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  1. Second Floor - North
  2. First Floor - North
  3. First Floor - South
  4. Second Floor - South
  5. Third Floor, The Cultivator and Getting Out


  • Steal all three precursor masks
  • Read contents of correspondence between Gervaisius & Mechanists (if you haven't already)
  • Steal a Cultivator
  • Don't kill anyone
  • Escape to the streets

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: 2800
  • Available: 3667
  • Accounted For: 3667

Second Floor - North
Sneak clockwise around the outside of the estate to the double doors on the north end of the building. Distract or blackjack the guard and pick the doors. Take the first right into the sub-hall and then turn right into the security bay to kill the cameras. Sneak all the way down the hall into the last door on the right - but be aware of the patrolling guards. Go up the steps into the ballroom and stand in the shadow of the doorway. Wait till the ballroom patrol passes, then sneak between the partitions on the right (there's an archer overhead - you may want to use a scouting orb to watch for him to walk away). Carefully sneak around between the partitions to get the rest of the displays, then leave the same way you came in.

Go through the the double doors to the foyer and go left (north) back to the hallway - take the first right and flip the switch on the column by the stairs. Grab the gold coins in the chest in the secret room. Go north in the hall toward the guard room. This is a very tough area - you may want to shoot a moss arrow near the banner which hides the secret switch, and shoot a vine arrow into a dark spot in the ceiling so you can retreat and hide if you alert the guards (figure 1).

Figure 1

Wait for the patrol to pass, then put out the torch around the corner. Crouch and sneak down to the guard room - sometimes a bug causes the sleeping guard to stick in the doorway or hall - he's rarely dangerous, so grab the loot from the crates. Sneak back down the hall to the banner, slash it and head down the secret passage (if you're trying to get all the pickpockets, make sure to grab the three keys from these guards - but they're practically useless).

In the passage, pass the first (bathroom) door, and go down to the passage on the left. Grab the slow-fall potion from the crate, flip the switch and step to the side to allow the doors to open. Go into the servant's quarters, sneak into the bedroom and grab the loot from the two crates. Go west down the passage to the hall, then west down the sub-hall to the northwest stairs.

First Floor - North
In the hall, you'll encounter a camera that you must sneak past. Run to the right side of the bay, then quickly run to the other side (make sure the guard is at the other end of the hall). Sneak across the hall to the room with the camera controls. Grab the purse in the big closet, then go back to the room to the west and grab the coins on the desk and the gemstone in the chest in the closet. Go back to the control room and head east into the trophy room. Grab the noisemaker in the chest, the broad head on the fireplace, and the silver coin stack in the corner. Flip the switch on the closet ceiling and go to the dining room. Get the three candlesticks and go back to the secret passage and head east then south to the secret door which empties into the hall.

Again, you'll have to wait for the guards to pass, then run across the hall to the relative shelter of the office doorframe. The camera may freeze and turn yellow - continue picking the lock on the door, open it and go in (the camera should go back to normal). Get the torch from the safe and the purse from the dresser. Shoot a vine arrow out of the window into the ceiling so you can climb down into the ballroom anteroom. Go south to the hallway door.

First Floor - South
Cross the hall and pick the lock on the security room door. Kill the cameras and cross the hall to the ballroom. On the balcony, shoot a vine arrow into the ceiling and climb to the rafters above (figure 2) for the gemstone in the jewelry box (figure 3). You can also attempt to climb down to grab the other loot in here if you couldn't accomplish it from the ballroom floor earlier.
Figure 2 Figure 3

Climb down and go west down the hall to the office door on the left. Pick it and go through the closet and into the workshop. Sneak behind the mechanist and into the last closet for a gemstone. Go back west through the double doors and into the living room. The south closet has a purse in the chest. There's a healing potion in the confession room of the chapel. Cross the hall to the storage room and grab the plate from the crate. Go upstairs.

Second Floor - South
Go across the balcony to the south hall, down the stairs and right to the bar. There's a servant in here. Grab the silver coin stack from the shelf behind the bar, get the purse from the other side of the bar, and exit to the conservatory. Get the purse on the stage and access the secret passage. When you reach the last secret door on the left, go into the bedroom, looting all three closets, then go west in the hall to the security control room. Kill the cameras, grab the lucky coins on one couch and the ring on the other. Go back to the secret passage and through the library. The guard station has a purse (100) in the crate. Set the clock hands to 12:00 and go up to the third floor.

Third Floor, The Cultivator and Getting Out
Douse the torch near the guard room and sneak west into the hallway. Shoot a vine arrow into the roof and climb up to the rafters. Head south into the ceiling of the exhibit rooms - you can access both sides of the third floor like this. The floors in these rooms are booby-trapped: they will emit a poisonous gas if you step on them, so you'll need to use a vine arrow to suspend yourself and grab all the masks (there's a way to shut these traps off by using the locking light systems in the foyer - match the light color to the color of the room walls to turn off the traps).

When you get to the northwest corner of the third floor, rope down to the carpet and hide in the shelter of the doorway. A guard patrols on the other side - when he passes the door go into the room with the cultivator, then go upstairs and make a lap around the walkway. Wait until he heads up the stairs, shoot a moss arrow (figure 4) onto the tile floor. Run across to the cultivator, grab it and go back to the safety of the doorway.

Figure 4

Climb back up to the rafters and go back down the hall to the foyer. Work your way toward the staircase near the studies. Use a rope arrow to climb down to the carpet and jump to the stairs. Pick the door on the right, go upstairs and grab the glasses in the chair and flip the switch under the desk (figure 5 - this opens a secret room under the stairs of the opposite study). Downstairs, flip the switch to the right of the desk (figure 6) to open the passage to the other study.
Figure 5 Figure 6

Head over to the other study and enter the secret room (which you opened by flipping that switch on the desk). Inside, grab the purse, then go upstairs, taking the purse in the chest and the necklace from the bed. Now head back downstairs. Sneak across to the big glass windows, break one with your blackjack, gulp the slow fall potion (you did get the slow fall potion didn't you?) and jump to the streets. You're done!

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