"...Breaking into Shoalsgate is like looking down a Burrick's mouth with a lit match..."

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (click a topic to jump to that section)

  1. Getting In
  2. Front Office
  3. The First Floor
  4. The Vault Code & The Barracks
  5. Hagan's Office, The Vault & The Records Key
  6. Evidence Storage
  7. Getting Out


  • Don't set off the alarm or alert the guards
  • Obtain a personal item from Hagan's office
  • Place the personal item in the third floor vault and leave the vault strong box in Hagan's office
  • Don't knock out or kill anyone
  • Leave Shoalsgate station

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: None
  • Available: 1378
  • Accounted For: 1378

Getting In
The door to the sewers is on your right, but there's an Easter Egg over the fence to your left (use a scouting orb to see), and some loot in the bar, as well as some water arrows in the dumpster. Enter the sewer (figure 1), and swim to the cave (be prepared for a few spiders in the non-patched version). (You could rope up here via the well above and go to either the mess hall or east/office door from the courtyard.) The first order of business is to knock out the cameras and open the front gate. There's a secret door in the north cave (the last torch mount), but to get to the front desk (and the controls), take the east tunnel, grabbing the water arrows and the idol in the water along the way.

Figure 1

Front Office
When you pass the flickering light at the top of the stairs, duck into the door on your right and grab the spectacles from the office on your right. Lady Rumford is griping about the whole Jenivere thing in the other office, so creep by and emerge in the main office. There's a conversation going on through the door to the right, so if you can finish business and get out before it's over, you have two less people to worry about. Kill the power to the camera's use the switch under the desk to grab some coins from a hidden panel in the floor (figure 2). Raid the water cooler and leave via the right door.

Figure 2

The First Floor
Go back the way you came, through the conference room, then head east down the hall toward the mess hall. Go up the lift and grab the candlesticks from the Lounge upstairs. You can go out the south door of the mess hall and go to the east courtyard door across from the main office, or go to the target room in the next hall on the right (beware the patrol here - this is a very tough spot). Shoot the last target on the far right (figure 3) with a broad head arrow, grab the arrows from the back wall and go through the right door to the armory. Get the stash and go out to the hallway. The guard in the corner room has a key to the Records Storage (figure 4). Grab it and head south in the hall to the main office. There's a water arrow, an idol, and the infamous 'KICK ME' note among the desks here. On the east side of the room, look up for a switch, rope up and go through the vent shaft it opens (figure 5). Figure 6 shows the view from the other side.

Figure 3 Figure 4
Figure 5 Figure 6
The Vault Code & The Barracks
Access the Secure Records Office using the yellow key you stole from the guard downstairs, and find the vault code in the mechanist book (4026). Go back to the main office and throw the switch on the southwest column (figure 7) to open a door to the south hall. Duck into the locker room across the hall, then head west through the barracks to the bathroom. Wait for the patrols to walk away, then go out the double doors, through the guard post and into the west hall. After grabbing some water arrows in the first room, go into the training room and throw the switch behind the far wall. Rope up to the ledge and go through the other secret door (figure 8) to emerge in Truart's office.
Figure 7 Figure 8
Hagan's Office, The Vault & The Records Key
Grab the loot from Truart's Office then head north down the hall. Grab the gold bottle from the guard post on the right then pick Hagan's door on the right. If you have trouble in this hall, don't forget to douse lamps and take advantage of the wooden ceiling to hide from the patrols. In Hagan's office, get the handkerchief from his desk (figure 9), then get the vault/records key from Mosely's office across the hall. There's a purse under a desk in the Vice office, and a vase under a table in the waiting room. Now head back to the south hall and east to Warden Affairs. Frob the book right of the banner and climb up to Evidence Storage.

Figure 9

Evidence Storage
Go north, sneak under the camera, and duck in to the next room on the right. Follow these rooms north until you can cross to the anteroom. Be aware that the patrolling guard can see you through the small window. The code is 4026. Use moss arrows to get across the noisy floor. Grab the loot and the strong box, drop Hagan's handkerchief. Head back down to the Warden's office, go back to Hagan's office and plant the strong box.

Getting Out
From the second floor (if you can make it to the balcony via the officer's lounge) you can jump down, taking a little damage (or use a slow-fall potion). Then go down the well or out the front gate.

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