By, The Blind Man.

This tutorial here is on how to edit already existing objects with Dromed.  Once I figure out how to add objects the same way (and thus make your own) I will try and post another tutorial.   Iíve tested this so it should theoretically work, but please note that Iíve only fiddled with this thing a single day if there are any problems with this.  All of the things below should be done in already existing dungeons, or a map youíve already made.

I. First, letís make a magic sword. 

Go to Object Hierarchy should be a Sources Link, where it says SlashStim, etc.  Select that and hit Edit.  It will take you to three values > Physical > Weapon > Swords > Sword and hit Edit.  Under where it says Act/React there, which represent the different styles of attack with the sword.  Letís change all three values from SlashStim to something else.  Select the first ID number and hit Edit.  In the screen it takes you to, select the Stimulus screen, and it will take you to a pulldown menu with all sorts of possibilities (firestim, waterstim, holystim, toxicstim, KOgas, etc.)  Letís make your sword a holy sword.

 Select holystim, and then OK.  Change the Stimulus and the other two possibilities.  Click back through Done to the main Object Hierarchy. Now, letís place this sword in your dungeon.  Select Sword again from the menu (not Swords, but Sword), and select Create.  Make the little box somewhere in your dungeon, so you can see the sword.  Now, hit Alt-G, go into the game, and pick it up.  It might look like a normal sword, but now it can affect zombies.

The other stims do the other effects based on their name (firestim, waterstim, KOgas), though their effects arenít always immediately visible.  Water Swords will affect Fire Elementals, they just wonít show a splash Also, if you change your Sources > SlashStim to Firestim, you now have a Fire sword, though it looks just like a regular sword.  When you attack people it wonít make steam or fire (though it will usually kill them in one blow.)  There is a way to add the fire trails and sound effects, but information on this will have to come in a subsequent guide (as I havenít quite figured it out yet).
Now, letís screw around and change some creatures.

II. Letís make a bowman a water bowman

Go to Object Hierarchy > Physical > Creatures > Animal > Human > Guard > Bowman > Bowman.  (Make sure you select the second Bowman).  Hit Edit, and under Links there should be an AI Projectiles link.  Click on it, and hit Edit.  Hit Add, and change broadhead to water.  There should be now two weapons here.  Delete the top one (broadhead, not water), and
hit OK.  Select Done, and your changes should be made. Now, letís create a Bowman in the middle of the room.  Select Bowman again from the Object Hierarchy, and hit Create.  Place it somewhere in the room, and Floor it.  Now, if you hit Alt-G, he should attack you with water arrows.  Splashy-fun!

The weapon of a creature appears to be determined by Link > Weapon or Link >AI Projectile.  You can thus go into the creature properties and change these around.  So far it looks like you canít just type in the number, you have to type in the actual name (but I could be wrong).

III. Now, letís make a meat arrow

Go to Object Hierarchy > Physical > Projectile > EarthArrow.  Select it and hit Edit.  At the bottom of the screen it takes you to it will say Links > Corpse > mosslump.  Letís change that mosslump to something tasty.  Select Corpse, then hit Edit.  Hit Add, and then change mosslump to DeerLeg and hit OK.  The Food possibilities are under Physical > Household > Food if you would like to see the other possibilities.

After you have created the new corpse, you will want to delete the old one, so make sure to delete the top ID so only the DeerLeg corpse is left.

In any case, youíve now changed Moss Arrows to Meat Arrows.  But donít go putting any in a room - theyíll just instantly turn into a deer leg.  No, what you want to do is add some Earth Crystals in the room for Garrett to pick up. Go to Object Hierarchy > Physical > Tulz > Earth Crystals and select Create.  Make the box for the arrow and put it somewhere in the room where you can get it.  Now, hit Alt-G, and run Garrett over to the Crystal to pick it up.  Shoot it, and out comes the tasty Deer Leg!

All right, I realize this isnít much, but itís what Iíve figured out in a day.  Hopefully soon we can figure out how to create entirely new items with individual properties (if thatís possible).  Be sure to play around with it, and try new stuff out.

-- The Blind Man

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