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Secrets Listing
Total Number of Secrets: 0


Q: I'm stuck at this huge face on the ground. What do I do?
A: You need to get the two 'Ruby Stones' and place them in the eye sockets to open the portal. These stones are in different locations depending on the difficulty level you're playing at, but on expert, one is located behind the large house on the south side of the river (figure 1). The other is located on the south bank near the east bridge, but you have to get it from the north side (figure 2).
Figure 1 Figure 2

Q: What do I do with Dewdrop?
A: In the original version, dewdrop doesn't do anything. In the patched version the doll can be used as a last means of defense. See the Level Extras section at the bottom of this page.

Commonly Missed Loot

Lucky Coins
There are three sets of lucky coins in the pagan house (coins shown in figures 3 and 4), and two on the ground near a man eating plant on the lower level cliffs to the southwest in the Maw (figure 5).
Figure 3 Figure 4
Figure 5

Pagan Masks
These two items are often overlooked - check the south side of the Autumn Village against a long rock (figure 6).

Figure 6

Silver Nugget at Dead End
At the top of the cliffs before the entrance to the Forest, there is a drop off to the west. If you zoom in, you can see a silver nugget lying near some bones and a man-eating plant (figure 7). There is no foreseeable way to obtain this loot without taking considerable damage (figure 8). You can either use a slow-fall potion to get down there, then use a speed potion to cross the poison river to get back to the cliffs, or try the river both ways. There's also a healing potion down there to help out.
Figure 7 Figure 8

Gold Ring By Skeleton
In the large tree that forms the dead end in the Spring Village is a speed potion with a ring hidden behind it (figure 9). Be extra quiet, because an ape beast is sleeping in the room.

Figure 9

Level Extras

The little doll from the first house can be used to blind enemies momentarily. It self activates, typically once you've taken a few points of damage. A bright light shines in the enemies face (figure 10) accompanied by the little child's voice. Use the opportunity to blackjack your pursuers. This only seems to work on expert difficulty, and it only works once.

Figure 10

The Tree Beasts
These creatures are sure to bring back memories of J. R. R. Tolkien. Notice the beauty of the falling leaves, then run around in front of those creepy looking trees for one of the scariest monsters ever created for a game. You'll only see them in this level, so have a little fun with them (figures 11 and 12).
Figure 11 Figure 12

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