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Secrets Listing
Total Number of Secrets: 9

1) Outside - Secret Door to Chapel
Just diagonal of the start point, climb the boxes and mantle up on top of the small storage shed. Look for a small switch to open a secret door to the chapel area (figure 1).

Figure 1

2) First Floor - Short Southern Passage
By flipping the small switch behind the desk in the office, you can open a hidden passage between the office and the workshop.

3) First Floor - Room Under Main Stairs
In the front entryway, flip the small switch on the back column (figure 2) to open an empty room under the stairs (figure 3). Note that in the next level, "Masks", this room contains some goodies.
Figure 2 Figure 3

4) First Floor - Northern Passage
Use your sword to slash the banner near the guard room in the northeastern hallway. By doing so, you will reveal a small switch that opens a hidden door to the secret passage (figure 4). Note that this is only one way to enter this passage. There are several other methods of entry to this passage, via the rooms that the passage connects to.

Figure 4

5) Second Floor - Southern Passage
In the room with three closets, use the switch in the middle closet to access the southern hidden passage. Note that this passage can be accessed in several other places, namely the rooms that the passage connects to.

6) Second Floor - Secret Staircase & Clock
Find the clock between the library and guard station on the second floor. Select the cuckoo mechanism that you found in the toolbox, and then 'use' the cuckoo on the clock. The clock is now repaired. Now, move the clock hands to 12:00 and the secret staircase will open (figure 5).

Figure 5

7) Second Floor - The Library Secret
On the west side of the 'P' shelves is a book that will highlight to open a secret bookcase (figure 6). This is one of the books that must be "read" to get the correspondence between Karras and Gervaisius. Note, of course, that this book cannot be read - it is simply a switch - one that you must toggle to get that correspondence.

Figure 6

8) Second Floor - Trophy Room & Dining Room
Both the trophy room closet and the dining room closet have a small switch on the ceiling. These switches open a hidden door that connects both the trophy room and the dining room.

9) Second Floor - Northern Passage
Flip the small switch behind the banner in the northwestern corner of the Trophy Room. A secret passage to the security control room will open up. You can also access this secret from the security control room as well (a small switch is located there on the wall). The northern passage can be accessed through this secret. Note also that this passage can be accessed from other locations, namely the rooms that the passage connects to.


Q: Where is the secret staircase? A: In the southeast corner of the second floor. The best way to get there is through the southern secret passage and then through the library. Use the cuckoo mechanism to operate the clock and turn the hands to 12:00 (figure 5 above).

Q: The mission doesn't end when I leave the mansion, even though I've completed all the other objectives. What do I do?
A: You MUST exit through to the streets to the east, not into the backyard on the west. This means that you have to exit through the "foyer" on the first floor.

Q: Where is the correspondence between Gervaisius and the Mechanists?
A: It's in the library. You must first read all five books (locations shown in figure 7), then find the scroll on the floor upstairs between the 'M' shelves.

Figure 7

Q: Why can't I open the doors to the studies upstairs?
A: These rooms are inaccessible until the next mission

Q: Why can't I find the switch for the obvious secret door in the third floor security room?
A: This secret is inaccessible until the next mission (so make sure you remember it).

Commonly Missed Loot

Lucky Coins
The following is a list of several places where the small, lucky coins can be found:

First Floor

  • In the pool at the starting point
  • On the altar in the chapel
  • On the eastern most window sill in the chapel
  • The plant table in the southern office
  • The ledge of the security control booth in the south.
  • The window sill in the southeastern corner of the first floor (just past the guard room)
  • The desk in the northern guard room
  • On the sink and the bathtub ledge in the northern bathroom

Second Floor

  • On the bar counter, bar window sill, and plant table (again in the bar)
  • The table and various window sills of the library
  • On the window sill of the northern guard room
  • In the western hall window sill
  • In the southwestern camera & turret bay in the hallway (see figure 8)

Figure 8

  • On the ledge of the security booth in the southern hall (figure 9)

Figure 9

  • On the floor between a chair and table in the office on the south hall (figure 10)

Figure 10

  • Floating in the air in the northwest corner of the dining room (figure 11). Strange indeed.

Figure 11

  • Behind the couch in the security control room on the north hall (figure 12)

Figure 12

Spice Bags
Don't forget to get the spice bags in the kitchen cabinets (figure 13)

Figure 13

There should be nine purses throughout this level. They are as follows:

First Floor

  1. Guard outside the northern double doors (on the western side of the map).
  2. Guard outside the southern double doors (on the western side of the map).
  3. Guard on rear porch.
  4. Guard in the foyer.
  5. Patrolling guard.
  6. Patrolling guard.

Second Floor

  1. Guard just outside of bar double doors (on bar balcony).
  2. Patrolling guard.
  3. Patrolling guard.

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