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  1. Secrets Listing
  2. FAQ
  3. Commonly Missed Loot

Secrets Listing:
Total Number of Secrets: 1

1) Cemetery Entrance
To the right of the cemetery gates, frob the torch on the wall (figure 1) and the passage below will open to a crypt. You can open it from the other side as well (figure 2).
Figure 1 Figure 2


Q: How do I get into that locked section of the cemetery?
A: There are two ways you can get in. The first option is to hide to the left of the door in the building to the left of the cemetery (where the two mechanists came out during the attack on the pagan). When the second mech runs out, run up and stand in the doorway to prevent the door from closing. You can then jump from a window upstairs to get into the locked section of the cemetery. The second method of entry is simply by using some of the crates in the level to climb over. Grab a few of the crates from near the pub area and stack them up near the wall, climbing up and over in the process.

Q: Why can't I pick up the letter when Mosely drops it?
A: This is a known bug in the original version of Thief II. Get the patch (v 1.18) to fix this problem.

Q: The mission seems to fail for no reason! What gives?
A: Most likely Mosley has dropped the letter for the next courier to pick up and you didn't notice. When she drops it, read the letter then replace it and wait for the pagan to come pick it up. On expert, Mosley drops the letter under the streetlamp near the grocery store (figure 3).

Figure 3

Commonly Missed Loot

Most of the Loot in this mission comes from pickpockets, with a few exceptions:

Two Crypt Cups
There are two gold cups worth 50 gold in a crypt in the locked section of the cemetery. See the FAQ's above for instructions on how to get to this area.

Copper Coin Stack & Gold Cup
On a table in the house near the sewer entrance.

Gold Coin Stack
Behind the arches, a little southeast of the above house with sewer entrance (figure 4).

Figure 4

Bottle Near Drunk Guard
At the north Helena way bridge, half buried in the ground (figure 5).

Figure 5

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