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  • Warning: Any or all of the following tales may contain spoilers to the plots of the games. Read at your own risk. Tales are listed by order of submission.

    "Into the Dark" - by Jyre

    "Taffer of Taffers" - by Scott Myers

    "ESCAPE!" - by Fongyee Long

    "You Want to Hear a Good Story?" - by Phyllis Bowen

    "INTERVIEW OF SUBJECT URSA" - by Stonewall

    "Rent Payment" - by General Hobbes

    "The Barkeeper's Tale" - by Stonewall

    "The Chronicles of the Smith in Exile" - by Octopus

    "Never Anger the Shadows" - by Mrlin

    "Guards!" - by Garrett88

    "Lightening in the Sky." - by Ryan Bringel

    "The Sorrowful Scepter" - by Night Visitor

    "Fate of Thieves" - by Einherjer

    "In Shambles" - A work in progress by Matt 'Jayle' Elliott

    "Night of the Thief" - by Christopher Hogarty

    "Project: Cetus Amicus" - by Christopher Hogarty

    "Making a Living" - by Trav Bland

    "Darkfall" - by Nightvision

    "Slipping" - by Darragh Hogan

    "The Dark Project" - by Chris Sawyer

    "The Assassin and the Sausages" - by Saigo

    "Eyes of The Shadow" - by Darren aka [CYA]WoLf

    "RETURN TO THE BONEHOARD" - by James Page aka Naartjie

    "Unlicensed and Untrained" - by greypatch3

    "The Work of a Thief" - by James Lodge

    "Lord Randall's Art Gallery" - by Thief in the Night

    "Reaches of the Pool" - James Page

    "Just Another Crazy" - TMM (AKA Jacob Kabel)

    "Wrath of the Builder" - Blackraven

    "A Keeper's Apprenticeship" - Black

    "Reliance" - Oliver Gregory

    "Lord GARRETT'S MANOR" - Sypha Nadon

    "A Thief In Sheeps Clothing" - Keeper of Legends

    "The Hiding Game" - Zoran Janjanin

    "Balance" - Matthew Kagle

    "Descending The Stairs" - Zac Lucas

    "Thief" - Nathan Readett

    "Key of Inverse" - Jeremy Harper

    "Shadows in the Night" - Nathan Readett

    "A Thief's Apprentice" - PCommish

    "The Unified Stenincity Socialite Republic" - Sneaksie Thiefsie

    "The Next Day Part One: Bafford's Sorrow" - Lord Garrett

    "Dissuasion" - Aaron Graham

    "The Keeper's Curse" - Jivemuffin

    "Reflections" - Tom Baynham

    "FINDERS KEEPERS" - Jenn Zuko Boughn

    "Theft" - Jenn Zuko Boughn

    "Haunted Cathedral" - Luke Watson

    "Shadow Lover" - kalenel

    "Blood and Vengeance" - H Truman

    "The Hunter and The Hunted" - Demeter

    "Orb of Quintus" - Scott McCarty

    "Forgotten One" - Beholder

    "A New Challenge" - Rob

    "The End of the Beginning" - Sionnan

    "The Black Heart of Winter" - Taliesin

    "The History of the Fourth Age of Middle-Earth" - AJD

    "A Story of a Son" - Dudie

    "Keeping the Balance" - LythNight

    "The Keepersí Secret" - Andrew Vecchiarelli

    "Separation" - Vadim Kokielov

    "An Excerpt from Keeper Records" - Yametha

    "The Meeting" - Sam Pearson

    "The Artistry of Theft" - Ben Hodges

    "The Journey of a Thief" - Beholder

    "The Glamour of the Job" - Ben Hodges

    "The Price of Stupidity" - Ben Hodges

    "Critical Mind" - Masha

    "St. Yora Cathedral" - Beholder

    "Stillness" - Faetis

    "Delirium Echo" - Yoyamime

    "Bloodline" - Aidan

    "The Nameless Thief" - Sarah Ford