AMBIENT SOUND: Copyright © by Masterthief30 (D2)

  1. First, go ahead and design the room you want. Load all the necesary scripts etc, and make a room database for it.
  2. Next go to Fnord>mark. Place a marker in the center of your.
  3. Then, go down to where you would usually add textures and click "properties".
  4. Then, go to the bar on the Right side and click on "Add" then expand the list "a" and add "ambienthacked".
  5. Next, double click the ambienthacked that has appeared in the marker's properties. Make the raidus 20 for a 16'16'16 room (adjust if needed for your room).
  6. Next, under the "schema" type in the name of the ambient...for now, lets try "m05wind" (without ",").
  7. Build your room database and go into your level! Now, you should hear the wind blowing. If you don't make sure you have the settings right, and that you used "marker". Also, if you hear no sound at all, it is because your room database didn't build correctly.

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