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  1. Secrets Listing
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  3. Commonly Missed Loot

Secrets Listing
Total Number of Secrets: 3 (assuming you found all the secrets in the last level)

1) Third Floor Security Room Passage
In the security control room in the northeast corner of the building, look for a switch on the north side of the camera control panel. Look near the bottom (figure 1). This opens a passage back to the hallway.

Figure 1

2) Passage Between Studies
In each study is a switch near the desk which opens up a passage between the two (figures 2 and 3).
Figure 2 Figure 3

3) Secret Passage to the Third Floor Foyer
Flip the switch across from the southeast guard station to open the room that leads to the foyer (figure 4).

Figure 4


Q: What are those switches in the third floor lobby?
A: They disable the poison gas traps on the floors in the private exhibition rooms. Each color light corresponds to the room with that same color (for example - if the red light is on, the red room gas traps are disabled).

Q: Why doesn't the mission end when I leave the house?
A: Just like the previous mission, you must go out the front (east) doors or windows.

Commonly Missed Loot

Gemstone Under the Back Stairs
In a chest (figure 5).

Figure 5

Ring and Lucky Coins on Couches
Look close for these easily missed items (figures 6 and 7).
Figure 6 Figure 7

Glasses in the Study
In the north study, upstairs in the chair (figure 8).

Figure 8

Necklace on Bed
In the southern study, upstairs on the bed (figure 9).

Figure 9

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