Making an location based alarm:
I`ll try to describe how to build an alarm that goes off when the player enteres an area and which could be disabled by a switch:

Items needed:  An alarm system that works like described in the tutorial of A Little Mouse, a bigzaparc (-4550), two ham novices (-1730), a guard(-51),a switch and a portcullis

First you arrange some big zap arcs in the area where the alarm should be triggered. Remember a ID of one of them, or put a Marker there and use its ID.
Now you put yor Hammer Novice somewhere near them and set the following on him:

Renderer: Has Refs: False (An invisible Hammer)
AI: Core: Alertness Cap None,None,None
Speech: Voice: (delete the value here)

OK, now we have a dumb Hammer here, very useful, of course he is.
Now put this link on him:

Flavor: AIWatchObject
From:Your Invisble Hammer
To.The ID of the big zap arc

Player intrusion
frob object
one of your alarm buttons

Now when you touch your big zap arcs the alarm will go off.
Good, but how to disable.

Here is my idea, it will just work one time per playing but I`m working on a better one right now:

Make a room which somewhere in solid space away from your level.
Put in your guard and another Ham Novice (yeah, I hate this guys).
Seperate them by portcullis and give them a light source and a room.
Lock the portcullis and give the guard the link:

From:the guard
To: the poor Ham Novice
Priority Absolute

Now let`s edit the Ham Novice:
AI: Core: Team: Bad2
AI:Attrbutes: Vision: Null (all my Hams seem to be blind, but it`s important)
AI:Attributes: Hearing: Null (this is new)

Now make a switch, which will be your Main Power Switch.
Edit it to be default on position ON.
Link it with Control device to the portcullis (maybe an Inverter between them).
Link it with Control device to all your "laser beams".

Now try and turn it. Ok, the laser beams disapper but the evil Hammerite will activate the alarm.
Time for a little trick:
When you pull the switch a poor blind Hammerite is just to receive his death, and that`s the point:
Put an Receptron stim on the Hammerite which will be like this:

Object: A Ham Novice (the one in the seperate room)
Stimulus: SlashStim
No Min
No Max
Effect: Destroy object
Target Object: A Ham Novice (the evil one who will activate the alarm)

That`s it! If done right your pulling of the switch will cause the beams to disappear, the portcullis to raise and the guard to kill the Hammerite.
This will result in the other Hammerite being removed so that he can`t do his job in activating the alarm.

Hope this is useful for some of you...
I`ll make other vesions of this (including blowing the player up) later and it will be in my mission.

Angus MacNokker