"The Rumford Manor could be a lucrative opportunity for a man like me..."

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  1. The Basement
  2. The West Wing
  3. The Courtyard
  4. The East Wing
  5. The Basement Continued


  • Use the bird call to signal to Basso (once you've cleared the way for him)
  • Get Basso & Jenivere out of the mansion
  • Score 8 knockouts
  • BONUS: Find a pair of wedding rings to give to the happy couple

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: At least 600 total, 200 in gems
  • Available: 805 Gold (785 in patched version - Click Here for Details), 250 Gems, 230 Goods = 1285 Total (1265 in patched version)
  • Accounted For: 1265 (Using patched version)

The Basement
Grab the Butler's loot, then get the key from the ledge (figure 1) by the left door. The next quarter on the left has some loot. There's a guard post on your right around the corner so douse the torch. Duck into the next door to the right- the guard's quarters, and check the crates. *Secret*- Go out through the left door and throw the switch under the far right shelf to reveal a stash behind the sword case. Go through the workshop and blackjack the guard in the hall, grab his purse, then move on to the storeroom. There's a guard post on the far right side, but you can easily avoid it by going through the kitchen (watch out for the cook with a purse). The cleverly disguised sandbag on the right table is actually worth 45 in goods. Check out the wine rack in the storeroom to the right side of the kitchen. There are three gold bottles as well as a speed potion (figure 2) on the bottom left.

Figure 1 Figure 2

Around the corner to the right is a lift to the dining room where you can grab some gold cups and plates, as well as the key to the estate from the passing guard (this key will also open the front gate). Grab a few boxes and stack them to the left of the fireplace on the landing to grab some lucky coins on the ledge (figures 3 and 4). NOTE: If you are playing the patched version, one of the coin sets is stuck behind the wall and is unreachable, so you will always be 20 short in your loot stat if you are playing Lytha style. All three sets are available in the original version. We'll finish the basement on our way out. For now go up to the ballroom.

Figure 3 Figure 4

The West Wing
In the ballroom, complete the bonus objective by grabbing the wedding rings from the right side of the fireplace mantle (figures 5 and 6). A guard with a purse patrols the West hallway. The first room on the right is the music room- grab the coins on the far table and a flute from the stage. Pass the next two bathroom doors on the right and unlock the door to the Wing. A guard patrols here. Secret - No loot in the downstairs rooms, but upstairs in the bedroom, flip the switch under the plant (figure 7) and grab the amulet in the wall safe above the bed.

Figure 5 Figure 6

Figure 7

The Courtyard
Go back to the ballroom and unlock the front doors. Wait for the archer to walk to the far side of the yard, then slip around the open doors and blackjack the guards. Hide the bodies inside, then wait for the archer to pass again. When he's on the far side, jump to the walk and quickly go right onto the grass. Quickly grab the gold plate and cup from the middle of the grassy area, then follow a few yards behind the archer, staying on the grass (When he passes the light by the front door, you can get close enough to pickpocket him, without stepping on the loud marble (figures 8 and 9). Go back to the ballroom and to the East wing.

Figure 8 Figure 9

The East Wing
A guard patrols this hallway as well. Pass both dining rooms on the left, and beware the archer at the end of the hall, patrolling near the stairs. In the rooms under the arches, the first room has a goblet on the bedside table, the other on a ledge above the bed (turn the lights off for a better view). The parlor upstairs has a necklace on the table to the right inside the door, and a ring on the bedroom table. Go back to the East hall.

The Basement Continued
Take a right in the hall (where the archer patrolled) and go down the stairs to the housekeepers quarters to grab the purse. In the hall, the next room hides a mechanist shrine behind some boxes. Grab the gold nugget, and the silver nugget in the niche to the right. Head north in the main hall, passing Jenivere's door on the left. Beware the archer patrolling the hall by the servants' quarters. In the servants quarters, there's loot in the last room on the right, and a scroll about Truart in the last room on the left. In the hall, go through the small storeroom behind the guard station and back to the butler's quarters. You have to be relatively close to Basso for him to hear the birdcall. If you're obsessed with getting EVERYTHING, stand to Basso's left as he unlocks the door so you can squeeze in and grab the key from the table. Follow Basso and Jenivere out through the butler's quarters.

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