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Action/Adventure in the great Looking Glass tradition.

The Dark Project is the latest first-person gaming event from Looking Glass Studios, creators of the adventure role-playing classics Ultima Underworld and System Shock.   Join us again as we transport you to a world of stealth, subterfuge, and mystery.

  • Stalk through the silent corridors of a sleeping city and ambush its unsuspecting guards.
  • Eavesdrop on your foes as they coordinate their man-hunt in real-time digital audio.
  • Infiltrate and explore over 20 mission areas, from sewers to an abandoned church... even plunder the Lost City of the Ancients!
  • Prowl in the shadows, scale sheer walls, leap over chasms, and dive beneath the rushing waters of the city's aquaducts.
  • Compete in multi-player "theftmatch" play to steal the most loot ... from the local nobles or from each other.

For Pentium 120+ systems, Win95 CD-ROM

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Best of show - E3 1997 Rating