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  1. Secrets Listing
  2. FAQ
  3. Commonly Missed Loot
  4. The Dancing Zombie Easter Egg

Secrets Listing:
Total Number of Secrets: 9

1) East Cave Door
In the main underground cave, go east and frob the torch at the dead end (figure 1).

Figure 1

2) North Cave Door
In the main underground cave, go through the north tunnel and frob the last torch on the left (figure 2).

Figure 2

3) Hidden Panel Under Front Desk
At the front desk, look under the right side of the alarm control panel for a button. This button opens a hidden panel on the floor containing 4 gold coin stacks, worth 100 gold (figure 3).

Figure 3

4) Secret Passage to Truart's Office
In the Training Room, go to the back wall and frob the northern most torch mount (figure 4). Rope up to the north side of the ledge and crouch through the western crawl space. The other control is on the back of the clock (figure 5). If you need to open this passage from Truart's office, use the left statue on the fireplace (figure 6).

Figure 4 Figure 5
Figure 6

5) Office to Hall Passage
Flip the switch on the southwest column (figure 7) in the main office to open a passage to the south hall behind you. From the other side, you can frob the torch to the immediate right of the secret door (figure 8).

Figure 7 Figure 8

6 & 7) Passage From Main Office To Records Storage
In the main office, go the center of the East wall and look up. Shoot a rope arrow to the wood beam in front of the vent, frob the switch (figure 9), and emerge in Record Storage. Strangely enough, this area counts as 2 secrets (figure 10).

Figure 9 Figure 10

8) Practice Target & The Armory
In the Target Range, shoot or frob the target on the far right (figure 11) to open a door to the armory (figure 12). Don't forget to grab the broad head arrows from the back wall of the target range.

Figure 11 Figure 12

9) Warden Affairs Passage to Evidence Storage
In the Warden Affairs office, frob the book to the right of the banner (figure 13) to open a hidden passage to Evidence Storage (figure 14 shows the view from Evidence Storage).

Figure 13 Figure 14


Q: How do I get into the station?
A: Pick the door on you right near the start point and frob the turn switch on the front of the sewer door on the left inside.

Q: How do I get past the camera's?
A: You can't get past them out front- you have to use the sewer (see the above question). Inside, you need to turn off the camera's using the controls at the front desk.

Q: How do I get to the second floor?
A: There are several ways. The lift in the Mess Hall leads to the Officer's Lounge, the secret passage in the Training Room leads to Truart's office, or use either staircase.

Q: Where is the key to the Record Storage?
A: The guard in the Northeast corner of the 2nd floor has one, and there's a key in Mosely's office on the 2nd floor that will also work on the vault door.

Q: What is the vault code?
A: You can find the vault code in the Secure Records Storage room in the silver mechanist log. The code is 4026.

Q: How do I get past all the guards on the second floor?
A: Use the wooden ceiling to climb up and hang above them until they pass (figure 15).

Figure 15

Q: I can't drop the handkerchief! What do I do?
A: You should use whatever key you have bound to the "drop" command (usually the [r] key). In other words, if you are trying to use the "use" command (what you use to open doors, pick up loot, etc), you're using the wrong command.

Q: Can I get into the interrogation room?
A: No you cannot. There's nothing exciting in there anyway (take a look in the level editor if you don't believe me).

Q: Is there anything worthwhile in the prison cells?
A: They are inaccessible, although you can hear some funny dialogue at the metal door in the back. Also, don't be afraid of the haunt - he cannot see you (for some strange reason).

Commonly Missed Loot

Coins Under The Front Desk
On the left desk against the far wall is a ring under the lamp (figure 16).

Figure 16

Gold Wine Bottle In Guard Station
You'll find this bottle in the second floor guard station across from the Narcotics office. Look behind the door.

Vase In Waiting Room
The vase can be found under the table in the southwest corner (figure 17).

Figure 17

Purse In Narcotics
Under the last desk on the right (figure 18).

Figure 18

The Dancing Zombie Easter Egg

From the starting position, throw a scouting orb over the wall to your left. You'll be rewarded with two dancing zombies (figure 19).

Figure 19

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