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Secrets Listing
Total Number of Secrets: 1

1) Underground Chamber
In the room off of the Eastern courtyard, look at the bottom of the eastern most door frame for a switch (figure 1) which opens a pit with two bodies and a ring worth 100 gold (figure 2).
Figure 1 Figure 2


Q: What are all these keys for?
A: The most common mistake made in this mission is to go for a cup of tea during the conversation at the meeting hall between Truart and Karras. Looking Glass got sneaky and placed the safety deposit box key appear in a different location each time - leaving the other keys as decoys. The key you're looking for could be one of the 14 different keys scattered throughout the level. In order to know which one it is, you have to listen to the location Karras gives during each conversation near the end. Sneaky huh? If you're stumped, you can either refer to the walkthrough for all the possible locations, or just reload the game.

Q: I can't hear the conversation. What's going on?
A: Use your 'lean' key against the door to gain more clarity. Stay at the door the whole time or the mission will fail.

Q: Is there any way to rescue the people from those weird looking tubes?
A: No, unfortunately there is no way to help them.

Q: I can't do ANYTHING in the chapel without getting caught. What do I do?
A: This is one of the most touchy areas in the whole game. Refer to the walkthrough for hints.

Q: How and where do I make an impression of the key?
A: The workshop is located at the bottom of the winding staircase on the east side of the meeting hall (figure 3). The room you're looking for is clockwise through the workshop - the last room on the left. Highlight the yellow wax pad and 'use' the key on the wax - an impression of the key will be made. Then use the putty knife (figure 4 - on the left) to remove the impression. Don't forget to put the key back where you found it.
Figure 3 Figure 4

Commonly Missed Loot

Ring In Secret Chamber
Take a look at secret area #1 above for more information on this item.

Golden Hammers in Graveyard
Go to southeastern corner of the yard and look on top of two different tombstones (figures 5 and 6).
Figure 5 Figure 6

Offering Plate
In the western closet in the Chapel, you'll find an offering plate. This is often overlooked because it looks like junk (figure 7).

Figure 7

Jeweled Cup On Turret
On the southwest corner of the roof near the storage shed, you'll find a jeweled cup (figure 8).

Figure 8

Small Statue Under Stairs
Close to the workshop and catacomb entrance, you'll find this little trinket (figure 9).

Figure 9

The Catacombs
You should actually refer to the Loot Map for this section since there is so much loot down here. The hammer atop the sarcophagus is worth picturing here (figure 10) since it's so well camouflaged. In the un-patched version, there's a hammer inside one of these, so click around on them until you find it.

Figure 10

Purse on Chair
Look carefully in the area near the chapel. A purse is lying on one of the chairs (figure 11).

Figure 11

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