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  1. Secrets Listing
  2. The Patched Version's Loot Bug
  3. FAQ
  4. Commonly Missed Loot

Secrets Listing
Total Number of Secrets: 3
Total Number of Bonus Objectives: 1

1) Weapons Case
In the basement, look in the armory to the north of the workshop. Under the back right shelf by the sword case, you will find a switch (see figure 1) which reveals a hidden compartment. This secret holds a flash bomb, a few flares and a purse worth 50 gems.

Figure 1

2) The Wine Rack
The second secret lies in the wine rack (located in a side-room on the East side of the kitchen). Look in the lower right compartment (see figure 2) for a speed potion.

Figure 2

3) Bedroom Wall Safe
Inside the upstairs bedroom of the East wing, look for a hidden switch underneath a plant stand (see figure 3). This switch opens a wall safe above the bed (see figure 4). This safe contains a golden tiara worth 75 gold and 100 gems.

Figure 3 Figure 4

Bonus Objective #1 - Find Two Wedding Rings for the Two Lovers
If you mantle up to the right side of the fireplace in the ballroom, you will notice a small niche in the wall where the rings are hidden (see figures 5 and 6).

Figure 5 Figure 6

The Patched Version's Loot Bug

Q: I'm always 20 gold short of the total loot. Where is that last little bit?
A: In the patched version of this mission, there should be three sets of lucky coins on the kitchen stairwell ledge (see loot location #10 on the loot page). Unfortunately, during the making of the patched version of this level, the third set of coins got stuck behind the wall. As a consequence, the loot is unreachable, making the total loot available only 1265 rather than 1285 as the stats screen shows.


Q: Why won't Basso come when I use the bird call?
A: You have to be close to his hiding place for him to hear you. Get within about 10 feet of the door before you use the whistle.

Q: Where is the key to get out of the butler's quarters?
A: Check the ledge to the immediate right of the left door (see figure 7).

Figure 7

Q: I've pickpocketed everyone in the place, but my stats still show only 9 out of 10 pickpockets. Where's the last one?
A: This is apparently a game bug that exists even in the patched version. The last pick pocket has yet to be found, even after looking on the roof, and behind the shrub walls out front. If you find it, contact us and we'll post the location here.

Q: How do I safely pickpocket the guard and get the loot in the dining room?
A: You can either lure the guard out, or use the lift in the East of the kitchen (see figure 8).

Figure 8

Q: How can I get the golden cup and plate in the front yard, scoring the pickpockets at the same time?
A: Believe it or not, you can unlock the front double doors with only slight comment from the two stationary guards outside. Wait until the patrol is close to the front gate, then slip around behind one, then the other (these should count for two of your blackjacks). Crouch and jump to the marble walk, then run to the grass, staying behind the patrolling archer. When he passes the gate, grab the loot from the middle of the yard, then follow close behind him on the grass. When he passes the light by the front doors (see figures 9 and 10), you can grab his key.

Figure 9 Figure 10

Commonly Missed Loot

Lucky Coins on the Stairwell
To get these coins (figures 11 and 12), you can either stack some boxes on the bottom landing in the kitchen or lean forward from one of the steps (you have to be rather close to be able to lean over and grab them). The coins total 60 gold in the original version, 40 in the patched version. 

Figure 11 Figure 12

Sandbag In The Kitchen
Looking Glass has upped the ante in Thief 2 by disguising loot as junk from the previous games. This 'sandbag' in the kitchen (figure 13) is worth 45 goods.

Figure 13

Hidden Goblet In East Wing
The room that holds this easily missed goblet is in the eastern wing (the room on the right, under the arches). The goblet (figure 14) can be better seen when you turn off the light switch in the room (figure 15).

Figure 14 Figure 15

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