"So, you want to be a Smelter?"
By A Little Mouse

NOTE: This tutorial can be used for an example of linking and machinery. It is still something that might need some tweaking. It wouldn't hurt to load the Miss11 script, since I made this tutorial by just looking over RTC (mission11).

People who helped by finding errors or other stuff: EvilSpirit, Ishy, Thumper, and Mr. Mojo.

This is your all purpose smelting set, Mouse Certified. It's personally untested, but rather relying on feedback from the community. I'm contactable at 6534@mail.flashmail.com

Table Of Contents:
 I. Smelting Assembly
 II. Factory Mold Lever
 III. AlarmLight
 A Cow's Nose
 IV. MoldLevLock
 V. MoldPlate
 VI. Gauge04
 VII. Factory Cauldron Lever
 Some good looking thieves.
 VIII. CauldLevLock
 IX. Inverter
 X. SmeltingCauldr
 XI. Gear01
 XII. Operation of your new Smelting Assembly!
 XIII. Mouse! My mold doesn't work!
 XIV. How to make Doorknobs.

I. Smelting Assembly
First you must construct your smelting room. Remember that this room is going to be extremely hot, so tile or carpeting doesn't make sense. Brick, stone, and heavy metal use is more likely. Here is a list of components: 2 A BigFloorLevers, An Alarmlight, A MoldLevLock, A MoldPlate,  A Gauge04, A CauldLevLock, An Inverter, A SmeltingCauldr, and A Gear01.

II. Factory Mold Lever
Start with one of your BigFloorLevers. Open up Properties, and Add, then S, then Scripts. Set the Script 0 to: FactoryMoldLever
Now go ahead and click 'Don't Inherit' so that its box is checked.
Link 1:

Note: When adding a link, you will not be able to change the 'Data' field. You can set it by first setting the link, clicking the link's ID number, then clicking Data under To and above OK.
Link2: III. AlarmLight
This will be the light that does blinky stuff while you are smelting. Open Properties, and Add, then S, then Scripts. Set the Script 0 to: FactoryLight
That's all you need to do here.

IV. MoldLevLock
Unrealized untill the testers clued me in, A MoldLevLock is a FnordLock! So you want the obj 'FnordLock'. Open it's Properties.
Rename that bad boy by clicking 'A FnordLock' and renaming it to 'MoldLevLock'.
Now click Add, Engine Features, and Locked. Set Locked to: FALSE
Note: Oh crap! There's only a little box! What do I do? Well, you don't click it, and hit ok. This will provide the FALSE for you.

V. MoldPlate
This is the socket or whatever that will hold the mold while you are smelting. By now you should know how to add the Scripts Property. In Script 0: MoldSocket
Now more links:
Link 1:

Link 2: Link 3: Link 4: VI. Gauge04
This will be alittle gauge that moves up as you smelt. Add Scripts, with Script 0 at: FactoryGauge
Now for Links:
Link 1: Link 2: VII. Factory Cauldron Lever
This is the lever that will control your Cauldron for smelting. Add Scripts, and set Script 0 to: FactoryCauldronLever
You must also set 'Don't Inherit' to TRUE.
Link 1: Link 2: Link 3: Link 4: VIII. CauldLevLock
A CauldLevLock is a FnordLock. You want the obj entitled 'FnordLock'. Open it's Properties.
Rename 'A FnordLock' to 'CauldLevLock'.
Under Properties, click Add. Go to Engine Features and set Locked to: FALSE 

IX. Inverter
One Link must be added to this object.

X. SmeltingCauldr
This will be the actual vat of bubbling fun. Keep your hands away from it, and remember that it might take you a try or two to place it correctly with the mold holder, so the stream of molten goo falls correctly into the mold. Special effects like bubbles, steam, smoke, etc can be linked to it, but you can add those yourself.
First, click Properties, Add, AI, Utility, and Path Avoid. Set this to have Block Pathfind checked.
Add Scripts, and under Script 0, set it to: FactoryCauldron
Link 1: Link 2: XI. Gear01
This is a gear that will bring your whole smelting assembly. Yes! It will simply roll around, looking absolutely ridiculous on the wall, for we all know it really has no teeth! Bask in the knowledge of the Hammers, who invent gears without teeth! Err, wheels!

Set Scripts, and Script 0 to: TweqOnOff
Now go under Tweq to RotateState and Rotate. Set these to your desired rollin' fun.

XII. Operation of your new Smelting Assembly!
Now that your Mouse Certified Smelting Set is complete, it's time to play. Now just for fun, create some molds on a shelf, one of those enlarged picks that dentists use to scrape under your sternum, and those silly MasterBuilder Blessed Hammerite Smelting Masks.

XIII. Mouse! I tried using a mold, and everything worked fine but the mold didn't make anything!
Of course it didn't, you silly taffer! I didn't put down to add a mold anywhere in the above! Very well, onto the next section.

XIV. How to make Doorknobs. Or, the easiest mold Mouse can think of.
Create a MultiMold, and a Doorknob.
On the MultiMold, go to Shape, and then to Txt Repl r0. Yes, we want the texture replaced so when you put in a mold of a key, or somesuch, you don't get a doorknob. It's these little details that make your level seem cool. For the texture replacement, you want this exactly:

I wrote it like this so you won't miss it.
Now, add Scripts, and Script 0: FactoryMold
Under Script 1: ReallyLocked
One Link: On the DoorKnob, go to Properties, Add, Renderer, and Has Refs. Set to: FALSE.
Under Engine Features, add FrobInfo: Then Inventory, Type, set to Junk.
Isn't that wonderful! Now SMELT, damn you, SMELT! While so many doors in the city go unoperated because of lack of doorknobs! SMELT!

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