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Doug Church Mark Lizotte Greg LoPiccolo Eric Brosius
Chris Carollo Daniel Thron Laura Baldwin Sara Verrilli
Kate Jenkins Robb Waters Dorian Hart Robotkid
Marc "Mahk" LeBlanc Mike Ryan
Tom Leonard Randy Smith
Mat MacKenzie Tim Stellmach


[Greg Lopiccolo] Greg LoPiccolo grew up in Vermont, moved to Boston and started a rock band, then drifted sideways into computer gaming by way of System Shock. He has a wife, a red pickup truck and a small insane child. He's really into stealth and treachery, but doesn't know very much about orcs and such. Should he?

Project Leader

LookingGlass A/V Director
LookingGlass Creative Director
System Shock: Music, Sound Effects, Speech Processing


After first working with Paul N, Dan S, and World Class Air Conditioning Unit Jon Maiara on a game featuring a friendly troll who called you Rodriguez, Doug Church worked on two sequels, one of which had a different name and no player attribute stats, and was thus a Doom clone, not an RPG. Following that, some typing on Flight was done (remember hoop courses, anyone? thought not). After some thinking and such, he got involved in Dark, which he likes to think will be like pinball, involving lots of panic and chaos and occasional deliberate actions.

Development Tools & Core Systems Programmer
Game Design Consultant
Haver of Fingers in All Pies

Underworld I & II: Project Leader/Programmer
System Shock: Project Leader/Programmer
Flight Unlimited: Programmer

[Doug Church]

[Laura Baldwin] Laura Baldwin is currently on sabbatical from her ranch in Montana, where she breeds free-range wicker lawn furniture. Anyone who buys a copy of Dark will be invited out for the Hammock Rodeo and Bamboo B-B-Q next summer. Really, though, her current life's ambition is to someday read an article on Usenet that exhorts people to listen for the conversation about the bears.

Character Speech & Motion Design, Mission Design


Eric Brosius doesn't like to talk about his past ever since the "incident" with the "candy stripers" in "Nicaragua". We've stopped asking.

Music and Sound, Mission Design

Terra Nova: Music and Sound Engineer

[Eric Brosius]

[Chris Carollo] Chris Carollo was kidnapped from a muffler-clamp-assembling factory and dragged into the office by a roving band of Mamlukes. We bought him for some blankets, three copper pots, and a Mac version of "System Shock". Now we've chained him to a Pentium and feed him coffee and cinnamon rolls. And we sometimes let him play with his pet gravy boat "Horace". If he behaves.

Physics & Game Systems Programmer


Dorian Hart has been a game designer with Looking Glass since 1992. If you looked at the list of ingredients printed on the side of his life, it would read as follows: ultimate frisbee; tabletop RPG's; computer games; hiking; trading-card games; real baseball; fantasy baseball; SportsCenter; live-action RPG's; board games. May also contain one or more of the following: food, sleep.

Storytelling, Game & Mission Design

Underworld II: Designer
System Shock: Designer
Terra Nova: Lead Designer

[Dorian Hart]

[Kate Jenkins] Kate Jenkins is the spunky star of "Blossom".

Creature Animation & Rendering

British Open Golf: Programmer


Marc "MAHK" LeBlanc became an acolyte in the Cult of Infocom when he was fifteen. At eighteen, he began his pilgrimage to MIT, where he learned the Secret Arts of the Implementors. Years later, he emerged as a Master of Science and a Master Assassin. Now he spends many late nights in his laboratory on CambridgePark drive, amidst the ruins of Infocom's great citadel. There he stirs the murky cauldrons of Game Design, incants the arcane language of the Programmers, and plots his eventual world domination.

System Architecture, Object Database, Act/React

Underworld I: Playtester
Underworld II: Programmer/Level Designer
System Shock: Programmer
Flight Unlimited: Programmer
Terra Nova: Programmer


[Tom Leonard] Tom Leonard was the co-host of "Live with Tom and Kathie Lee" for three years before he freaked out one day and called Dr. Joyce Brothers "Stink-Breath" on the air. He was fired the next day, replaced by some upstart, and after two years of heavy drinking began teaching himself to code. Years later he began working at Looking Glass, where he hopes to put his past behind him.

Lead Programmer

British Open Golf: Programmer


As he grew up, Mark Lizotte was always drawing and painting strange, fantastic images -- causing his family no end of worry that he would ever find a respectable career. Luckily the video game industry came along. Boy! are they relieved!

Lead Artist

System Shock: Artist
Flight Unlimited: Artist
Terra Nova: Artist

[Mark Lizotte]

[Mat MacKenzie] Mat MacKenzie is a shaggy animal with blue slitted eyes which lives under the desk in the corner. We throw it pieces of sandwiches and Snickers bars, but we don't get our hands too close. From what we can tell it just showed up one day, and we kept it because it seems to know x86 assembly, and the smell isn't too bad once you get used to it.

Rendering/Special Effects Programmer

British Open Golf: Programmer


Mike Ryan was lost on a spelunking expedition in Guatemala in 1975. For ten years, he was raised by bats. From these insect-eating flying mammals, he learned to develop a powerful sense of sonar which he now puts to use in his work on Thief The Dark Project

Mission Design

Looking Glass Technologies Customer Support

[Mike Ryan]

[Randy Smith] Randy "Six Shells Technique" Smith
Randy was trained from toddlership to be silent and rarely seen. With deft, instantaneous motions, he can appear and possess your screen with a whirling, green blur. He pops balloons and casts them adrift without consideration or delay. He loves dessert and has a cybernetic appendage with which he can upload his psyche to commune with the "devil contraptions" (aka computers). He prefers to run sideways and can often be seen eating chicken for health.

AI Scripting & Game Design


Tim Stellmach got his education in a variety of things at MIT, the setting of the classic Infocom adventure game The Lurking Horror. Like that game he was influenced by the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Tim has been at Looking Glass since the beginning, but the last game he stayed with until it was finished was System Shock, back in 1994. Thief is going to be the next one if it kills him.

Lead Designer

Underworld I: Lead LG Playtester
Underworld II: Lead Designer, Programmer
System Shock: Designer
Terra Nova: Designer, Technology Programmer

[Tim Stellmach]

[Daniel Thron] Daniel Thron is easily fascinated by large, brightly colored objects. He also likes jokes about monkeys and slacks.

Cutscene Art & Animation, Product Art

British Open Golf: Artist


Sara Verrilli foolishly migrated to Boston in order to attend MIT, whereupon she discovered that they didn't offer majors in either interstellar conquest or world domination. She is now enrolled in High Ismperian Fzzth'garst II's Rule The Universe In 180 Septums Or Less Correspondence CourseTM, and spends most of her time in training simulations. Working at Looking Glass "just pays the postage, and the extra practice doesn't hurt either."

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Flight Unlimited II: Quality Assurance Supervisor
British Open Golf, Terra Nova, Flight Unlimited, System Shock: Lead Playtester

[Sara Verrilli]

[Robb Waters] Robb Waters
Alter Ego: Unknown
First Appearance: Saginaw, Michigan
Occupation: Illustrator
Costume: Black top; black bottom; black trunks; black boots with silver stars on the toes; copper skull bracelet of unknown origin
Tools and Weapons: Berol #2, Sharpe, AD Tri-Nibs, his trusty Winsor & Newton
Biography: Following in his father's footsteps, Robb attended and graduated from Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Soon afterwards he began working for Looking Glass Technologies, where he uses his keen artistic training to stamp out programmer art.
Powers: Enhanced ability to size up department stores and restaurants without ever setting foot inside.

Creature Design & Modelling

System Shock: Artist
Flight Unlimited: Artist
Terra Nova: Artist


Guest star:

Robotkid is head-super genius of the industrial-hip-hop-blip-blop band INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY. In his spare time he fabricates robots from household items to challenge him at classic 1980's video games.

Video Director, Associate Producer, Webmeister

Flight Unlimited: Playtester
Terra Nova: Video Engineer
British Open Golf: Video Director



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