"It's time for a face to face chat with my old friend Sheriff Truart..."

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (click a topic to jump to that section)
  1. Outside
  2. The Basement
  3. First Floor
  4. The Dungeon
  5. First Floor - Part Two
  6. Second Floor
  7. Third Floor & Attic
  8. Getting Out

Starting Objectives:

  • Break into Truart's bedroom suite
  • Confront Truart with the Mechanist recording
  • Leave the estate when your business is finished
  • Don't kill anyone
Ending Objectives:
  • Search the murder scene for some evidence as to who may have killed Truart

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: 1100
  • Available: 2100
  • Accounted For: 2100

Back up and grab the crate. Throw it against the wall to the north. Wait for the camera to turn, jump to the crate and mantle the wall - then quickly jump to the other side. Use the back door and loot the house (beware the sleeper upstairs). Go back over the wall and through the window near the start point. Upstairs, be sure to shut the window before going across to the desk. Outside, continue south over the next wall. Use the back door on the next house, then kill the yard lights using the switch out front. Open the large gate to the south and loot the next house (beware the vagrant upstairs). From the front yard, find the crack in the wall behind the shrubs (figure 1), and follow the wall down to the large rock. Crawl underneath (figure 2) and immediately mantle to the right. Around the grave you'll find some moss arrows and flares.
Figure 1 Figure 2

Go back the way you came and head north to the main gate. Hide in the shadows near the first door, pick it and climb up to the gate switch. Climb back down and shoot a few broad head arrows to the north, drawing the guards away. Slip through the gate, go east toward the front door and douse the two torches on the porch. Wait for the patrol to pass, then head left around the porch and find the crack in the wall behind the shrubs (figure 3).

Figure 3

The Basement
Go counterclockwise to the second opening and get the gas mine in the crate. There's a patrol in the long hallway, and the small doorway to the right leads up to the grand hall (which has a marble floor). Sneak down the hallway- use the cubby on the left to hide. Sneak behind the guard at the stairs and go up to the kitchen.

First Floor
You will need a few moss arrows to get started here. Wait for the conversation to end, then cover the floor. The maid stays at the sink, but the male servant walks back and forth from the ballroom (he has an estate key you will need). There are also two patrols moving clockwise around this level - one has a gear you will need to reach the second floor. Grab the goods in the sink and go clockwise to the mess hall. Across the hall is the plant nursery with a moss arrow. In the ballroom there are some plates on the marble and a sleeper on the floor - don't wake him. Head back out and north up the hall - jump the tile sections or the whole detachment will come looking for you. Go to the bedroom at the end of the west hall and frob the torch mount to open the floor compartment (figure 4). In the other bedroom, go through the back door and slash the banner on the right to get into the chapel. At the altar, shoot an arrow into the overhead keyhole, and climb down the ladder (figure 5).
Figure 4 Figure 5

The Dungeon
There's an old friend patrolling down here (a haunt) so be very careful. Make it to the inner hall and find the door to the shrine on the north side, grab the skull, then go to the southeast corner of the outer hall. Use your sword to break the board (figure 6) and take the crawl space to the torture room. Use the button on the right to raise the gate, grab the purse from the corpse (figure 7), and go back the way you came to the chapel.
Figure 6 Figure 7

First Floor - Part Two
Go east to the guard's quarters (beware of the sleeper near the back). Continue on to the back foyer- there are some coins in the fountain. A guard stands near the fireplace, but there's enough shadow that you can grab the loot from the table and open the door in the fireplace if you haven't been to the dungeon yet. Go back to the stairs in the west and up to the second floor using the metal gear.

Second Floor
Carefully open the double doors across the hall and observe the patrol patterns. There is also a stationary archer on the floor. You can trail behind the patrols to get the loot on the walkway, but they will become suspicious, so sneak back to the hallway and find a dark corner- shoot a rope arrow and climb to the ceiling. This should give them time to cool off.

Head to the north hall and take the first left to the room at the end of the hall. Frob the book on the left (figure 8) for a healing potion. Crouch past the guard room in the hall (you can also grab his estate key if you don't already have one). The next room on the right has a vase, and there's a noisemaker in the closet in the room at the end of the hall. Grab the coins from the card tables in the game room, then use a water arrow to clean up the mead spill (don't forget to grab the jeweled cup). When you clean the rug, the mounted cray-man head behind you will move to the left revealing a necklace (figure 9).
Figure 8 Figure 9

Use an invisibility potion or good timing to grab the gold bottle at the end of the bar, then crouch under the bar and lean around the corner to grab Benny's purse. Go south to the next bedroom (invisibility potion in the closet). In the hall, you'll need to sneak past the pool room on the left and go all the way to the end of the hall on the north to shut off the security cameras.

Go to the armory on the southwest corner of the hall and grab some weapons - especially the gas mine behind the sword case (shoot the target over the door). Don't forget the gold hammer in the corner.

Deal with the guards in the pool room, grab the loot, then jump in and get the silver gear. Head to the stairs next to the security room.

Third Floor & Attic
Go left to avoid the guards and grab the loot over the fireplace and under the table in the west room. Go down the small hall to the bedroom suite and up the ladder to the attic. There's a flash-bomb in the crate. Go across the roof and get the slow-fall potion in the crate, then climb down to Truart's bedroom. Grab Mosley's key ring to the right of the bed, and the bronze gear (fig.10). Grab Truart's body if you want to complete a bonus objective.

Figure 10

Getting Out
You can hassle with getting out the conventional way, but you've got a slow-fall potion, so why not go out to the balcony with the body? Simply jump to the second floor, then slow-fall to the ground (watch for the patrol in the backyard). Jump in the moat out back and go south until you can climb out on the other side of the wall. Go back to the gravesite and drop Truart's body in the fresh hole (bonus objective), then continue west and through the crack in the wall.

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