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Official Guides & Tutorials

  • Official DromEd Documentation (1634KB)
    Zip file containing these documents.

  • Official Docs (946KB)
    As above, without the optimization tutorial

  • Official Tutorial
    This is the official tutoral document which comes with all versions of Dromed. Note that this tutorial is out of date reguarding Dromed 2.

  • Official Tutorial, Updated for Dromed 2
    This is a version of the above tutorial with information injected to bring it up to date with Dromed 2. This tutorial is download only, in rich text format.

  • The Mods Document
    A guide to making your Thief level playable by other thieves, written by our friends at Looking Glass.

  • The Convict Script
    A guide to creating conditions of victory (convict), written by our friends at Looking Glass.

  • The Sky Guide
    A guide to setting up the new sky in DromEd 2, written by our friends at Looking Glass.

  • The Weather Guide
    A guide to setting up the new weather in DromEd 2, written by our friends at Looking Glass.

    Fan-Made Guides

    Major Guides

    Compilation of Guides

    Tutorial Writers Guild

    • Conversations Tutorial - This is an extensive and highly detailed guide and tutorial to makeing conversations, both from character to character, and garrett to character. It's by Deep Qantas.
    • Sources and Receptrons, for teleporting and timing - This tutorial is intended to teach the basic of sources and receptrons, and to show what a nifty tool they can be. As well as showing basic implementation, it will also describe how to set up a system to teleport Garrett from place to place, without using TrigRoom Scripts.
    • Sources and Receptrons 2, Temporary In Game Store - This tutorial intends to highlight the necessary steps to make an in-game store where the player can buy objects midgame at the cost of loosing some loot. Also, it is a learning tutorial, and will not tell you how to do the store straight off, 'mistakes' are made along the way as I felt it would be more logical this way. The end product will allow the purchasing of items until the player runs out of money, then the store has to shut. I already have worked out a better system that does not shut, but that is more complicated still.
    • Sources and Receptrons 3, Permanant In Game Store - This tutorial intends to achieve a fully functional in-game permanent store, where you can come back later and continue to buy things if you want to.
    • Sources and Receptrons 3, Leaving a Breadcrumb Trail - This is a short tutorial designed to relate how to get Garret to leave to start leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. Once Garrett has picked up the magic pouch it will drop glowing rocks at his current position while he has it selected. If Garret does not select the pouch, then it will drop rocks at its previous position, though this is addressed in the tutorial.

    Fan Mission How To's

    Here are links to off-site guides:

    • Making a briefing - This is a small tutorial of how to make a briefing that feels like "Thief". Real Thief briefings have couple other animation styles, but I will not cover them here, since they are more advanced and require more work, but the basic elements that make a briefing are here. Written by Trimfect.
    • List of Scripts - Here are possibly all the scripts that Thief uses. Now what most of the scripts do, I have no idea. Written by Trimfect.
    • Garrett's Comments - A nearly complete list of Garrett's comments, by Trimfect & Elfiran.
    • Hammer Comments - A nearly complete list of Hammerite comments, by Elfiran.
    • Dromed Tid-Bits - Much like TEG's MMDR (below) this guide is a compilation of many little tid-bits of Dromed info, taken from TTLG's Thief Editors' Forum, by silver.

    Follow the link below to visit the archive of Demo Missions and other fun stuff.