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Secrets Listing:
Total Number of Secrets: 1

1) Navigation Globe Closet
Go to the roof of the old house via the hole at the end of the upstairs hall (figure 1). Climb up, go through the door and find the switch on the floor amidst the boxes and furniture. Back in the hallway, go to the dark room at the end and look for the open door (figure 2) through which you will find the Navigation Globe, a healing potion and some loot.
Figure 1 Figure 2


Q: What's that ship's wheel in the lighthouse for?
A: You need to get the peg from Lotus in the Cold Storage Unit (figure 3) to activate the wheel. You'll see what happens when the wheel is activated...

Figure 3

Q: How do I find the Navigation Globe?
A: See the information on the one and only secret area above to find the globe.

Q: Where is the key for Cargo Hold 5?
A: In the corner of the locker room floor in Sub-Aquatic Post 1. Go left at the foot of the stairs near the camera into the locker room and look for the gold key in the water (figures 4 and 5).
Figure 4 Figure 5

Q: Where is the famed pirate treasure?
A: Swim west from Sub-Aquatic Post 1 to a tunnel with a group of boulders at the entrance (hard to see, but circled in figure 6). In the hold of the ship is a gigantic treasure chest with a diamond worth 400 in Gems.

Figure 6

Commonly Missed Loot

The Drill & The Silver Nugget
Use the switch (figure 7) to operate the giant drill at the beginning of the mission. Turn the switch off and head around to the back side of the drill. A silver nugget worth 50 gold will have appeared (figure 8) in the drilled hole.
Figure 7 Figure 8

The Workshop
There are two silver nuggets worth 100 gold behind the iron beast station in the workshop (figure 9).

Figure 9

Lucky Coins
In the first floor northwest room of the old house on the shelf across from the table with the purse, are two lucky coins (40 gold total) below the hanging moss arrows (figure 10). There are also two on the card table in Sub-Aquatic Post 1 (figure 11).
Figure 10 Figure 11

Silver Nugget on Beam
In the cave with Sub-Aquatic Post 1, on the beam above the west building containing dive helmets, drills, and mines, is a silver nugget (figures 12 and 13). This is hard to reach without alerting the mechanists. Douse the torch near the east door across the water. This will provide a little darkness on the platform outside the west building. Shoot a vine arrow up and try to grab the nugget without actually climbing onto the beam itself. You can do this without getting caught if you time it right.
Figure 12 Figure 13

Statue In Storage Space
Aboard the Cetus Amicus in the west closet adjacent to the lounge under a box (figure 14), is a statue worth 15 goods.

Figure 14

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