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  1. Secret Listing
  2. FAQ
  3. The Loot Bug
  4. Commonly Missed Loot

Secret Listing:
Total Number of Secrets: 1

1) Secret Door
On the northern street of site #4, look between the buildings for a switch (figure 1). It opens the door to next building (figure 2), where you can get a scouting orb and a flash mine.
Figure 1 Figure 2


Q: Where is Brother Cavador?
A: Cavador moves around throughout the mission, leaving his itinerary behind in his quarters at the main base (in the northwest corner of the first floor). If the green lights are lit in the area, Cavador is either currently present, or has just been there, though you are most likely to find Cavador in his quarters at site #5.

Q: How do I open that green door to the KD site?
A: The switch is located in Cavador's quarters in the main base - the northwest rooms on the first floor (figure 3).

Figure 3

Q: Where is the new scripture of the Master Builder located?
A: On Normal difficulty, it is in the eastern middle room of the second floor of the Main Base. It's on the table behind the locked door. On Hard and Expert it can be found at site #2 on the ledge of the building you enter from the wooden ramp on the east, or at Site #5 in the first room on the right of the first floor hallway.

Q: Where is the diamond drill (bonus objective)?
A: You'll find it above the elevator lift at site #6.

The Loot Bug

Q: I am always 50 gold short of the total loot amount - where is that last piece of gold?
A: This is a known bug in this level (much like the known loot bug in "Running Interference"). It seems that a gemstone worth 50 gold is buried under a rock - several feet under in fact. This makes it impossible to access, so you will always be 50 loot short of the total. <sigh> Looking Glass made another boo-boo ... but we'll forgive them. :-)

Commonly Missed Loot

Gold Bottle
In the old residential district just west of the square in a two story building is a gold bottle worth 50 goods near a box (figure 4) along with an invisibility potion.

Figure 4

Coins at site #7
There is one stack of gold coins behind a bucket upstairs in the west (figure 5 - climb up through the hole in the adjacent building to reach it), and three stacks of silver coins on the metal ledge in the two story building on the southwest corner (figure 6).
Figure 5 Figure 6

Many of the patrolling guards have purses which, when totaled together, add up to several hundred gold. Check for these roaming guards, particularly between sites #1 and #2, as well as around site #4.

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