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  1. Secrets Listing
  2. FAQ
  3. Commonly Missed Loot
  4. Easter Egg - Indestructible Arrow

Secrets Listing

Total Number of Secrets: 0


Q: How do I get started?
A: Get to a dark doorway as quickly as possible, then head north to a wall on the left (in the patched version there are two women talking near a machine here). Jump onto the crate and mantle onto the roof.

Q: How do I get into my apartment? It's heavily guarded!
A: There are two ways:

  1. Take the easternmost street on the map, and go behind the building to a wooden fire escape. Shoot a rope arrow and climb up.
  2. From Hill Street, take the alley center of your apartment and look for a metal door on the right. From the top floor of this building, you can jump across to your bedroom window - the shutters can be opened (figure 1).

Figure 1

Q: Where's the stash?
A: Frob the right coat hook in the closet to open up your secret stash.

Q: What does that large, red-handled switch do (figure 2)?
A: It opens the gate to the south, leading to the pub area. It's easier to get the key on the table and use the double doors to the north to get to Shalebridge (figure 3).

Figure 2 Figure 3

Commonly Missed Loot

Underwater Purse in Moat
In the South Helena Way moat, under the odd "W" shaped torch holder, is a purse worth 200 gold (figures 4 and 5).

Figure 4 Figure 5

Purse in Doorway
Take the street southeast of the market place square and go to the first doorway on the left. The purse is in the doorway. Look close -  the purse is incredibly hard to see (figures 6 and 7).

Figure 6 Figure 7

Golden Bottle Over Whipple Street Gate
At the end of the breezeway over Whipple Street is a gold bottle. Take the ladder up, or cross over from the North Helena Way bridge (figure 8).

Figure 8

Benny's Purse
The guard on the bridge in the market place has a purse on his belt (worth 100 gold).

Easter Egg - Indestructible Arrow
In a toolbox in the southwest corner of the map is an indestructible arrow! Go to the far center, western portion of the map and jump in the water heading south (figure 9). Go left and up the ladder (figure 10).

Figure 9 Figure 10

Grab the arrow, but don't switch to another weapon - this only works so long as the arrow is armed (it disappears if you disarm the weapon or change to a different weapon). You can now shoot this arrow into walls, guards, water, etc. and always recover it (figures 11 and 12). Pretty neat, huh?

Figure 11 Figure 12

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