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TABLE OF CONTENTS (click a topic to jump to that section)

  1. The Climb
  2. Markham's Isle (Lotus & The Navigation Globe)
  3. Observation Room & Cargo Storage Area
  4. Main Pirate Base, Markham's Treasure and Scripture
  5. Sub Aquatic Base, Main Cargo and Rust Gas
  6. The Cetus Amicus

Starting Objectives:

  • Kidnap Cavador
  • Find Lotus
  • Read another passage from the New Scripture of the Master Builder
  • Find the old Lighthouse Keeper's Navigation Globe
  • Find Markham's Treasure

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: None
  • Available: 1627
  • Accounted For: 1627

Important Note:

  • Be sure to conserve resources as much as possible in this mission since there's no load out for the following one. You'll find a lot of equipment throughout the level, but you'll need to save as many water arrow and flash-bombs for the next mission as possible.

The Climb
For a silver nugget (50 gold) - you'll need to flip the switch on the top of giant drilling machine (it's noisy). The little shack on the left has some fire and water arrows. Beware the patrol and follow the tunnel to the elevator- but don't use it. Turn right and mantle up the rocks until you come to a hanging vine/rope. Beware the camera and climb up to grab the gas arrow. Jump to the other vine, wait for the camera to turn, then spin around and jump to the outcropping (figure 1), mantle to the ledge (figure 2), crouch and go into the passage (do all of this very quickly! Once the camera spots you, the guard takes a very long time to calm down).
Figure 1 Figure 2

Follow the passage to the camera switch on the overhead beam. Back down on the landing with the guard, jump to the shadows behind him (he shouldn't get too excited if you haven't set the camera off thus far). Flip the switch on the right to open the workshop gate overhead.

Go back near the ledge you took to get to the camera switch and climb the vine up. Beware the guard here, jump to the corner and enter the workshop. There are two silver nuggets (100 gold total) behind the robot station. Go to the well in the back and climb the rope up to the lighthouse area.

Markham's Isle (Lotus & The Navigation Globe)
Lotus is in the cold storage facility to your left, but you need the key from the Mechanist at the top of the lighthouse. Wait for the iron beast to pass, then head west through the darkened door of the lighthouse (figure 3). Beware the patrol inside and go to the very top. You can pickpocket the cold storage key from the top of the ladder. Go back down to the house entrance on the left. Take a left into the house and get the purse (20 gold) from the last room on the right, as well as the two lucky coins (20 gold) from the shelf and the moss arrows above them. Upstairs, go to the end of the hall, triggering the conversation. While the mechanists talk, use a vine arrow to climb up through the hole in the roof (figure 4).

Figure 3 Figure 4

Grab the purse (100 gold) from the mechanist up here, then go right to the next room. Find the switch on the floor around the boxes (Secret - this opens the door in the dark room below). Back in the downstairs hall, open the door to the room where the conversation took place and douse the torch. Pickpocket the mechanist's purse (30 gold) and go into the dark room at the end of the hall. Go through the now open secret door, grab the navigation globe, healing potion, and silver coin stacks (36 gold total). Go back through the lighthouse and out to the yard. Hug the wall around to the south, avoiding the iron beast. Unlock the cold storage building, talk to Lotus and get the peg from beside him. For a few flash-bombs and a breath potion, mantle to the top of the cold storage building and go to the platform. Shoot a few moss arrows onto the top of the wall and to the metal below. Wait for the sentry to turn her back, grab the goods and head for the lighthouse.

Observation Room & Cargo Storage
Go to the nautical museum and use the peg on the wheel. The platform descends to a relatively safe area. Beware the camera to the left. You'll need to flip the switch to open the window and gate leading down to the base. Sneak under the camera and beware the patrol coming up the path (there are several places to hide along the way). When you reach the Cargo Storage area, there is an iron beast patrolling, a smaller beast up at the door control station, and a mechanist directly in front of it. You can use the controls to open the tubes to the buildings, but it's much less conspicuous to use the water to travel. Stay to your left and go behind the boxes. Grab the water arrows and scouting orb from the open crate and run west to the small ledge leading to the water tunnel (figure 5). Swim straight ahead and down a bit to a passage with boulders in the entry (figure 6).

Figure 5 Figure 6

Main Pirate Base, Markham's Treasure and Scripture
You'll emerge in a cave with what looks to be a pirate fort. Climb the stairs, open the hold and swim around to the huge treasure chest for a gem (400 gems). When you come back out, high-tail it for the water hole - Markham's ghost is not happy. Swim toward the hole in the bottom of the Main pirate base (figure 7). Grab the loot on the table (30 gold title). There are two sentries up top along with a patrol, as well as a patrol on the walkway outside. Occasionally a patrol from the substation will also stroll through. In other words- don't try to take these guys on. Go out the door, kill some torches and look up. Shoot a vine arrow into the metal grill and climb up (quickly). Jump across to the west platform (not the metal ramp!). You can do this if you time it correctly, but a quick save beforehand would be wise nonetheless. Swim to down the hall to the room on the right and read the scripture floating near the desk (figure 8).

Figure 7 Figure 8

Climb back down and get in the water. The platform & building on the west are tricky. There are a few mines on the shelf inside and a silver nugget (20 gold) on the beam above. See the Secrets page (Missing Loot?) for tips on getting the silver nugget. Swim to the door in the east, go down the stairs and make a quick left turn away from the camera. Go down the ladder and left into the camera control room. Back up the stairs, sneak underneath the camera and drop into the hole to the left of the staircase. The first room has a purse on the floor. Follow the passage around to the locker room and grab the Cargo Hold 5 key in the water. Loot the locker room of it's supplies including 136 in gold (3 silver coin stacks and a purse), then jump back in the water and return to the staircase. Climb out of the hole and go left into the dive room (try to mantle to the stairs to avoid stepping on the metal floor). Use the pressure door in the floor to get back in the water. Swim back north under the building to the Cargo Storage Area.

Sub-Aquatic Base, Main Cargo and Rust Gas
Wait for a break then go up the metal ramp to the west (there's a spot on the near side where you can mantle up without stepping on the metal - figure 9) - save your moss arrows for the next mission. There's a few in the corner on this side of the ramp as well). Go to the Cetus Amicus area and jump in the water. Head west under the dock, then south to the Sub Aquatic Base. Go through the hole in the floor (figure 10 - it's near the pipe in the back). The keys are at the top of the stairs in the room with the mechanist. He's turned away from you, and there's a patrol that comes through this area, so be careful. Back in the water, swim north to the Main Cargo area. Approach from the back and mantle up behind the sentry. Grab his key to get in, then grab the rust gas from the first crate on the left (the other one has a mace in it). There's loot in the crates on the other side of the room (a statue for 75 goods and some gold coins for 125 gold). Back in the water and swim south, then east to the Cetus Amicus.

Figure 9 Figure 10

The Cetus Amicus
There are several ways to enter the submarine: through the pressure door on the bottom, the ladder on the east side, etc. The most practical however, seems to be the most obvious. Mantle onto the deck from the south end and creep to the door, making sure to avoid the mechanist in the diving gear (who can't be gassed or blackjacked by the way). Be careful to stay back from the windows inside, listen for the guard below to make his round, then drop through to the hall. Read the captain's log in the right room, grab the purse (100 gold), in the room on the left, and grab the 2 wine bottles (100 goods) and 2 gold cups (50 gold) from the dining room behind you. Go north through the ship, using the closets along the way to avoid the guard. There's a water arrow in the janitor's closet and some flares in the small storage area on the left. Grab the vase (100 gold) in the lounge, then go up the down the ladder to the hold area. Grab all the supplies out of hold 1, 2, and 4 (3 is empty). Hide yourself in hold 5 for the trip to the KD site.

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