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TABLE OF CONTENTS (click a topic to jump to that section)

  1. The Main Base
  2. Site 8
  3. Site 7
  4. Site 1
  5. Site 6
  6. Site 5
  7. Site 2
  8. Site 3
  9. Site 4
  10. Site 7 - Revisited
  11. Site 9

Starting Objectives:

  • Kidnap Brother Cavador
  • Read another passage of the new scripture of the Master Builder
  • Don't let Brother Cavador die
  • Don't kill anyone
  • BONUS: Find and take Cavador's personal diary
  • BONUS: Find and take the Diamond Drill
Ending Objective:
  • Use your old route to leave

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: None
  • Available: 1311 + Possible 1627 from previous mission = 2938 Total Loot (2988 in Fact - See note below)
  • Accounted For: 1311

Important Note:

  • Unreachable Loot: A gem valued at 50 gems is unreachable - DromEd shows it to be located under the mound at the entrance to the Site 9 building, so even if you obtain all the loot for this level, your stats will still be 50 short of the total loot amount. Unfortunately, this bug was not fixed in the patch.

The Main Base
Go north to the building and climb through the right (east) window. Go north through the doorway, and pillage the downstairs room counterclockwise, staying behind the mech beast as you move from room to room. Climb the stairs and find a shadow from which you can pickpocket the patrolling guard. Upstairs there is a water arrow on the first room on the west. Use the key to open the middle door on the east side. There is another water arrow in the sink in the last room on the east. Cavador's quarters are located on the northwest corner upstairs. Be sure to grab his itinerary, map, and throw the switch for the KD site outside (figure 1). Sneak back to the entry and go out the east window and east to the KD entrance.

Figure 1

Site 8
Wait for the conversation to end, then sneak north through the old square toward Site 8. In the caves, look to your right to find a passage (figure 2) which leads to a ledge overlooking the site. Sneak counterclockwise across the rooftops to the turret (make sure to crouch so your jumps are quieter). Grab the gold nugget from the crate (figure 3). There's a slow-fall potion in the building to the west if you want to take on the mechanists to get it. Go west behind the turret through the other buildings toward Site 7.
Figure 2 Figure 3

Site 7
When you get within sight of the camera, wait for the right moment, then cross the street in to the open building on the left (figure 4). Shoot a rope arrow into the hole above (figure 5), climb up and grab the coins in the next room behind the bucket. Continue through this building and take the path around to the end of the ledge, past the Site 9 entrance, and head west to Site 1.

Figure 4 Figure 5

Site 1
The only thing of worth at site 1 is a lost city staff (75 goods). Cross in front of the buildings to the west ledge circling the site. Grab the staff on the ground by the boxes, go a little further for some water and fire arrows. You can venture further down into the pit for another fire arrow and a broad head, but do so at your own risk. Leave Site 1 and go West to Site 6.

Site 6
Pass the obvious entrance and go to the far south where you can cross west into a building (figure 6). Shoot a rope arrow into the beam overhead, climb up and jump to west building. Use the ledge to sneak around the statue and mantle into the building on the north side (beware the metal ledge on the left). Go across to the low roof next to the lift and grab the invisibility potion, the drill (figure 7) (Bonus objective - 150 gems), and 3 fire arrows. You can jump down to the corner near the lift, make a run for it, or work your way back the way you came. Go south to Site 5.

Figure 6 Figure 7

Site 5
Duck by the camera and go up the stairs. There's a niche to the left to hide in, and you can grab the patrol's purse. The first door on the left contains the New Scripture of the Master Builder, and the second door on the left has a sleeping guard, a purse on the table, and a flash-bomb in the crate. Go back down the hall to the room with the equipment and loot on the table, cross through the hallway to the room with windows, grab the water arrows in the last one, then go north to the stairs. At the top, turn into the hallway, go to the 2nd room on the left with two sleeping guards, then around the left corner and grab the gold nugget from the crate. The room across the hall has a speed potion. You can almost bet on Cavador being in the next room on the right. As soon as you open the door, all three guards will go into full alert mode, (you may want to deal w/ the one outside first). Be prepared with gas arrows and flash-bombs for the bodyguards, but you'll have to blackjack Cavador since he's wearing a mask. Grab his diary (bonus objective) and the candlesticks in the window, then go back the way you came to the front doors, carrying Cavador with you. Head east to Site 2.

Site 2
You will encounter several guards with purses between sites 1 and 2, so dump Cavador in a shadow and pick some pockets. At Site 2 go toward the Obelisk, then turn east/left away from the north entrance and go up the ramp (fig.8) and in through the back of the building with the metal steps (fig.9). The New Scripture is laying on the ledge and the last room on the left at the end of the upstairs hall has a flash-bomb and a sleeping guard. Take a right from this room down the long narrow hall, grab the gold plate from the ledge and go back out the way you came (there's a few arrows and flares on the bottom step if you want to take on the mechanists).

Figure 8 Figure 9

Site 3
From Site 2, you can head south toward Site 3. There is not loot there, only a gas mine and a flash mine in crates that you can get to via ladders between the levels.

Site 4
Head east to Site 4 from Site 2. Use the rooftops and empty buildings to dodge the mechanists and mage that wander through this area (though several of them have purses). Look for a building with a machine on top for some water arrows on the roof. Eventually you will come to a building on the right with a Lost City staff on the floor. Go back a few buildings and look in between for a switch (figure 10) that opens the door on the next building- this is the only secret for this mission. Go north to the square (figure 11) and west toward site 7.

Figure 10 Figure 11

Site 7 - Revisited
The most direct way to the exit is north through this site. Grab Cavador, gulp an invisibility potion and go across the site, pausing to grab the lost city jar on the table to your right. If you don't have an invisibility potion left, you can go back to the area between Site 1 and 2 and approach site 9 from the west.

Site 9
Go left inside the building and up the steps (there's a flash-bomb in the crate). Go left at the top of the stairs to the open cave (make sure you've got Cavador and not just any old mechanist). For a gas arrow, go right at the top of the stairs to the room with a crate.

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