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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Status of me, CoSaS, and Correspondence of Thieves - 8:15:11 PM - Dan
The Me: On October 11th I began work as a professional level designer, working on an unannounced project for ZeniMax Media/Bethesda Softworks at one of their recently acquired studios. (Care to guess which?) It's been a dream come true and the conclusion of a journey over ten years in the making. Of course, it necessarily has a big impact on my personal Thief-based worlds.

The CoSaS: The current CoSaS phase, entitled The Nine Year Sleep is proceeding under the direction of a new lead and a mostly new team. I leave it in their hands confident that their creative direction and hard work will ensure that all of the hard work I put into it will be enjoyed by everyone. The rest of the project is effectively canceled, though noone of us know what the future will hold for Thief editing and these old unfinished missions.

The COT: The online edition of the rewritten Correspondence of Thieves is complete and available for all, as long as this server is still operating. The print edition on the other hand will not be happening, and if it did, it would only exist in a very limited, undistributable form. COT2 is also canceled, as I will no longer be working on Thief fiction in any shape or form. The plot and characters planned for COT2 may eventually be used in future works, but that will be many years from now.

These are sad topics for me and not ones I was anxious to come out into the public eye and declare, but it was about time I did so. It is however within the framework of news happy enough to completely eclipse the drawbacks for me. I eagerly look forward to being able to talk about the project I am currently involved with, as it's something that makes me very excited, and something I think will excite all of you as well.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

FM News Update November - 5:14:48 PM - The Phantom
Based on the latest update of TTLG's upcoming missions list.

Three authors has been removed for this update: CrackedGear, Ilmaree & MoonAchilles.
1. CrackedGear was listed with a Thief 3 FM in development, called 'Silence Part 2'. Unfortunately there hasn't been any news for over a year (since Sept 2009) and sending him a Private Message gave no response.
Therefore he has been removed as upcoming. The screens he posted are still up though.
2. The same counts for Ilmaree. He is mentioned with an untitled Thief 2 FM but the latest news about it was over 2 years ago (Apr 2008). Attempts to get in touch with him, by Pm as well as email, have been in vain.
It's unlikely this mission is still in progress and has been removed from the list.
3. MoonAchilles on the other hand is removed from the list because his Thief Gold FM, The Blue Star, has been released for the community. It's the author's first and takes place in a museum.
Download links can be found in the thread. Go check it out.

The new FM that Eternauta is working on is called 'The Last Lighthouse Keeper' for Thief 2. It's currently under beta testing, with an expected release in December.
'Fables of the Penitent Thief' by Sliptip and Digital Nightfall is currently undergoing the 3rd round of beta testing. The release of this promising adventure shouldn't take much longer now.
The Watcher continues working on his debut FM, Xavier's Library, that is expected at Christmas.
Finally, Shadowhide revealed some new pics of his upcoming FM 'When evil and angels dance'. See this thread.

The full list of changes can be read here. All links and more info can be found in the upcoming missions list, as usual.

Thanks for reading and happy taffing.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Correspondence of Thieves: Chapters 9 - 18 - 1:42:12 AM - Dan
It's been a while since I've reminded anyone here, but Correspondence of Thieves has kept to its Sunday chapter release schedule, and is now complete up to chapter eighteen, with six chapters to go.


Have you been reading the new Correspondence of Thieves? Please tell me what you think of it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

FM News Update June 2010 - 9:19:45 AM - Dan
Based on the latest update of TTLG's upcoming missions list.

Three dromEd authors made an appearance in the list: DarkMax, Lady Rowena and MoonAchilles.
1. DarkMax is working on a Thief 2 FM called 'A visit for the knights'. It's the author's second mission and it's already close to beta stage. Take a look in his profile for a link to screenshots he posted.
2. After a short break, Lady Rowena has returned to dromEd. Her latest project (codename: The Lazy Project) will consist of three missions that are based on Original missions from the Thief games. Take a look at these screens and you might recognize them.
3. The third author is MoonAchilles, who is making his dromEd debut with 'The Blue Star', a FM for Thief Gold. It will take place in a museum and is currently 90% done.

Another four authors left the upcoming list: DarkMax, Eternauta, pukey brunster and Silencium18.
1. DarkMax has released his mission 'Looking for Info', a remake of his Thief Gold version into Thief 2. It's the first part of a campaign so a sequel should follow someday. It can be downloaded from here.
2. Eternauta's FM campaign 'When still...' has been released. It consists of three missions and those who've seen the screens she posted last year will know that it's some beautiful piece of work. Download the campaign from this thread.
3. 'Stealing Faith', a FM that pukey brunster is/was working on has been removed from the list. There hasn't been any news for over a year and it's uncertain if it will ever be released.
4. Finally there's Silencium18, author of the City Conflict series. Part 5 has been released (see this thread for more info) and the author has been removed because of this.

GORT is still building away on The Rebellion of the Builder 2, an ambitious 10-mission campaign. The campaign covers all kinds of environments and includes a second character called Saria. Currently the first two missions are nearly complete.

The Watcher stopped all work on his upcoming FMs because of preparations for his wedding (congratulations!). When things have calmed down, probably mid-July, he plans to resume dromedding.

Gaetane revealed that her upcoming campaign 'The Black Frog' has entered beta stage and is currently in the hands of testers. No release date is given but it looks like that this most promising project is slowly nearing completion.

And last but not least: there's the announcement of 'Fables of the Penitent Thief', a highly original adventure game created in the Dark Engine by Sliptip and Digital Nightfall. Go see the screens and preview trailer in this thread. Expect it to be released this summer.

The full list of changes can be read here. All links and more info can be found in the upcoming missions list, as usual.

Thanks for reading and happy taffing.

The Phantom

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Correspondence of Thieves: Chapters 6 - 8 - 1:14:45 PM - Dan
I was negligent in sharing it, but the past three chapters of Correspondence of Thieves have been posted in the past three weeks. Please enjoy!

Chapter 6: Tests of Fortitude
Chapter 7: On the Run
Chapter 8: Serious Distractions

Find the rest on the novel's website!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Correspondence of Thieves: Chapter 5 - 1:40:30 PM - Dan
Chapter 5 of the novel rewrite of Correspondence of Thieves is now online, and can be found, along with the previous three chapters, on the novel's website.

Correspondence of Thieves follows the exploits of six individuals from different walks of life making their way through the Thief universe, and act as a prequel to The CoSaS Project.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Correspondence of Thieves: Chapter 4 - 10:08:23 AM - Dan
Chapter 4 of the novel rewrite of Correspondence of Thieves is now online, and can be found, along with the previous three chapters, on the novel's website.

Correspondence of Thieves follows the exploits of six individuals from different walks of life making their way through the Thief universe, and act as a prequel to The CoSaS Project.

FM News Update - April 2010 - 10:04:54 AM - The Phantom
The latest Circle's FM News, based on the latest update from the upcoming missions list.

Three authors were removed from the list.
1. KellyG, who was working on an untitled FM for Thief 2. She was added two years ago but sadly there hasn't been any news ever since. The long news silence is the reason for the removal. It is unknown if she is still working on it.
2. Zontik, because of the release of his beautiful looking campaign "King's Story" for Thief 2. More information and download links can be found in the release thread.
3. and finally Morrgan. She was working on the third of her excellent "Greyfeather Gems" series but no work has been done in years. Judging from her final message on TTLG It's unlikely she'll ever return to finish it. Therefore her mention has been removed.

Casalor is still working on his FM "One Step Behind", which was previously known as Hilltop Town Hall. It's been in development for years but thinks are looking good.
According to the author the mission contains many stock objects and textures to maintain the original 'thiefy' feel. it's currently around 90% done with no estimated release date yet.

"Lighthouse Shed", the Thief Gold FM that Dront is working on, has reached beta state. He is hoping to release the mission at the end of April.

GORT is making good progress on his 10-mission campaign "The Rebellion of the Builder 2". The first two missions are nearly complete and the third is at 70%. Go check out the screenshots he posted so far. There is still a lot of work to be done so don't expect a release any time soon.

Short news topics:
- Balboa is still working on "Ladytaker", the sequel to Vandal;
- DarkMax has reached the final stages of the remake of his FM "Looking for Info";
- "After Dark", Shadowhide's Thief 2 FM in progress, has reached beta state;
- Eternauta's campaign "When Still" is currently stalled due to real life;
- Silencium18 didn't make his March deadline for "City Conflict Part 5";
- and The Watcher continues to create fancy new objects for "Xavier's Library", his delayed entry for uncadonego's last contest.

The full change list can be read here. All the links and more info are found in the upcoming mission list as usual.

Happy taffing and until next update.
The Phantom

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Correspondence of Thieves: The Novel, Chapters 1 - 3 - 4:23:27 PM - Dan
The long in development rewrite of Correspondence of Thieves is now complete, and has begun its chapter-by-chapter release online! What began as an email-based roleplay with five authors has been transformed into an epic six-book novel by Nightfall author Daniel Todd. (I sometimes speak in the third person, too.) The first three chapters are already online, with the fourth coming next Sunday. Check it out below!

Correspondence of Thieves: The Novel

Jyre was a stranger to The City, an outcast living in the streets of a nameless metropolis that was the center of all known civilization. To the people there, her home did not exist. Everything changed for her when she met Daelus Thresh, the proprietor of a library and museum who appeared suddenly in The City six months ago, and quickly ascended to a place of social power. Where, if there was nothing outside The City, did he come from?

As Jyre intruded into Thresh's estate, bearing with her a plea for help, the thriving underworld was hard at work. Ghost was an honest criminal doing an honest job. When you rob from the dead, there's usually noone around to try to cut off your head. On the other side of The City, Lytha was doing exactly what Ghost dared not do - steal coveted treasure right from under the nose of armed guards. Sheam, however, cared nothing for a life of thievery. It was no crime to catalog and price stolen goods, to be bought legally by honest collectors, was it?

Thus begins Correspondence of Thieves, a twisting adventure told from the point of view of six individuals from different walks of life, whose choices have unseen, adverse effects on the lives of one another.

Correspondence of Thieves owes its origin to an email-based role-play (e-play) conducted in 1999 & 2000 between five individuals brought together by their love of the PC game Thief: The Dark Project by Looking Glass Studios. Inspired by this setting, the five authors took turns telling the story from the perspective of invented characters until a complete adventure was told, and then posted online one chapter at a time for all to enjoy. In 2005 one of those five contributors chose to rewrite the e-play into a novel, which you are now viewing. This novel greatly expands upon and revises the plot of the original work, while remaining true to the personalities of the five who invented it.
Correspondence of Thieves is part of The CoSaS Project, with previous releases including the original COT E-Play, and T2 FMs Gathering at the Inn, and Mission X.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

FM News Update Jan 2010 - 6:54:57 PM - The Phantom
The latest Circle's FM News, based on the latest update from the upcoming missions list.

One new author is added in this update: intruder. He's working on two FMs for Thief 2, called 'A Journey Into The Underdark' and 'Trail of Blood 2'.
The first mission includes caves and mines and will let you play with 3 different charachters. It doesn't take place in the Thief universe and was originally planned for The Vertical Contest.
The second mission has a setting of pagan forests and caves and takes place between the orginial T2 missions Life of the Party and Trail of Blood. Both missions are planned for release sometime this year. Go see the screenshots on the forums for a first impression.

Authors who are removed from the list are: bassmanret, Naks and qolelis

Bassmanret has finally released the long-awaited Just Friends Part 2. The main character is burglar Burt and his story continues where Part 1 ended. Grab it now from the Main thread or get Part 1 here if you haven't played it yet.

Qolelis has released his debut FM called 'The Sun Within and The Sun Without'. It's a medium sized thief 2 mission with a lot of challenges and climbing involved. Downloads can be found in the Main thread.

Both missions are highly recommended!

The third author removed is Naks. It has been silent around her project (Snobs Part 3) for a long time and wether or not it's still in progress is uncertain.

Dront, who is working on his FM 'Lighthouse Shed' for Thief Gold, revealed a release date for his project: March 2010. It's currently around 85% complete.

Because of contesting to a Contest, balboa missed his planned Christmas release of LadyTaker (the 2nd part of his campaign). But the work is continuing and he surprised us with some new teaser shots of his WIP.

Short news:
- When Still..., a upcoming campaign by Eternauta, is still under beta testing.
- Monastiri is back after a break from DromEd and continues the work on her 2nd FM, Whatever happened to Sir Agutt. It's set for release next month.
- darthsLair revealed a new spooky pic of his upcoming T2 mission 'Dark is the Lair'.
- Moghedian and Yandros have limited time to work on their massive co-production Death's Cold Embrace, which makes a 2010 release uncertain.

The full change list can be read here. All the links are found in the upcoming mission list as usual.

Happy taffing and until next update.
The Phantom

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Dark Mod reviewed by SneakyJack - 1:29:24 AM - Dan
Regular FM reviewer SneakyJack has turned his attention to the recently released Dark Mod, a Thief-inspired total conversion for Doom 3. Access the full review here, or just stay for the preview!
Though The Dark Mod is very strong and solid the very moment that I'm typing this to be posted - the potential I feel it has after the hours I've spent playing it and the handful of missions I've seen is simply staggering.

What The Dark Mod Team has done here is to give each and every one of us the tools to create missions that are good now but will become incredible later. Imagine back to the time when you loaded up Thief 2 for the first time and took a stroll through its boxy simplistic missions thinking "wow, this is amazing and even better than the first game!" Now imagine your reaction to playing missions like Broken Triad, Pirates Ahoy, Rose Cottage, The Seven Sisters and many more for the first time and compare how far apart in quality the original missions are from those...

Right now The Dark Mod is in the "Original Missions" stage my friends - so imagine where we'll be a few years from now if it really catches on and gets support from quality map makers and the folks that have the desire needed to make that spark turn into a forest fire.

I, for one, am sold. My thanks to the Dark Mod Team and to those that will pick up the project to create a mission in the future.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Eclipsed by HipBreaker Released - 2:30:37 AM - pavlovscat
New Mission
October 30, 2009 - Eclipsed, a mission for T2 by HipBreaker

The Mission:
Some time ago, a tragedy befell Port Aerinth. This unknown tragedy was reputed to be so horrific that all inhabitants of the wealthy port fled leaving behind their gold and valuables. For Garrett, this sounds like the perfect opportunity to line his pockets and have something to show for all his years of thieving. But, the dark holds an unpleasant surprise for Garrett.

This mission is a great Halloween offering that makes excellent use of suspense and fear of the unknown. The first part of the mission will have you jumping at every sound and sight. Between the written accounts left by the former citizens and glimpses of distant figures, any suspicions that you are not alone are confirmed. The tension builds throughout your exploration of the city. Once you manage to escape the city, you will discover why the city folk fled.

I appreciate HipBreaker's use of colored lighting which gives the run-down city more visual interest. Also, the tattered look of the city contrasted with the bright, shiny loot items to give the city more of a feeling of urgent abandonment. Though confrontation is delayed, I never found myself bored with the city area due to the many readables which enhanced the story and added objectives. Also, the puzzles were varied with some easier than others, but none too difficult. Overall, this is a mission I enjoyed very much.

My first time through, playing on Normal, I finished in 3 hours, 47 minutes. I ended with 2427/2970 loot.


Check out the Forum Discussion Thread for tips and hints.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FM News Update Nov 2009 - 9:35:19 PM - The Phantom
The latest Circle's FM News, based on the latest update from the upcoming missions list.

No new authors this time, but two long-awaited missions that made a (halloween) release.

The first FM is from a dromEder who made his return to the scene after years of absence. He brought us 'The 7th Crystal' and now after eight years he's back with another mission called 'Rose Cottage'. A lot of talented people have worked on it and it shows. A stunning piece of work that nobody wants to miss. Grab it now from this thread.

The second mission is 'Eclipsed' by HipBreaker, another long-time dromEder who hasn't released a mission in years. But those who've played the author's earlier work and watched the pics and trailer earlier, know that it's something special. Links are in this thread.

A mission that won't see the light of day is Ravenhook's 'Whitechapel'. The 7-mission campaign set in 1888 London suffered some technical problems and was abandoned as a result. The info has been removed from the list. On a positive note, the author seems to be working on a new T2 mission (The Light of Day).

Masterthief3, with the upcoming FMs Shadows of Eidolon 2 and Stormrunner, has been removed as upcoming because of a news silence of more then a year. It's uncertain if his missions are stalled or still in progress. Let's hope Metras' story will continue and that we hear something again at a later time.

Bassmanret's continuation to Just Friends (Part 2) is as good as finished and is set for release in November, probably Thanksgiving. That means a few weeks left to play the entertaining first part and learn about Burt, the main character. It can be grabbed here.

Short news topics:

  • DrK resumed work on A Night in Rocksbourg 4
  • dyald (known from Damnsel in Distress and sequel) is getting back into dromEd to continue the third part of the story
  • john-the-begger hopes to finish his upcoming project, sequel to Defense Assassination, before December. The alternative might be abandonment and adoption.
  • some stunning new videos were released of Sliptip's futuristic Kill Factory 3 project
  • Beside Bane III, theImmortalThief seems to be working on something else ("much bigger")

    More links and news are in the upcoming mission list as usual.

    Happy taffing and until next update.
    The Phantom

  • Monday, November 02, 2009

    Happy Halloween!! - 6:16:10 PM - pavlovscat
    Happy Halloween for Thief Fans
    After a lengthy hiatus due to real life concerns, pav is back. Autumn is a wonderful time for playing Thief, and Halloween inspires many FM authors to create something spooky. This year, Halloween felt like Christmas with 4 brand new missions. This bounty of missions was exactly the impetus I needed to get back into play. Keep an eye out for my return to writing new mission reviews as well!

    Eclipsed - Thief 2 (117.8 MB)
    HipBreaker got a jump on the rest and released Eclipsed on October 30th. Garrett is off to loot the riches of Port Aerinth. Plundering an abandoned city sounds like an easy job for a master thief, but things don't always go as planned, do they? Check out the Forum Discussion Thread for more information and hints.

    Patently Dangerous - The Dark Mod (22.8 MB)
    Demogogue released a new Dark Mod mission called Patently Dangerous. The Inventor's Guild caught wind of a new discovery by Soren Rikk. You've been hired by the Guild to relieve Soren of his design notes. You can get help at the TTLG Forum Discussion Thread or head over to the Dark Mod Forum Discussion Thread for more information and hints.

    Rose Cottage - Thief 2 (168.6 MB)
    Rumors have been heard for a long, long time now about Saturine's Rose Cottage. This mission started out as an entry for the 2007 Masters of Horror contest. Well, as it turns out, the rumors were true! Rose Cottage was finally completed and released. I think it was well worth the wait! If you get lost, Visit the Forum Discussion Thread for help.
    Mission and movie (168.6 MB)
    Mission only (96.6 MB)
    Movie only - XVID format (31.5 MB)

    Bonds of Mine - Thief 2 (10 MB)
    AntiMatter_16 has been busy since his release of Mine Affairs earlier this year. He has created Bonds of Mine, a mission using strictly his own custom environmental textures. Garrett has been offered a tidy sum to retrieve "The Onyx Crown" from the tower of a mage who attacked a Hammerite monastery and was destroyed. You can get hints & help at the Forum Discussion Thread.

    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    FM News Update Sept 2009 - 11:59:00 AM - The Phantom
    The latest Circle's FM News, based on the latest update from the upcoming missions list.

    Two authors make an appearance in the list: Savar and Vasmarok.

    Savar is working on a Deadly Shadows mission called "The Secret Room". It's the fourth part in his Keeper Series, and is sceduled for release by the end of the year. Plenty of time left to play the first three parts before then.

    The second author, Vasmarok, is working on a Thief 2 mission called "Back on the Streets". Even though it's his first, it's looking beautiful (see the screens in his profile). Development is on hold for the time being, due to real-life.

    The one author that leaves the list is Random_Taffer. After nearly three years of waiting, the 2nd part of his Memento Mori series, Vagabond, is finally finished. No Drysils Chosen to assist him this time but judging by the screens, RT has done a great job on his own. It's recommended to play Nostalgia first to understand it's story. The thread with downloads is here

    By an ingenious trail of breadcrumbs, Digital Nightfall has lead our bloodhound clearing to his target: the announcement of CoSaS Mission 3: The Nine Year Sleep. So the story continues, and the design is looking even more stunning then it already was. Follow the news and screenshot links at the profile of Digital Nightfall & Team (currently at #11 in the list).

    Monastiri, sister of Profane Ascension's author Tomi, is still working on her sequel to "We Miss you Bob", released April last year. It suffered some delay but is approaching (currently ca. 90% finished) with an estimated release of September/October.

    Short news topics:

  • Rocksbourg 4 is currently stalled until Autumn, but DrK still released some impressive WIP pics for us to look at. The link is at his profile.
  • Another french author, Nightstroll, revealed that his project (Tears of the Trickster Part 1) has reached "a critical step in building". Can we expect a release later this year?
  • The Cabel, a promising TDS campaign by The Flesheaters, is slowly nearing completion. Some youtube videos were posted to give us a preview of two of their mission.
  • John-the-begger's Defense Confrontation, sequel to Defense Assassination, is scheduled for release in Ocotober 2009.
  • sNeaksieGarrett revealed some pics of Lord Bafford's Redux, one of his upcoming projects.
  • CrackedGear posted some new/updated screens of Silence Part 2, his TDS mission in progress

    The full change list can be read here.

    Happy taffing and until next update.

    - The Phantom

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      T2 - The Lost Castle - 2.3
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      T3 - The Keeper v2 - 1.16
      TG - Invitation to Castle Morgoth - 1.1
      T1 - Prowler of the Dark - 1.1
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