A Mouse Certified Alarm System.
By A Little Mouse.

I. The Four Parts of a Alarm System. Or, Getting Ready To Link It All.

There are 4 parts to an Alarm system in DromEd. First, The button, of course. It does not really have to be a button, it could be a switch, but once thrown, it's triggered. Then there's the Alarm (Light), which has the sound emitting from it. Now for the two parts you don't ever see, the RelayTrap, and the DestroyTrap!

Well, how does that work you say? Yes, I will assume you asked that, rather than hurled an insult at me having to do with my birth and my one thousand mothers. Well, all of the items kinda make a flow chart. First the button, to the RelayTrap, then that triggers the DestroyTrap and Alarm, and the Destroy Trap leads back to the Relay. That may sound more complex than it actually is, due to me grapple of the languagish known prewiously as it is called Englisch.

Now, first you want to create all your items and remember their numbers. If you cannot remember their numbers, please visit this site ( Note: This isn't my site. ). If their instruction cannot help your plight, I suggest you simply write down the numbers.
Here are my suggestions:

II. Linking It All Up. Or, the part of installation the security company would most likely try to stiff you out of acouple hundred more dollars for extra crap like infrared sensors that leave you sterile and withered by the time you're 25. No, that hasn't happned to me, why do you ask?

First, linking is very easy. You use a tool  like this one, to open your monitor. Once inside, locate the Button, RelayTrap, DestroyTrap, and Alarm and connect them  with this. Or, try it this harder way:

Alright, let's start with that Button. First, the Button should have a link on it to the RelayTrap, like this:

Now, that's just hooked up the Button to the RelayTrap. We don't need to worry about the Button anymore!
Moving right along, the RelayTrap. This is where the Burrick Doo© hit the Burrick Doo Fan™, and that's when the trouble really begins®. Yes, I have restricted the word begins®. I hope you adjust your future language, writing, and speech patterns to keep this in mind. If you find anyone using begins® without the correct authorization, please contact me before it begins® to get out of hand.

Here's what the RelayTrap should look like.

And, Last thing to do on the RelayTrap is go to 'Add', then 'Scripts'. In the first box (Script 0), type in: RamirezAlarm.
Without the period of course.

Now, let's say you had multiple Buttons and multiple Alarms. In the case of more Buttons, just go ahead and link from them to the RelayTrap. In the case of more Alarms, just make more links from the RelayTrap to the Alarms.

Finally, the Destroy Trap:

Ok! That looks like we're done! Why not Alt-G and try it out?

III. Training the Peons. Or, A Treatise On Training Servants and Guards To Use The Alarm.

Ah, so it's all set up? Excellent. Now, stick a Guard in there. Carefull not to place him too close to the button, you know what happens. Now, edit his properties.

Here you must add a MetaProperty to get him to use the Alarm System you've installed. Click 'Add', then 'MetaProperty', then 'AI_Behaviors', then 'AI_B_m5', and finally 'RingTheAlarm'. Excellent. Now click on this in the Properties window, and edit it. It should read under RingTheAlarm, AI, Responses, Alert Response:

Response: Step 1: Response: Step 2: Response: Step 3: Response: Step 4: Response: Step 5: Response: Step 6: And that's it! Yahoo. Now, when sighted, your Guards and Servants can be trained to run for it. I've not tested it at the levels below 'Very High' and 'Absolute' Priority, but I figure if you attract their eye, they'll run for you, and if they loose you, then they'll go back and punch the button.

I hope all of this has helped, and don't forget to look at Mission 5 (Assassins) if you get confused.

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