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Important Note
On the Hard and Expert difficulty levels, there are 6 total secrets. It should be pointed out, however, that the stats screen (once you beat the level) will only say there are 5 secrets. So, if you find all 6 secrets in the game, you will end up with 6 out of 5 secrets (which is very strange indeed).

Secrets Listing
Total Number of Secrets: 5 on Normal, 6 on Hard and Expert
Total Number of Bonus Objectives: 1

1) Gravesite
On the extreme south of the map, outside the wall is a gravesite (figure 1) with some moss arrows, flares, and curiously enough, a freshly dug grave. You can access it through a crack in the southwest corner of the wall (figure 2), or via the moat in the back of the property. You must climb the rock to the southwest of the large boulder blocking the path (figure 3).
Figure 1 Figure 2

Figure 3

2) Underground Dungeon
There are two ways to access the underground dungeon in Truart's house. The first way in is by dousing the fire in the dining room with a water arrow and then looking in the back of the fireplace for a switch (figure 4). The floor moves away revealing a short drop down to the dungeon. Another way is through the chapel altar secret. In this area you will see a small passage blocked by a wooden board - you can break this board with your sword. At the end of this passage is a metal grate and a small button on the wall - push the button and you will emerge in the dungeon (figure 5).
Figure 4 Figure 5

3) Floor Safe
In the northwest bedroom on the first floor (south of the chapel), frob the torch mount over the bed for a gem in the floor on the other side of the bed (figures 6 and 7).

Figure 6 Figure 7

4) Chapel Altar
In the chapel, shoot an arrow into the keyhole (figure 8). The hammer will move aside revealing a passage to the underground shrine and dungeon area. Don't forget to grab the broad head arrow on the wall underneath the keyhole.

Figure 8

5) Mead Spill (Hard & Expert Difficulties Only)
This secret only appears on the Hard and Expert difficulty levels. To access this secret on Hard, you should shoot a broad head arrow at the target on the wall in the game room (it can be seen in the far right of figure 10). Make sure you hit the bulls eye. To access this secret on Expert, use a water arrow to clean up the mead spill in the game room (figure 9). In both cases, the cray-man's head on the wall will slide away, revealing a golden necklace (figure 10).
Figure 9 Figure 10

6) Armory Target
In the weapons room on the second floor, you will find a target above the room door (figure 11). Shoot this target with a broad head arrow to reveal a gas mine.

Figure 11

Bonus Objective #1 - Bury Truart's Body
If you take Truart's body outside to the graveyard that you found in secret area #1, and drop his body in the newly dug grave, you will be rewarded with a new, bonus objective (figure 12).

Figure 12


Q: How do I get past the cameras at the beginning?
A: Throw the crate against the wall near the back and quickly climb over the wall, or go through the window on your right (it's frobabble).

Q: How do I get through the front gate?
A: You can actually turn off the cameras using the switch in front of the third house to the south. Once the lights and cameras are off, you can go to one of the doorways next to the main gate, climb up, use the gate controls to open the gate, then distract the guards with an arrow to the far wall and sneak through.

Q: How do I open these mechanical doors?
A: They require 'gears' - different ones for each level of the house. The metal gear for the second floor can be picked from the pocket of a patrolman. For the third floor, the silver gear is in the bottom of the pool (figure 13). Turn the cameras off in the security at the north end of the hall. A bronze gear (figure 14) can be found in Truart's room.
Figure 13 Figure 14

Q: Where's the passage to the secret gravesite?
A: Through a crack in the southwest corner of the outside wall or via the moat out back (see secret area #1 above).

Q: How do I get to the torture room & the dungeon?
A: See the secrets list above for directions to this area of the map.

Commonly Missed Loot

Goblet At Start Point
In the house to the right of the start point is a goblet hidden under a small table (figure 13). It's easy to miss in the dark.

Figure 13

Coins in the Well
Check the bottom of the well across the backyard bridge for 40 gold in lucky coins (figure 14). There are two pairs of lucky coins here, so look closely.

Figure 14

Dungeon Items
Don't forget the golden skull worth 100 gold on the sarcophagus (figure 15) and the purse worth 50 gold on the corpse in the torture room (figure 16). There's also a silver nugget worth 50 gold in the small tunnel between the sarcophagus area and the torture room.
Figure 15 Figure 16

Plate in the Sink
In the kitchen, check the sink for a plate worth 10 goods.

Coins in Back Foyer Fountain
Look closely in the indoor fountain for some lucky coins. You will find a total of eight coins.

Figure 17

Purses on Upstairs Guards
There are 2 purses worth 50 gold each. One is on Benny in the game room, and the other is on the south hall patrolling guard.

Golden Hammer
It may look like a display, but it's actually worth 50 gold (figure 18).

Figure 18

Level Extras

Every good torture chamber should have a little humor to lighten things up... (figures 19 and 20).
Figure 19 Figure 20

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