"Looks like the consequences of my occupation have finally caught up with me..."

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (click a topic to jump to that section)
  1. Pub Area
  2. Helena Way
  3. Home Turf
  4. Marketplace
  5. Shalebridge Road

Starting Objectives:

  • Get back to your home
  • Don't kill anybody
  • Score at least 8 knockouts
Ending Objectives:
  • Find your secret stash and the Shalebridge gate key
  • Get to Shalebridge

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: None
  • Available: 592
  • Accounted For: 592
  • Extra: Your take from the last mission is also added to your total loot for this level (you'll find your loot from the last level in your secret stash)

Pub Area
Quickly head to one of the doorways across the street, wait for the patrol to pass, then go north toward the two women. When they're finished talking, climb the crate and mantle the wall to your right. Grab some water arrows on this roof, then crouch and jump to the to the east side and follow the street to the round building on your right. Wait for the two men to finish their conversation. Go around the building, then right/north at the next round building before you reach the bulldog. Pass some stone arches on the right and go west to the torch lit doorway beyond the street lamp (figure 1). Upstairs is 30 gold. Use the sewer door here to get to Helena Way.

Figure 1

Helena Way
In the sewer, follow the water until you come to an odd "W" shaped torch holder (figure 1). Directly underneath this torch holder (in the water) is a purse worth 200 gold (figure 2). Across from here is a low ledge near a street lamp (figure 3) that you can climb up on to.
Figure 2 Figure 3

Wait until the coast is clear, then climb out and head west. Follow the moat keeping the water on your right until you cross over the moat (figure 4) to Sparrow street. Note that there is an Easter Egg in this area of the map. To see it, check out the Secrets and FAQ page for this level. Now head north to Hill Street. You can either go left here to end up behind your house, or go right and take the next left before the bulldog to get to the house across the street from yours. If you go right, you'll need to look for a metal door on the right in the alley (figure 5).

Figure 4 Figure 5

Home Turf
If you're behind the house, use a rope arrow to climb to the top of the fire escape (figure 6) and go down to your apartment on the second floor. There's a cop patrolling the stairwell and one inside the apartment. You're closet is through the door on the left. If you're in the house across the street, go to the top floor and jump through the open window to the opposite window ledge (figure 7). Open the shutters and step into the bedroom.

Figure 6 Figure 7

Open the closet door and toggle the right coat hook. Go out to the hall and make a right to the open window. Head south under the low arch, then duck through the double wooden doors on the right. Head south, then east on Hill St. Sneak south past the guard onto Helena Way. Follow the moat to a small bridge (figure 8), then head east to an open area where the moat curves south to west. Hide north of the posted cop, wait for the patrol to pass, and the sentry to turn his back, then run to the wooden door just behind him (figure 9). Go right through the metal door and head east across the Whipple St. gate and across the next roof (grab the gold bottle on the ground here).

Figure 8 Figure 9

Market Place
Descend the ladder and go south to the Market. Benny and a hooker are talking on the bridge. Quickly, before the conversation ends, run east across the square to the shadows on the far side. If you wait until the conversation ends, you'll have to cross the hooker's path to get across the square. If you're brave, Benny has a purse worth 100 gold which you can grab with a speed potion. Climb the ladder (figure 10) and go east across the wooden deck.

Figure 10

Shalebridge Road
Go south from the deck to a wooden door on the corner (figure 11). Upstairs is a switch which opens the gate to the south - but you don't need it to be open. Grab the coins and the key from the table and go back downstairs. Observe the patrols closely from here on forward - they are big and thick, so you don't want to tangle with them. You can choose to go west down the street, then toward the Market to grab a purse in doorway on the right (figure 12).
Figure 11 Figure 12

Otherwise, go north to the torch-lit, double doorway. Use the key you just picked up to unlock the door. Go north on Shalebridge Road. When you reach the split, make a run for the wooden doorway on the right (leave yourself time to pick the lock - it's quite complicated to open). Go upstairs, shoot a few moss arrows on the boards and on the ground, jump down and continue north to the Shalebridge gate. There are a few places to hide along the way, or you can cut through Lt. Mosley's house with the metal door - the shutters in the kitchen open up. From there it's a short distance to the gate and the end of the level.

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