"Looks like I have something to learn from a seminary for a change..."

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (click a topic to jump to that section)
  1. Getting In & The Conversation
  2. The Barracks & The Acolytes' Quarters
  3. The Workshop
  4. The Catacombs
  5. The Storage Shed
  6. The Chapel
  7. The Chapel - Second Floor & Towers

Starting Objectives:

  • Be at one of the meeting room doors to overhear the conversation between Karras & Truart at midnight (don't worry about the time - the bells will chime as you approach the door).
  • Return to the front gate when you're done
  • Don't kill anyone

Ending Objectives:

  • Steal the safety deposit box key from its stated location.
  • Make a wax impression of the key.
  • Return the key to its original location.

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: At least 1200
  • Available: 2119
  • Accounted For: 2119

Getting In & The Conversation
Go left in the yard. Be aware of the guards in the towers overhead and the mech beast roaming about. If you've yet to encounter one of these, 2 water arrows to the rear boiler will take it out of commission, or a fire arrow or mine (which are obviously much noisier methods). Continue south until you reach a metal door on your left. There is a 'servant' in here - it can be easily blackjacked (even if it sees you). Grab the purse on the male corpse, then throw the switch at the bottom of the other doorway (figure 1) revealing a secret room with a hard-to-see ring near the male corpses hand (figure 2).
Figure 1 Figure 2

Go out through the other door and head east to a narrow walkway with a tomb. Just south of here is a staircase with the door your looking for. Get up next to it and lean into the door. Now be patient and listen to the ENTIRE conversation - the location of the safety deposit box key is mentioned by Karras. There are as many as 14 different locations where the key can be found, so pay close attention. If you don't catch the location, don't worry - you'll eventually find the right one.

The game randomly generates the location each time, assigning the completed objective to one of these locations. It is imperative that you listen for the location near the end of the conversation, and remember where you got your key from, as you will be required to return it to that location before leaving.

The Barracks & The Acolytes' Quarters
Enter this area via the outer south door and go up the nearest set of steps to the barracks. There is a mechanist patrolling the upstairs areas here, but the downstairs area is safe. Check the dresser at the foot of the stairs for a key and a goblet. Use the crawlspace (figure 3) to get to the acolytes' quarters, stopping to get the gold coins from the box. The dresser beyond is a key location, and there are some jeweled cups on the far bookcase. Back in the main corridor, the second chair on the left contains a purse worth 25 gold.

Figure 3

The Workshop
Once you have obtained your key, use the staircase in the Meeting Hall area to go downstairs. When you reach the gas light, you'll hear a conversation in the workshop (figure 4, #1 is the workshop entrance - figure 4, #2 is the catacomb entrance). Grab the statue under the stairs and wait until the mechanists leave. There is a drone in the workshop (1 water arrow to the boiler will take him out). Go clockwise through the workshop to the last room on the left. Read the instructions on the wall to make the key impression (figure 5).
Figure 4 Figure 5

The Catacombs
There are two haunts in the Catacombs, but the best way to find all the loot down here is to consult the Loot Map for this mission. There is a ladder in a room on the southwest corner leading up to two more crypts. From here, you can go to east to the ladder leading up to the roof (figure 6) or you can take the northwest steps up to the chapel (which is not recommended, due to the number of guards in the chapel).

Figure 6

The Storage Shed
Climb the ladder to the roof (figure 6 above) and run to the open door (beware the patrols up here). Grab the key (if needed), and the other loot in the room, as well as the coins in the crate and the jeweled cup on the turret near the corner. From here you can go through the west door into the second floor of the chapel.

The Chapel
Easily one of the most complicated areas in the game. Well lit, well guarded, and lots of noisy surfaces. The best entry point is the East side from the Barracks corridor. From here, you can sneak to the nearest closet, or hide in some shadows on either side. There is a guard near the front doors, a guard on the west side, two patrols, and a mech beast that makes a pass every once in a while. Timing is everything. When the coast is clear, shoot a few moss arrows at the altar, from the safety of the shadows (figure 7). You should be able to crouch and run up to grab everything (don't forget to use your forward lean key if necessary). Then head back to the safety of the nearby shadows. Sneak across to the other closet, grab the key (if needed) and the offering plate under the table. Go back to the far shadow of the other closet and crouch/run midway down the wall until you can see a papyrus and tiara between the pews (figure 8).
Figure 7 Figure 8

Shoot a moss arrow, then quickly run and grab the tiara. This should be the last thing you do in the chapel - most likely the front door guard will come looking for you, so make sure you're headed completely out of the area once you do this.

The Chapel - Second Floor & Towers
Grab the idol on the bookcase and go west to Karras' quarters (don't forget to look around upstairs). Go north to the west tower and slip into the shadow left of the door. Shoot a moss arrow somewhere nearby (so you can jump to it when you come back up the ladder). Use the narrow hall to go east to the other tower where you can use the same trick. Go back the way you came, or slip behind the guard in the east hall. Go back outside and south to the front gates.

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