"Some people in this city are to rich for their own good ... lucky they have me to give them a hand."

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (click a topic to jump to that section)

  1. The Basement & The Vault Pole
  2. The Records Hall
  3. Looting Part 1 - (Northern second floor)
  4. Lobby Security
  5. Looting Part 2 - (Southeastern second floor)
  6. Looting Part 3 - (Western first floor)
  7. Looting Part 4 - (Western second floor)
  8. The Vault
  9. Getting Out


  • Break into the Bank
  • Find the number of the Mechanist's safety-deposit box in the Hall of Records
  • Steal the Recording
  • Don't kill anyone
  • Get out of the Bank

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: None
  • Available: 2284
  • Accounted For: 2284

Important Notes:

  • This mission is designed so that every time you restart it, the guard population and camera locations are rearranged. In other words, areas that may have been simple to navigate previously may now be complicated by extra guards or cameras (and vice-versa). This walkthrough simply gives instructions for completing the objectives regardless of camera and guard placement, except in those instances where the they are constant, or at least present 9 times out of 10. For more specifics on trouble spots, you may want to refer to the secrets page and FAQ page.

The Basement & The Vault Pole
The first order of business after breaking in is to get that blasted pole away from the vault door. Go east from the start point (beware of the three man patrol) until you reach a wall. To your left is a basement window (figure 1) - pick it and enter the bank.

To your left is room with a ladder leading up to an office - you may want to take a look in case you need to use it as an escape route later. Otherwise, go west following the hall to to the large storage room (grab the candlestick in the first room on your left). Go up the ramp to the right and grab the flare and gold plate from the crates - you'll use this room to access the first floor later.

Continue west through the store room and follow it around to the hall. Take the first door on the right and go through the tunnel passage in the back. If this is your first time dealing with robots, be aware that the small ones can't initially see you, but they can hear you. Don't run into them or run across the metal plates while they're in earshot, or they will alert their big brothers.

Follow the tunnel until you emerge in a room with two doorways. There are water arrows in the pool in the large room at the south end of the hall, but you need to go north past the room with the big mech beasts - they are in defensive mode, so don't wake them up. Go left at the end of the hall into the brick walled area (figure 2).
Figure 1 Figure 2

There's another mech beast in the room to the south, and a turret on the wall behind you (look for the pressure plates on the floor). Hide near the corner ahead, use a scouting orb to see which way the camera around the corner is facing (figure 3 - camera in direction of arrow). Run across and throw the gate switch and then the light switch. Cross back toward the camera and into the control room. Open the panel and get all the buttons to stay in (figure 4). The light should turn green and the pole should lower. Go back the way you came, to the ramped room off the north of the storeroom.

Figure 3 Figure 4

The Records Hall
At the top of the ramp, go through the east wooden door and down the hall to the staircase. At the top of the steps, go east to the Records room door. Douse the torch and step inside. There is a shadow here (figure 5), and one in the doorway to the left (figure 6).

Figure 5 Figure 6

In the records room, the scroll you need is on the left platform. The Mechanists' box number is 11. Grab the goblet on the corner shelf back in the hall, and go back past to the staircase on the right. Downstairs, head south and grab the loot in the meeting room bar, the two small offices, and the large office (where the basement ladder leads to). Also don't forget the coin stacks and 4 lucky coins on the bar in the room exactly east of the lobby. You can hide under the camera and jump out to grab the loot while it's turned, or hide behind the counter - make sure to look close for the lucky coins. Go back to the staircase and up to the second floor when you're done.

Looting Part 1 - (Northern second floor)
At the west end of the hall, grab the copper coin stack on the bottom shelf on the left and continue into the Great Hall. Stay crouched and walk the balcony to the doorway on the left and into the hall with statues (not to be confused with the Hall Of Statues on the west end). If there are camera's here, douse a few lamps and grab the goblet from the table. Continue through this hall to the west, through the guard room balconies and into the room just east of the vault to get the goblet on the table. Drop into the vent system (figure 7) and travel back to the east end of the first floor. Go south in the hall and grab the purse from the safe in the next office on the north side of the next hall. Go east to the main staircase (figure 8) and up to the third floor.

Figure 7 Figure 8

Lobby Security
At the top of the stairs, go through the north door. There is usually a patrol here. Grab the loot and head through the next north door into a long 'L' shaped office. If there is a camera in the corner, sneak to the edge of the first desk, then under the camera, then to the next shadow along the north wall. You'll come to a tile hallway, with cameras on either side. Use a scouting orb to get the timing right, and slip across the hall (do NOT just make a break for it - if they spot you at all, the gates close before you can get past). Go around to the hall of statues and frob the secret switch behind the second statue on the left (figure 9 - we'll get to this in a moment). Stay to the exact center of the hall - between the pressure plates, lest you trigger the turret hiding behind the panel up ahead. Grab the vase and go right, working your way around to the bar area. Grab the gold cup, and the plate on the wall, then go through the double doors and shut off the lobby cameras power on the north wall (figure 10).

Figure 9 Figure 10

Go back around to the hall with the cameras and make a quick turn right in the hall to another office. Pick the safe, and grab the ring from the skeleton's finger behind the panel you opened earlier (remember that switch from figure 9?). Go back to the main staircase and down to the second floor.

Looting Part 2 - (Southeastern second floor)
Go clockwise on the catwalk to the southeast corner and through the north door there. Grab the goblet in the next room, then go out the other door and loot the two open offices (beware the mech beast. You should be able to do this without tangling with the robot if you douse a few torches. Go south through the next office with the safe and coins on the desk, then left in the hall to the music room. Around the corner to the north is a gold cup, and in the main room, flip the switch on the pedestal (figure 11) to open a secret space underneath (figure 12).

Figure 11 Figure 12

Go back down the hall to the west and take the door on the left before the balcony. Grab the goblet on the table (jump the wall if you're trying to beat the camera), then head back north to the main stairwell and go downstairs.

Looting Part 3 - (Western first floor)
Go to northwest door of the stairwell and into the hall. Kill the lights and take the last door on the left. Deal with the mech beast (if there is one), grab the loot (be sure to look closely for the lucky coins in all these rooms (figure 13). Go south to the safe room, then grab the coins under counter and head west through the lobby. Loot the next room, then go through the northwest doorway to the room with the turret. This room is tricky, so take it in steps and move quickly. First be aware of the patrolling archer who comes through the door to to your left and down the stairs every few minutes. Also beware the camera around the wall to the left. Make a dash for the rightmost column, let the camera settle down, then go across to the column near the desk. The column should block the camera (figure 14), but not the archer's view from the doorway should he appear.

Figure 13 Figure 14

Quickly grab the 3 coins from the desk and back up to the safety of the shadow near the safe. Next, run around and turn off the light switch on the north wall, then duck under the stairs. Finally, run under the camera and use the switch behind it to the left to shut it off. Now you need to get up that staircase to the north.

Looting Part 4 - (Western second floor)
Jump across to the stairs (or use the doors to your left), grab the almost invisible lucky coin from the walkway (figure 15), and go all the way to the top of the stairs. From the top walkway, jump across to the window (figure 16), unlock the office on the right, grab the key and the loot, then go back to the hall.

Figure 15 Figure 16

From here, you should be able to open the gate to the east and loot the storage area adjacent to the lobby, as well and the gallery with the fountain. Through the west door at the top of the stairwell, you can access the dome area. Shoot a rope arrow in the corner and climb down, using moss arrows to grab the loot here. Rope back up, go to the north side of the dome, then grab the speed potion on the platform and go downstairs to the vault.

The Vault
Slip around to the door under the stairs and shut off the camera. Grab the goblet on the table and open the vault door, immediately stepping to the left to hide in the corner shadow. Shut the door to avoid company, then wait for the lower camera to turn away (you may want to use the speed potion) - run clockwise underneath it to the elevator and call it down. If you're crouched, the camera shouldn't see you riding up. On the second deck, wait for the right time, then run and stand underneath the camera. When it turns the other direction, make a break for the ladder (figure 17). The camera view should be obscured by the column as you climb up and go counterclockwise to door 11. Grab the recording and go back the same way, or use the slow-fall potion you grabbed in the dome.

Figure 17

Getting Out
Head back south to the staircase and go up and across to the big window/office area. The metal door on the west opens to a balcony where you can make a quiet getaway. Take a day off - this was a tough job!

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