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  1. First Floor - South
  2. The Clock Mechanism
  3. First Floor - North
  4. Second Floor - North
  5. Second Floor - South
  6. The Library & The Correspondence
  7. The Secret Door & Getting Out


  • Find and Operate the door to the secret staircase
  • Find and read the correspondence from Karras to Gervaisius (optional)
  • Map out at least one-half of the mansion
  • Find at least seven secrets
  • Get back out to the streets
  • Don't get into any confrontations with the locals

Loot Information:

  • Loot Requirements: None
  • Loot Available: 2685
  • Loot Accounted For: 2685

Important Notes:

  • "Confrontations with the Locals" includes any type of offensive movement, including flash bombs, blackjacking, etc. If an AI sees you, the mission fails. Sometimes if you make too much noise near an AI, the mission will fail. Be aware that near the southwest guard room on the second floor, a bug often causes an NPC (the librarian) to be present in audio, but the physical character may be invisible - thus, sneaking in front of this guard room while the NPC is still technically present, will fail the mission.
  • The loot in the mission is extremely scattered throughout the mansion, so this walkthrough will not detail loot amounts - only locations. For more specific loot information (including a loot count), visit the Loot Map and Secrets Page.

First Floor - South
Grab the coins in the empty pool, then mantle up to the small out hang near the crates. Find the switch on the wall to the right and open the secret door. Once inside, go around left to the prayer room for a flash mine in the corner, then grab the coins on the altar and last window sill. Beware of the guard and camera in the hall and go west through the double doors and down the stairs. Pick the lock and grab the guards purse, then head east, back through the chapel and into the next room. Get coins from both tables before ducking into the hall again, this time going west across to the storage room for a candlestick and a flare in the crates. Go upstairs and grab the candlestick and broad head from the crates up here, then go back downstairs and east through the double doors to the office on the right. Grab the coins on the planet and flip the switch on the wall behind the desk to open a secret door in the southern most closet. Go through to the workshop and into the security office. Grab the coins on the desk and on the ledge, then turn off the security cameras for this wing. Make sure to grab the patrolling guards purse, then go to the southeast corner of this floor and grab the coin in the window sill near the clock.

The Clock Mechanism
Head back west past the foyer door and take the next door on the right. (Avoid the foyer for as long as possible - when you enter, it triggers a conversation between the door guard and the mage. Afterward, the mage begins to patrol in the ballroom, making it difficult to work in there). In this long anteroom, quietly go up the stairs to the ballroom. Grab the cuckoo mechanism from the toolbox on the workbench (figure 1), then pick the west door and grab the guards purse. Exit via the northeast doors, and beware of the guard patrolling this area (grab his purse).

Figure 1

First Floor - North
Emerge in the north hall and make a right to the double doors on the west. Flip the switch on the back column to open a door under the stairs (figure 2).

Figure 2

Go north to the guard room and grab the coin from the desk. Slash the banner in the hall and flip the switch behind it to open the north secret passageway. In the passage, take the first left into the bathroom. Get the coin from the sink, and another from the ledge on the far side of the tub (you can use your moss arrows here- you won't need them anywhere else). Back in the passage continue west to the next hall on the left. Flip the switch on the dead end wall and go east into the servants quarters. In the bunk room, get the copper and silver coins from the left and right crates. Go back through the passage into the kitchen, get the three wine bottles from corner of the table, as well as the spice bags from the shelf. Go west to the security room and kill the cameras for this wing. At the bottom of the stairs through the double doors, pick the lock and get the guards purse. Go back east to the storage room on the right/south (figure 3). Get the plate and cup in the crates under the stairs, the cups on top of the boxes, and the cup behind the sofa, then go upstairs.

Figure 3

Second Floor - North
In the storage room, get the two candlesticks stacked behind the boxes. Take the double doors and go through the ballroom and around to the north hall. Two guards patrol this hallway (both with purses). Go across to the security room, kill the cameras for this wing, and grab the coin on the inside ledge. Get the coin on the floor behind the couch, then head west down the hall to the room on the right. Grab the coins from the bed stand and desk, then go west to the windows and grab coin from the right window sill.

Go back to the security room and flip the switch in the southeast corner to access the secret passage. Go through to the trophy room, grab the coins on the corner table, and the noisemaker in the chest. Use the switch on the ceiling of the closet to get into the dining room. Grab the coins floating in the northwest corner (apparently a table got removed, but the designer missed the coins). Duck into the other closet, use the overhead switch to re-enter the passage and go west to emerge at the corner of the hall. Slip around the corner and turn off the camera, grab the coin on the window sill of the guard room, then go back west to the office on the left and grab the coins on the desk. Use the foyer balcony to go west toward the ballroom. (on normal difficulty, the clock mechanism is located at the south end of the foyer balcony). In the ballroom, go south to the south hall (you can also use a vine arrow to get down to the floor here for the clock mechanism if you don't have it already).

Second Floor - South
Cross the hall to the security room and kill the cameras (make sure you disconnect the bottom left switch for the turret/cam in the corner of the hall, as well as turning the power off). In the hall, go east to the office on the left, get the coin on the floor between the table and chair, get the coin from the desk, then cross the hall to the dressing room. Grab the coins on the corner table, the healing potion from the chest in the west closet, then go through the middle closet, flip the switch and go west in the secret passage. Take the next secret door on the right into the conservatory, cross the hall and get the coin from the left of the turret bay, then go west into the bar. Get the coins on the planter, the bar, and the window sill. Grab the purse from the guard just outside the double doors. Use the switch in the southeast corner by the couch to access the secret passage and go all the way to the Library on the east.

The Library & The Correspondence
A ghost patrols here, and you will see several apparitions hinting for you to read the books. There are five books on you'll need to read (figure 4). One is on the middle of the 'T' shelf to your immediate right . Walk down the north side to find two books on your left, one on the west side of the 'P' shelf (this opens a secret compartment), and one on the west side of the 'N' shelf. Cross to the table near the fireplace for another book and some coins, then head west to the window sill between the 'V' shelves on your left for a coin. Go upstairs to the southeast corner. The last book to read is on the window sill between 'Y' shelves. Once you read this, the ghost should disappear along w/ the voices, and you will find the correspondence between Karras and Gervaisius on the floor between the 'M' shelves (figure 5), as well as a scroll revealing the fate of the senior librarian and his wife.

Figure 4 Figure 5

The Secret Door & Getting Out
Since there's nothing important on the third floor, you're ready to split. Leave the library via the northeast door and place the cuckoo mechanism in the clock. When you turn the clock hands to 12:00, the secret door to the third floor opens (figure 6). Sneak down the hall past the guard, turn the corner and go right into the foyer. Sneak around to the north side of the balcony, shoot a moss arrow below, then use a vine arrow to climb down behind the guard. Grab his purse, pick the lock, and exit to the street outside. Use a noisemaker to distract him if necessary (just make sure you've grabbed his purse first). (Note: You MUST exit to the east side of the house- exiting to the west only puts you in Gervaisius' backyard).

Figure 6

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