Non-skin Archer Tutorial by Z For Dromed 2


This is a tutorial to give a bow and arrows to a non-arrow skin/creature without altering the skin. It doesn’t work AS well as if you modified the skin (.gif) file, but what the hey…….


  1. Create a small room ( load scripts…., Portalize, Pathfinding……etc……etc…….etc


  1. Create physical>creature>animal>human>guard>bowman>bow man and drop in the world.


  1. Okay, now modify his properties……


Add Shape>Model Name and change it to paganm02. There, he looks like a Pagan.



  1. Now add Speech>Voice and change to vpaganman. There, he talks like one.


  1. Add Inventory>Render Type to him. Change the bottom field to cpagan2.


  1. Now for the bow. Create physical>barrel>crate and place beside him. Yes, I know it looks like a barrel :)


  1. Modify the “ crate “ ‘s  Engine Features>FrobInfo property and pt every field at none.

Alternatively you can add MetaProperry>FrobInert to it. It really doesn’t make a difference.


  1. Now change Shape>Model Name to bow2. There.


  1. Here is the important part. Add a link to the bow object.


Flavor: CreatureAttachment


From: The number of your pagan guy.


To: The number of your “ barrelbow “


Now double-click on your link in the links window. In the appearing dialog box, change joint to Left Fingers.


  1. Try it out. Hit Alt-G.


      11.  You can also try editing the quivarrow on his back. Change its FrobInfo to none ( see above ) and                

              change it to quiver2


  1. Finally , make the Pagan FrobInert . When you pick him up, the bow may follow you around.



       This tutorial was written by Z on the 18th November 2000.



This document and the accompanying demo mission were not made or supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive.