"Your plan is suicide! I'll think of a better way ... and I work alone..."

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  • Secrets & FAQ Page - Go here for pictures of all the secrets in this level, as well as some frequently asked questions.

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  1. The Plans Room
  2. Stage 1 Piece (Bay C)
  3. Stage 2 Piece (Bay A)
  4. Regulating Round (Bay D)
  5. Stage 3 Piece (Bay E)


  • Learn how to use the Guiding Beacon to draw the Servants to the Mechanist Cathedral
  • Use the Guiding Beacon blueprints to manufacture a new beacon to connect to signal slot B
  • Adjust at least 7 of the 8 signal towers to use signal B (the Guiding Beacon) instead of signal A (Karras' instructions)
  • Don't let Karras find out what you're up to or he won't trigger the servants
  • When the rest of your goals are accomplished, get outside before Karras seals up the Cathedral and detonates the Servants

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: None
  • Available: None

Important Notes:

  • The first part of this walkthrough deals with building the Guiding Beacon and putting it in its place. Part 2 of this walkthrough deals with the various strategies to enable each signal tower.
  • There is no chance of disabling or destroying all the mech beasts in this mission, so choose your inventory wisely when you enter the level. However, explosive mines can be made throughout the course of the level, which will aid you in your ultimate quest.
  • There seems to be no possible way to fail the "Don't let Karras know what you're doing" objective. This is very strange, but you needn't worry about failing this objective.

The Plans Room
When you start, the overhead camera will spot you no matter what, and Karras will begin his endless preaching - ignore both for now (or listen to what Karras has to say if you're interested in the storyline). Head quickly north, stopping to climb the machine on the left for the frog egg at the top. Continue north past Bays B & C and through the next courtyard. Go right at the split, avoiding any patrols. When you reach the long hallway, look for the grate in the northwest corner of the ceiling (figure 1) - a mech beast patrols just beyond the arch. Use a vine arrow to climb up to the ledge, go through the window and counterclockwise around the ledge to the other window (figure 2).
Figure 1 Figure 2

Just beyond you'll see a few structures you can use to jump down safely (figure 3). Beware the camera through the door on your immediate left, and a patrolling spider. Cross the hall to the west, use the small shadows in the doorways to pick the locks, and raid storage rooms 2 and 3 (figure 4). For now, get everything from both, you can discard things you don't need later. Interesting how Garrett can hold all of this stuff, huh?

Figure 3 Figure 4

Go north to the next hall and take a right to the plans room. There's a mechanist in the small office on the south, but he should stay put if you're quiet. Get the equipment from the table (figure 5) - the key will open the safes against the east wall which contain plans for making flares, mines, scouting orbs, and most importantly - a regulating round (part of the guiding beacon mentioned in the plans you got from the desk). Raid the each safe (quietly), then look for a grate on the ceiling near the south office door (figure 6). You'll need to shoot a moss arrow up onto the corner of the safe (to quiet your landing), then shoot a vine arrow as close to the edge of the grate as possible - you'll need to jump from the vine to top of the safe cabinet (but you won't make the jump unless the vine is hanging as close to the corner of the cabinet as possible).

Figure 5 Figure 6

Go to the north end of the cabinet and climb into the last window (figure 7) - look for a switch near the bottom (figure 8) that will open a secret passage in the middle of the plans room floor (figure 9).

Figure 7 Figure 8
Figure 9 Figure 10

In the secret room, go to the desk and read Karras' ranting, then flip the switch (this opens the gate to the guiding beacon system for later- figure 10 above). Go up the ladder in the next room (switch is on the wall next to it). Emerge in the north office, grab the frog egg near the vent and head south toward the elevator up to Bay C.

Stage 1 Piece (Bay C)
The elevator to Bay C is near where you start. When you reach the elevator, press the small button on the wall and ride up. Be careful in this upstairs area - a mechanical spider is roaming around in the dark room between Bay B and C. Your goal here is to use the bellowing machine. Place a signal bolt in one part of the machine and place a steel bolt in the other (if you don't understand what I've just said, simply read the nearby book to learn exactly how to use the machine). Climb up on top of the machine and pull the lever (figure 11) to create the Stage 1 piece (figure 12).

Figure 11 Figure 12

Stage 2 Piece (Bay A)
When you're finished upstairs, go to the east door of Bay A. You'll need to sneak behind the mech beast patrolling the doorways, but wait until his friend is heading south. Run over to the ladder of the rolling machine on your left (be sure to start moving the second the mech beast near the doors turns away from you). Insert a steel plate into the slot near the ladder. You can climb the ladder here and toss the Stage 1 Piece into the top bin without exposing yourself to the light (remember to use the 'r' key if your 'use' button doesn't work). If you can't make this work, climb onto the machine and walk the ledge to the dark spot (figure 13). Sneak around the back of the machine to the other side, push the button (figure 14), then stay in the shadow and lean around to grab what has become the Stage 2 piece (figure 15).

Figure 13 Figure 14
Figure 15

Regulating Round (Bay D)
Head north, then west toward Bay D. When you reach the hall outside, continue creeping north (beware the metal grate on the floor), past Bay D. At the end of the next hallway before you have to go right, look for a vine arrow on the floor and a ladder in the corner (figure 16). Fire a noisemaker arrow south into the hall to draw the mech beasts in the doorway of Bay D out into the hall. They should look around a bit, then park themselves out there - this will give you more freedom of movement once you get to Bay D.

Go through the Fluid Vapor Interchange room to the catwalk. If you look to the right, you'll notice that you can jump to the brick building (figure 17) and drop through the hole in the roof, then the hole in the floor (figure 18). You may need to distract the mech beast with another arrow (just make sure you don't jump on the metal roof to far to the left). You'll emerge at a relatively safe place in Bay D (figure 19).

Figure 16 Figure 17
Figure 18 Figure 19

Beware a patrol in this area, as well as several small 'children.' There's also a mech beast in the small room to the north on the other side of the wall. Use the Linking machine on the east side of the room to make a Regulating Round. Place a gauge and a Bantam Node in the top bin. The switches to operate the Linking machine (and the Sealing machine) are on a platform on the west wall. The elevator is at the top of the platform, with no floor controls. You can shoot the controls with an arrow to lower the lift and risk calling attention to yourself, or look for the metal grate and ledge over the pool of water (figure 20). Grab the water arrows in the pool, then climb up to the ledge.

Figure 20

Leave the vine arrow for now - you'll probably use it again. Go down the hall, grab the key on the left and open the door. There's a healing fountain in the center of this 'turnpike' as well as passages to several other places including Bay E and the North Apse area. For now, go counterclockwise to the dark door on your right, unlock it and emerge at the control platform for Bay D. Flip the switch for the Linking Machine to process the regulating round. You can use the elevator to get back down, then shoot a vine arrow into the overhead grate for quicker access to this platform (be careful - the elevator can be a bit noisy).

Stage 3 Piece (Bay E)
When you're finished in Bay D, climb up to the ledge again and go to the south exit in the turnpike. You'll emerge on a platform in Bay E overlooking two cameras on the west. Quick-save here. Use the ladders to reach the top platform, then use the beam to sneak over the first camera and use a slow-fall potion to jump to the corner of the machine (if the camera sees you it will alert the mech beasts in the east of Bay E). Run to safety in the space behind the right side of the machine (figure 21). With a little effort you can mantle back and forth over the back part of the machine here. The Stage 2 Piece goes in the bin on the right. Flip the switch and retrieve the Stage 3 piece from the bin on the left. This may take a few tries so be sure to quick-save first. Also be aware that there is a hiding place inside the machine via the left side.

Figure 21

When you've finished in Bay E, look for a switch on the wall behind the right side of the machine (figure 22). Use the secret door to go back to the west hall, then head for the North Apse, whichever way is safest.

Figure 22

This walkthrough is continued in Part 2.

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