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"T2HumansPack16bit V1.00"


"Modification Package for Thief"



This pack that I have created allows the player/editor to place any T2 human model into DromEd or Thief 1 (yes these models will work in DromEd! I will tell you how I did this later on!) and also copy's over Garrett's Thief: The Dark Project inventory. And as a goody I've added a Garrett skin for the editors.(And instruction on putting Garrett in your level!!)




 1: "Important you must read this"


These models use 16bit textures so before you start you must make sure you've copied over the old dark.cfg with the one provided in my zip. Or else they won't work. AND BEFORE YOU START DO THIS!IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN MESH FOLDER PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF IT. You must have a 3d card like a voodoo, geforce or radeon to use these 16bit textures. To use these models you must play Thief with character detail on high.



2: "Installing"


You can install the mod using Thief Loader or Dark Loader, but if you do that than they will be deleted when you load up a mission. If you’re planning to use this mod in any way I suggest that you do it my way. Just right click my zip and click "extract to" then extract it into your main Thief directory (for example "C:\Games\Thief" or "C:\Thief" ) Once you've done that it should make a new folder named "mesh" and in that folder there should be a "hipoly" & a "txt16" folder. And also in the main Thief directory there should be a folder called "motions" filled with a bunch of "mi" and "mc" files. Those are Garrett's Thief II motions.


3: "Game system file"


I have worked very hard to provide you with a game system file. If you are a dromed editor and want to use these models I recommend you use this gamesys file that I have provided, you'll find it in my zip. Its name is "Thief.gam".


4: "Using these models in DromEd"


Once you've programmed your level to use my .gam file Proceed to Object Hierarchy and click "physical" then "Creature" now here is a list of where the T2 models is stored.




    T2 undeads: Undead+

    T2 apebeast: Beast+




      T2 hammerites: Hammerite+

      T2 servants: Bystander+ Servant+

      T2 sword guards: Guard+ Swordsman+ Grunts+

      T2 bowmen: Guard+ Bowmen+

      T2 policeman: Policeman+

      T2 Keeper agent:Human+

      T2 Mechanist Guard/Priest: Mechanist+

      T2 nobles: Nobles+

      T2 pagans: Pagans+

      T2 Thief: Human+

      T2 unarmed Thief: Human+


5: "Putting Garrett in Thief"


Say in your fan mission you play somebody other that Garrett but you wish to put Garrett in it. Say put him in a Bar drinking a beer or something? Well now you can and you can even give him his pain sounds too!!! Here's how, first go to the mesh folder, then to "txt16" then rename the Garrett.gif to ThiefS01.gif then open your level using DromEd then make a T2 thief and put him in your level, and next click on his properties then click add, schema, class tags and finally type in "creaturetype player" then click done and get into game mode and swing at him, cool huh? Oh yeah better be careful this might screw up your level.. but I don't think so.


6: "How I made these models work in DromEd"


Normally these models would not work in DromEd because it would give you a error and then you wouldn't be able to see your model, but I got them to work properly. Here's how I did it. I downloaded meshbuild & meshscale and made totally new bin files. That's it. If you wish to do some model making yourself then go to and download it. Don't worry it has a tutorial packed with it.


7: "Some stats"


·         This mod pack was created by Sailor Thief.


·         This pack took 5 days to complete.


·         I pity the fool who doesn't release this pack on


·         If you have any questions about this pack reply to me on the forums or talk to me live on AIM, my name is Garrett TTDP or you can email me at








Coming Soon: Lord Belfred

”Explore Belfred’s huge 3 story high mansion

 find Belfred’s secret artroom, search around

 the haunted crypts and much, much more."

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