4 Breakout From Apocalypse Prison
C4 Bar (v0.1b)
Amnesia (v2.0)
Greyfeather Gems Pt 1: The Shipment
Diamond (v1.1)
Skeletons in the Closet
Skull of St Yora
Woodkey Resthouse
Rowena's Curse (v3)
Jenivere De Ja Vu
Torner Island
C4 Burrick's Head Inn (v2)
LAS 8: The Wedding of Sir Andre
L_A2Emilie Victor
Hell's Motel Pt 2
Wrestling Match (demo)
Welcome to Thief 3 (demo)
Moving Train Demo
C4 Taffer's Shooting Gallery
Ogre Demo
Garretts House Gold
Elevator Mission (Demo) (TG)
Doggy (motions demo)
Carryover (demo)
Apache 2: Stowaway
Bloodsport (w lowres briefing)
Item (Hungarian)
CoSaS 1: Gathering at the Inn Website
AI Museum
CoSaS 1: GATI (debriefing only lowres)
CoSaS 1: GATI (debriefing only hires)
CoSaS 1: GATI (briefing only lowres)
CoSaS 1: GATI (briefing only higres)
CoSas 1: GATI (mission only)
CoSaS 1: GATI (full w lorres)
CoSaS 1: GATI (full w highres)
Lord Maguire Estates Pt 1
Lord Alan's Fortress
Library Pt 2: The Basement
Abominable Dr. Dragon (v2e)
Two Fathers
Keeper's Betrayal
Relic - Left for Dead
Bluecoat's Training Facility
Library Pt 1: The Town
Osama Bites the Dust (v2)
Mr Chuz (v2)
Mystères à Highrock (FR)
Timoteus (v1.1) (ENG)
Tymoteusz (FR)
L_A1L' (v1.1)
Paladine Manor (v1.02)
Calendra's Legacy Production Notes
LAS: Lord Ashton Series Campaign 1 - 8
C1 Oswald's Patisserie
C1 Dreamslide
C1 Turtle on its Back
C1 Five Minute Thieves' Guild
C1 Warehouse 51
C1 Escape from Blackstone Crypt (v1.2)
C1 Airship
Shining Standards
LAS 6: The Secret of Sir Stefan
LAS 7: A Winter's Night
C3 Old Comrades, Old Debts
C3 Mind Master
C3 Fireshadow's Barrow (v2)
Breaking and Entering
C3 After the Party
C3 Dedicated to the People of TTLG
C3 SandBridge Police Station
C3 Golden Skull of Lord Frobb
C3 First City Bank & Trust Annex
C3 Deceptive Perception
C3 Eastwater Bank
C3 Akhenaten's Tomb
C3 Night's Recourse
C3 Thief 2 CTF
C3 Keepers Are Thirsty
C3 Underground Escape
Ravencourt's Mansion (v1.4)
Creature Clash Gold
Iron Man
Ruins of Origina
LAS 5: In Search of Leon
Garrett's Nightmare
Thief 2 Premier Patch
Item (v1.7)
Cistern (v1.03)
KotP Ep 3: Insurrection (v1h)
Something Up There…
Lesson Learned (v1.1)
Makiko (JP)
Best Defense
Throne Room (demo)
Karras' Diary: Prophecies of Gold
Shadow of Doubt Campaign 1 - 5
Taffer's Tower
Last Stand (v2)
LAS 4: Revenge
Embrasse ton Ennemi (FR)
Un Automne a Lampfire Hills (FR)
La Prison de Bloodstone (FR)
Benny's Dead (FR)
La Maladie de Dame Whitman (T2) (v2.0, FR)
Le Joueur (FR)
Equilibrium (FR)
Lile du Saule (v1.01) (FR)
Saturio Rentreau Pays (FR)
Shadow of Doubt 5: Nightcrawler
Shadow of Doubt 4: The Broadsword of Sheol
Shadow of Doubt 3: All Astir
Shadow of Doubt 2: Tears of Blood
Shadow of Doubt 1: Walking the Edge
Hammerite's Brutality (v2.0)
Lord Alan's Basement (T2)
Curiosity (v2)
Secret Way
Run Thief...RUN!
Thief: Brainchild
Sisterhood of Azura Pt 1: Estheridge
KotP Ep 2: Hallucinations (v1e)
Hashishans (v2)
Night Falcon
UndeadLand (JP)
Ochiru (JP)
Mainshock (JP)
Chon Migoroshi (JP)
LAS 3: Escape!
LAS 1: A Visit to Lord Ashton's
LAS 2: A Night's Stroll
Three Mages Tomb (Skully Demo)
Gauntlet 2: DromEd's Revenge
Hell's Motel Pt 1
Rigging the Votes
TTGM 4: Making Tracks
Calendra's Legacy (v1a)
Heart & Soul
Trial by Night
Hell Ch 2: Lost Age (beta)
Killing of Timer (v1.1)
Hammer & Garrett
Elevator Mission (v2) (TG)
Mine Shock
Amida (JP)
New Critters 1 (demo)
T2 Trailer
T2 Incite Preview Vid
T1 Tools of the Trade Trailer (clip)
T1 Trailer 2 Tiny
T1 Trailer 2
T1 Trailer 1
T1 Ancient Gameplay Vid
T1 Rope Arrow Vid
Gong Vid
Hammer Factory Vid
Duel Vid
Blackjack Vid
T1 Dark Project Intro
T1 Tools of the Trade Trailer (full)
Making of Thief 2
Thief Gold Blooper
Song of the Caverns Briefing
Mage Towers Briefing
Thieves Guild Briefing
CoSaS Screensaver
Thievery UT Trailer
Garrett to the Rescue
Swamped (v1.1)
Shrieker's Ogre (demo)
Darkness Falls 1: Royal Garmyth
Drop Coins Here (demo)
AI Escape (demo)
Night in the Pub
C2 Alchemic Allusions (v1.1)
C2 Ties That Bind
C2 Stiff Competition
C2 Melian's Method
C2 Hedgerows & Hammerites
C2 Hightowne Museum
C2 Wickerman
C2 Builder's Hammer
C2 Red Ridge
C2 Mr J's Ring
C2 Train Spotting
C2 Space Thief
C2 Victralia's Realm
C2 Game
C2 Sir Lector Comes to Dine
C2 Inventor's Tower
Just for Show
Restored Cathedral
Chasing Sergeant Chase
Father's Pride
Thief Gold Demo w/ Brief
Thief 1 Demo - Assassins
Thief 1 Demo - Bafford's Manor
Thief Gold Demo no Briefing
Thief 2 Demo
Hidden Agenda
Cathedral of the Damned (v0.6)
Deadly Darkness
CoSaS Trailer 12-24-01
Art of Thievery
Fooling Guards (demo)
Smelter (demo)
BCB (dromed 2 sys)
Lord Alan's Basement (TG)
Museum Heist
Search for Crom's Blade
7th Crystal (v2b)
Dromed patch v118 for TG/T2
Dromed for Thief 1
Lord Lomat's Flute
Karrassinian Threat (no brief)
Karrassinian Threat (w brief)
Spooky Door Demo
DarkLoader (v4.3, Full))
Arx Intro Music
Dyers' Eve
Water Bucket (demo)
FightPub (demo)
Droid Demo or Search for the Builder's Chisel
Thief 2 Patch, v1.07 to v1.18
T1 patch, upgrade v1.02 to v1.33
Sammy Pays His Dues
TTGM 2 & 3: Shoreleave / Up Shit Creek
Snatch and Grab (v3)
Ring, The (ENG)
[LGS Fanmix - Mad Hammer] - SS2 - The Ghost of Citadel
[LGS Fanmix - Marc de Hoogh] - SS2 - Glory to the Many
SS2 john227b.mp3
SS2 john227a.mp3
Bart Klepka - Shodan (Hacked Mix) Mp3
SS2 Midwife Mp3
Command 3 Mp3
Command 2 Mp3
Command 1 Mp3
Recreation Mp3
Operations 3 Mp3
Operations 2 Mp3
Operations 1 Mp3
Hydroponics 2 Mp3
Hydroponics 1 Mp3
Engineering 2 Mp3
Engineering 1 Mp3
Med/Sci2 Mp3
Med/Sci1 Mp3
SS2 Credits Mp3
Collector's Greed
Apache 4: The Keep
Apache 3: Hunt for Montrose
Mansion of Chaos (v1.01)
Bassett's Keep
Dock Land (v1.1) (TG)
Calendra's Cistern (mission no briefing)
Drop (demo)
Free the Objects!
Great Tree (T1)
Squeeky's Secret
Box Font
Thief Fonts
Garrett Unreal Voice - Umod
Garrett Unreal Voice
Night I Ghosted Berkshead
Dromed Icons
Lorgan's Web (v1.10)
Smugglers Request, A
Fortune and Glory
Business at Midnight
JailBreak (v3.0)
Geller's Pride
Weather Effects in Thief 1 (demo)
Vthief (demo)
Tels Collection (demo)
Thief 2 Rare and Unused Items
Garrett on Patrol (demo)
Servants Tutorial
Spells Demo
Snow Demo
WWF Smack Down!
Thief 2 Sky
Hit The Slopes
Ski Free
Serpents Eye
Roller (demo)
Retrieval (Chook)
Rendering Demo
Reflections (Tels)
Rainy Day, Eastside (rain demo)
QuickSand (demo)
Paint Key (demo)
Poison, Teleporting & More
Mint (demo)
New Objects (demo)
Default Mission
Mystery (demo)
Thief 1 Rare and Unused Items
Mice R Us
Merry Christmas (demo)
Machines of Soulforge (demo)
Locational Damage Demo
Lift Demo
Hand Lantern (demo)
Lantern Guard (demo)
Conversation at Gate (demo)
dRuNkEn (demo)
Creature Clash 2
Creature Clash 1
T2 Conversation Demo
Color Lighting Demo
Circles (demo)
Bend Around Hell (demo)
Athene Thief (demo)
Archery Challenge
Alarus Extension (demo)
Silent Nightmares (no ambient)
Silent Nightmares (v1.1)
Saint of Redmound
CrayBug (demo)
Frogmatic 3000 (demo)
LaFrenier, Real Criminal Boss
TRIAL Waterlogged
Stronghold (v4)
Lord Burkhard (GER)
Garrett's House (dromed)
TRIAL Bath House
TRIAL Stowaway (T2) (Finial)
Ranstall Keep (T2, no brief)
Mystery Man
Gervasius' Archery Tournament
Varyx Obelisk
Talisman Of The Keepers
Order of The Vine (full)
Thieves Quarter
Gem (brief only)
Saving Private Rye Anne
Seeds of Doubt
Spider Caves (T1)
Saturio Returns Home (ENG)
Eye of Ruthaford
Apache 1: Ramirez's Revenge (v2)
Prodigal Corpse (release 7.2)
N'lahotep's Tomb
Lady Whitman's Disease (T2) (ENG)
Lady Whitman's Disease (T1)
Journey 2: Tuttocomb's Tomb
Journey 1: Tears of Blood
Journey Mission Pack
Inverted Manse (no brief)
Inverted Manse (w brief)
Immoral Immortal
Skull of Herzeloyde
Haunt Stadium (demo)
Hard Luck (w brief)
Careless Hand (w briefing)
Careless Hand (no briefing)
Guardhouse 1
Gerome of the Woodlands
Enterprise (T1 orig of KtoP1)
Down We Go! (dromed only)
Dark Lord (dromed only)
Curse of the Carnival (beta 1)
Calendra's Cistern (full version)
Calendra Patch
Calendra's Cistern (debriefing only)
Bloodsport (w highres briefing)
Bloodsport (no briefing)
Virtual Asylum SE
Assassin at Sir Ganrish House
Secret Affair
Raid on Washout Central (v1.2)
Ranstall Keep (v2.4) (T2, w brief)
TTGM 1: Errand Boy (v2)
Gambling Man (ENG)
Lucrative Opportunity
Docks (T2)
More Time to Foil Karrass
Equilibrium (ENG)
Willow Island (v1.01) (ENG)
Night at the Theatre
Embracing the Enemy (ENG)
Benny's Dead (ENG) (v1.2)
Fishmonger (v2.0)
Friends in Shadow (w brief)
Turning the Tables
Apache Mission Pack (1-4)
Fall of a Chook
Curse of the Ancients
Cult of the Resurrection (v1)
Events in Highrock (ENG)
Calendra's Cistern (briefing only)
Versäumte Chance: Das Freudenhas (GER)
Hush.... Hush, Sweet Harlot (ENG)
Guardhouse 2
Ranstall Keep (T1)
Dock Land (v1.1) (T1)
Lord Binclair
Rogue's Honour
Hammerhead : Return To The Docks
Mages Area (Easy)
Mages Area (v1.1) (ENG)
Temple of the Forgers
Circle of Strain 3
Living City
Garrett's Revenge
Sword of Drakul
BloodStone Prison (ENG)
Autumn in Lampfire Hills (ENG)
Shunned: Fistal's Story (v1.2)
Circle of Strain 2
Death of Garrett
Lord Edmund Entertains!
Prisoner`s Revenge T1
Trickster's Return
Dark Walker
Skull of Lysander
Tower of Illusion
Escape: The Bear Pits
Deceptive Scepter
Shadow Business
Noble Death of Lady Gilder (v1.1)
Poor Lord Bafford
Information (v1.1)
Rose of Bantry
Shadow of Lord Rothchest (T1)
Docks, All Aboard! (v1.2)
Payback! (T1)
Circle of Strain 1(T1)
Monastery of St Fera
Torben the Traitor
Gathering at the Bar (Cutscenes)
Gathering at the Bar (T1)

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