Thank you all for being so patient with my intermittent writing. It pleases me to announce that yet another chapter has been finished and is now available. I'm very happy with the latest installment and I think it is the strongest to date. It is also fairly safe to say that I have three chapters until the story's conclusion. I can't say exactly when those chapters will be coming, however. This story was supposed to nice and short, but has instead turned into a multi-chapter effort that began eight months ago. Soon, my fellow thieves, soon it shall be done.

Following the logic that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, I have decided against sending a manuscript to Looking Glass Studios for possible publication. I've learned that the present and future state of your own work becomes very vague when you put it in someone else's hands, and after seeing second-hand what these aspirations have done to Correspondence of Thieves, and first hand with that story's sequel... it's just not what I want for me or my story. Perhaps someday, but not now. Right now, the possibility also exists that, once this version of the story is finished, I could work on another one where Mishkal's perpetual, autobiographical monologue is broken up with bits of the story told from other points of view... Sound good?

At any rate, read on and enjoy! More good stuff to follow, I promise!


Solomon Kostenko

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