"If I can tail her without being spotted, I may be able to find out who's on the other end of this little conspiracy..."

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TABLE OF CONTENTS (click a topic to jump to that section)
  1. General Tips
  2. Starting Out & Shalebridge Road
  3. Marketplace
  4. North Helena Way
  5. Hill Street & Sparrow Street
  6. South Helena Way
  7. Marketplace Revisited
  8. The Graveyard


  • Trace the message to its final destination without being caught
  • Somehow find out the contents of the message
  • Pick at least six pockets
  • Don't kill anyone

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: None
  • Available: 830
  • Accounted For: 830

General Tips

  • The route that Mosely and the Pagan courier takes is noted in the map below (figures 1 and 2).
  • They will turn to look around occasionally, so follow far enough behind that you don't get caught by surprise.
  • There are usually doorways to hide in. They may not be completely dark, but they are out of sight.
  • Use your scouting orbs to watch for them to turn back around before following.
  • You can only stray so far from the letter without failing the mission. Get what pickpockets you can along the way, but remember you can go back through the city exploring after the letter has reached it's final destination.
  • At some point, Mosely will drop the letter beside the grocery store near Sparrow St. Make sure to read the message before the next courier picks it up.
  • Even the smallest shadows can conceal you, and in well lit areas, follow far enough behind so as not to threaten the courier, causing them to come looking for you.
  • Conserve as many resources as possible on this mission (i.e. don't put out every torch) - there's no load out for the next mission and you'll need everything you have.

Starting Out & Shalebridge Road
Grab the healing potion on the guard following Mosely, then wait for her to round both buildings and head south. You can hide near the corner of the wooden deck. Wait until the patrol cop passes, then grab the archer's purse (100 gold) and arrow, then continue following Mosley south. Up ahead is a wide road where you should pass a female peasant, hide in the shadows and grab her purse (100 gold), then follow Mosley around to Marketplace Square.

A guard with a purse (100 gold) patrols out here, and if you hide in the doorway on the south, a male peasant with a purse (50 gold) will pass by, though he may notice you. Follow Mosley west and hide on the corner of Whipple Way until you can run to the small awning, then go north towards North Helena Way.

North Helena Way
Once you turn north onto Helena (be careful - she usually pauses at the corner before continuing north), run ahead to the doorway on the right before the bridge. Usually two cops will pass, one with a purse (100 gold). Cross the bridge and continue north to Hill St. staying behind the corners of the buildings.

Hill Street & Sparrow Street
Once Mosley turns south toward Sparrow, she will probably only turn around at the corner near the streetlight. When she drops the letter (figure 1), read it, drop it, then duck into the grocery store, grab the invisibility potion and flares behind the counter and wait on the Pagan to intercept the letter (figure 2).
Figure 1 Figure 2

South Helena Way
Follow the Pagan through the dark alley, then wait in the shadows until he crosses the moat. Once he's moving again, run to the doorway on your right and let him cross the bridge and turn the corner, then follow. Between here and the Marketplace, you should encounter a cop with a healing potion near the southwest corner of the map. The Pagan will basically round the block in that corner and then head north toward Marketplace (be sure to grab the coins behind the arches and the loot from the house near the sewer entry along the way).

Marketplace Revisited
The square should be pretty clear if you blackjacked the cop earlier. Cross the bridge and hide in the corner near the ladder (below the patrolling archer). This can be a tough spot depending on timing- you will have to deal with a cop heading south past your hiding spot, then one crossing to the east, separating you far enough from the letter to fail the mission. If this is the case, use an invisibility potion to get through. Follow the pagan north, then east to the cemetery entrance.

The Graveyard
Before the courier gets caught by the Mechanists, run down the alley and turn left before the graveyard. Hide close to the left side of the door (figure 3) and wait for the second mech to come running out. Quickly run to the door to keep it from closing. Go upstairs and jump out of the window toward the wall (hopefully it will break your fall a bit). There are two cups in the crypt to the north. You'll need to climb up on the crypt you just jumped over and jump over the wall to the left. In the cemetery there is a crypt in the northeast corner with a goblet (50 goods), and a secret entry/exit in the crypt in the southeast corner (figure 4). From here you can go out to the street and finish looting the city. When you're done, return to the cemetery via the secret entrance and go to the crypt in the north with the portal.
Figure 3 Figure 4

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