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Secrets Listing
Total Number of Secrets: 2

1) Hidden Potions
In the Music Room on the Southeast corner of the second floor, mantle up to the wooden platform and frob the switch at the bottom left (figure 1). It opens a door underneath the platform (figure 2) that hides a speed potion and a healing potion (as well as some water and moss arrows on the normal setting).
Figure 1 Figure 2

2) Hidden Skeleton
In the Hall of Statues on the third floor, flip the switch (figure 3) behind the second statue on the left. This statue opens up a small, secret room in a nearby office. Back in the hall with the camera(s), go north, then clockwise to the office with the secret room containing a skeleton (figure 4) with a golden ring on his finger.
Figure 3 Figure 4


Q: How do I remove that cursed pole from in front of the vault door?
A: The controls to lower this bar are located in the basement. You can enter the basement via several routes. There are two ways  down into the basement from the inside (one in the top-center of the first floor and one in the southeastern corner of the first floor - check your map for exact locations). The entrance in the southeastern corner of the first floor is actually located in the floor in an office, covered by a small wooden door (figure 5 - view is from the basement). Another way in is through an outside window near the wall in the southeast corner of the map (figure 6). Once you find the controls, you will need to solve the puzzle to lower the bar - you will know you have solved the puzzle when the red lights turn to green.
Figure 5 Figure 6

Q: How do I disable these robots walking around?
A: To disable the various robots wandering around this level, shoot a water arrow at the red boiler area on their backs. The small robots require one arrow to be disabled, the larger ones require two. Mines or fire arrows can also destroy the robots (mines seem to be most effective).

Q: How do I get in through the roof?
A: Look for the boxes near the southwest corner (figure 7), and go to the east side of the roof to enter the meeting hall (figure 8).
Figure 7 Figure 8

Q: Should I worry about the small robots?
A: Yes - although their eyes are initially closed, they can hear quite well. Once they hear a sound, their eyes open and, if they see you, they run away, alerting other robots and guards in the area.

Q: How do I get past the vault cameras?
A: See the Walkthrough for detailed directions.

Q: Which box is the recording in?
A: The recording is located in box #11, but you have to read the scroll in the records hall to get credit for the objective.

Q: Where is the entrance to the ventilation system?
A: On the second floor, exactly north of the guard room, in the southeast corner on the floor behind the desk. It will bring you out in the first floor hall near the janitor's closet and the main stairwell.

Q: How do I open those gates in the southeast corner?
A: The master key is located in the far southeast office. The best way to get there is via the nearby staircase. From the top, you can jump across to the hallway (figure 9) outside the office to get the key. Be careful of the floor trap right inside the office doors.

Figure 9

Commonly Missed Loot

Lucky Coin Locations (see Loot Map for exact locations)

  1. First floor office of safe room and lobby on west shelf - 4 coins.
  2. First floor bar east of lobby on counter - 4 coins (spread out).
  3. First floor office with turret and camera exactly south of Guard Room and east of stairwell - 3 coins on desk (worth 4 Gold each).
  4. Second floor office diagonal from music room (from music room - down hall to west, first door on right, and north through next door) - 4 coins on counter.
  5. First floor west stairwell on first walkway toward the north - 1 coin worth 2 Gold (figure 10).

Figure 10

Purse In Cubby
In the hall west of the Meeting Hall on the first floor is an office with a box in the corner. Use it to get the coin stacks out of the two cubbies, but don't forget the purse in the very back (figure 11).

Figure 11

Ring On Dead Guy
On the far, western side of the third floor behind the desk is a secret room (see secrets above) with a skeleton wearing a ring worth 75 gold (figure 12).

Figure 12

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