"If I believed in it, now would be a good time for me to wish for luck."

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  1. The Village
  2. The Maw
  3. The Spring Village
  4. The Summer Village
  5. The Fall Village
  6. The Winter Village
  7. The Forest


  • Follow the blood trail to its ultimate destination
  • Find a map of the area
  • Don't kill any humans
  • BONUS: Get at least 900 in loot

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: None
  • Available: 1500
  • Accounted For: 1500
  • Extra: Your take from the last level (which can be as high as 830). So overall, the highest total you can have in this level is 2330 in loot.

The Village
Go North to the village. Cross the river, stopping to grab the water arrows in the mouth. Get the healing potion from the dead pagan. Beware the mech patrol with the purse (100 gold) and cross the bridge. Grab the scouting orb ahead on the right, then duck into the shadows behind the next house before the other patrol spots you. Grab the ruby stone behind the bush on the right (figure 1), then sneak into the front of the house and get the arrows in the corner and the speed potion and noisemaker at the top of the spiral stairs. The next house is empty so cross the bridge (beware the patrolling mage), and get the coins on the right in the house. Across the river on the bank (under a bush) is the other ruby stone (figure 2).
Figure 1 Figure 2

Go up the hill toward the gathering place, grabbing the flash-bombs on the left and pick pocketing the mechanists for their flares. At the top of the hill in the big round building, place a ruby stone in each eye socket (figure 3) and jump into the mouth of the face (figure 4).

Figure 3 Figure 4

The Maw
Follow the blood trail through the maw, being careful of the ape beasts. There are a few water arrows in the pools near the start, and several pieces of equipment, as well as 40 gold (2 lucky coins) near one of the man-eating plants. When you reach the point in the cliffs where you see some fires burning overhead to the right, go left to the dead end to get some crystals, then sneak back past the two ape beast guards and jump to the far cliff for another. You can use a noisemaker to sneak into the forest entrance, or douse the fires. Jump into the water and mantle onto the rock to get some vine arrows, then climb back up and enter the Spring village.

The Spring Village
Get the health fruit in the doorway, then slip right past the conversation, grab the 3 gold nuggets on the right (300 gold), and climb the steps in the tree to the south. Head north to the dead end and get the ring by the skeleton arm, and the speed potion. Go back to the middle tree and head east to the summer village, grabbing the silver nugget (50 gold) along the way.

The Summer Village
There's an ape guarding the foot of the tree and some loot on the south side. Get the vine arrow behind the tree with the steps (mantle the wall to avoid a confrontation). Go back up the steps to the tree with the ape and the skull collection, then south by the hive to the Fall village.

The Fall Village
Crouch and jump down to the bottom. Grab the diamond (100 gems) on the floor. There are two apes to the left, but you can douse a few torches to sneak out. Get the silver nugget behind the tree and the two masks to the south, then go back up and west to the Winter village.

The Winter Village
When you reach the first tree with icicles, go north, grab the diamond on the left (100 gems) and take the vine down to the ground. There are no ape beasts down here, so you should have no trouble finding the 2 silver nuggets and the diamond in this area. Go back up, break the ice with your sword and go west into the Forest

The Forest
To avoid the majority of the tree beast population, go left through the fallen log and continue west to the body of the Pagan to meet an old friend (the next cut scene will explain this).

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