"What hast thou ... built ... Garrett?" - Karras

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  1. Placing the Beacon and Tower 1
  2. Tower 2 (Experimental Invention Workshop)
  3. Tower 3 (Downstairs)
  4. Tower 4
  5. Tower 5 (Computer Room)
  6. Tower 6 (Turret Room)
  7. Tower 7
  8. Tower 8


  • Learn how to use the Guiding Beacon to draw the Servants to the Mechanist Cathedral
  • Use the Guiding Beacon blueprints to manufacture a new beacon to connect to signal slot B
  • Adjust at least 7 of the 8 signal towers to use signal B (the Guiding Beacon) instead of signal A (Karras' instructions)
  • Don't let Karras find out what you're up to or he won't trigger the servants
  • When the rest of your goals are accomplished, get outside before Karras seals up the Cathedral and detonates the Servants

Loot Information:

  • Requirements: None
  • Available: None

Important Notes:

  • The second part of this walkthrough deals with various strategies to enabling each signal tower. Part 1 of this walkthrough deals with creating the Guiding Beacon and putting it in its place.
  • There is no chance of disabling or destroying all the mech beasts in this mission, so choose your inventory wisely when you enter the level. However, explosive mines can be made throughout the course of the level, which will aid you in your ultimate quest.
  • There seems to be no possible way to fail the "Don't let Karras know what you're doing" objective. This is very strange, but you needn't worry about failing this objective.
Signal Tower Numbers For This Walkthrough

Placing The Beacon and Tower 1
You can reach the North Apse from several directions, but beware the patrolling spiders. Take the elevator on the right up to the top floor. The gate should be open if you used the switch in the secret room under the plans room. If not, go to the secrets page and follow the instructions for secret 1. It's much easier than trying to get to the beacon room via jumping and climbing. (Hint: if you are being harassed by a spider, try to lower the elevator onto it.) Once you're in the beacon room, use the 'use' key to place the beacon in the empty slot (figure 1), then go through the door and up to tower 1. Switch the tower (figure 2) to the 'B' side and head back down to the first floor.

Figure 1 Figure 2

Tower 2 (Experimental Invention Workshop)
Go east in the hall (beware the patrolling mech beast) and pick the locks on the double doors on the left. Take the ramp downstairs to the basement area and you'll emerge in a large room with a few patrolling mech beasts and mechanists. Jump off the ramp to your right and go to the elevator on the east side of the room. Take the lift down to the Experimental Invention Workshop. Go up the ramp on the left and go to the dead end where you can get a flare from the box and kill the lights (figure 3).

Figure 3

Back in the main hall, sneak under the camera (there's a spring wire and a flux spheroid in the room guarded by the mech beast). Go out to the large room and avoid the metal plates on the floor. Walk up to the edge of the platform. You'll see a mechanist to your left. Cover the metal grating in front of you and below with a couple of moss arrows (figures 4 and 5), then jump down near the turret (don't jump into the machine or you'll take damage).
Figure 4 Figure 5

Climb the ladder next to the turret (figure 6) and the ladder on top of the building to get to Tower 3. When you come back down, jump to the opposite side of the wall (to the north). The switch controls the vault doors with nothing worthwhile behind them. Jump in the water and swim south through the passage, go east to the water arrows, then north and west into the next tank. Grab 2 more water arrows and climb the ladder into the room. Climb the ladder in the room for a vine arrow, then go back out into the hall and east to the elevator.

Figure 6

Tower 3 (Downstairs)
This one's relatively easy. Follow the patrols clockwise to the northwest corner of the room. Be careful not to walk on the metal plates when the patrols are close - most of the time you can go around the other side of the pillar. Call the lift down and hide in the small shadow in the corner, then go up and change the switch. When you're finished, you can usually go counter-clockwise back to the ramp if you time it right.

Tower 4
Upstairs go east through the room with the desk (there's a Bantam Node in the toolbox), into the doorway of the giant room with the mech beast at the south end near the elevator. You may be tempted to lure him away with a noisemaker, but don't - you'll alert the mech beasts in the adjacent room. Go left around the big water reservoir and into the shadow of the southernmost doorway, then shoot a noisemaker across to the doorway you came from. When he moves, make a break for the lift (you may have to use a few more arrows to keep him distracted while the lift comes down). Go all the way up to the tower, flip the switch and go back down to the platform. Look for the metal grate on the ceiling above (figure 7). Climb up to the rafters and cross the room (beware the camera - if it sees you, there are turret bays that will open and start shooting at you). When you reach the north end of the room, look for a metal grate (figure 8) on the ceiling. Use a vine arrow to jump across to the vent shaft.

Figure 7 Figure 8

Tower 5 (Computer Room)
Follow the shaft east to the Computer rooms. Quick save here. Emerge on a catwalk above the main room, go through the room with the desk and the Quicklime Mixture and into the south room. You must flip two switches in here to open the gate to the lift for the tower. Shoot a moss arrow on the walkway and to the floor beyond. The switch is on the far side of the second row of computer banks directly in front of you. Study the timing of the mech beasts. You'll notice that at certain points, the two nearest you will face away from each other and away from your hiding place. When the mech beast in the second row passes you heading north, and the one nearest you passes going south, you should be able to run and fall to the floor, flip the switch (figure 9), and run south to end of the computer bank on the right (figure 10). By this time, the beast in the first row should have turned and headed north. Follow him to the door on the left (figure 11). Use a moss arrow to cover the metal flooring, then exit and go north to the next doorway on the left. Quick save your game.

Figure 9 Figure 10
Figure 11

Wait for the closest mech beasts to pass you going south, run south to the shadow of the computer bank, then wait for the middle beast to head south, follow him and flip the switch on the right (figure 12). Walk directly in a straight line to the lift (figure 13) - don't explore. A mech beast is parked in the room to the right, and there is a turret on each side of the door you just came through. Take the lift up to the ledge and ride up to the tower. You should be able to exit through the nearest door on your right fairly easily (beware the metal flooring).

Figure 12 Figure 13

Tower 6 (Turret Room)
Cross through the large room to the northern most doorway beyond the water tanks. Hide in the doorway (beware the patrolling mech beasts and spiders). The middle of the three shafts on your right in the next room leads back up to the vent shaft you used earlier. Go north/right in this room (grab the 2 frog eggs in the corner) and into a large 'chapel' filled with spiders. You can use the shadows near the posts and altar to cross the room, or make a dead run across the platform for the gate in the northeast corner. Close the gate behind you if you attract any spiders. This would be a good place for a hard save. You'll emerge in the Turret room. Quickly make a left and head east to the doorway with the green lights (figure 14). This room is very dangerous, so make sure when you're standing still that you're in a safe place. Quick save often.

Figure 14

You'll need to open the gate via the switch on the east wall to access the lift in the southwest corner of the room. Climb the ladder and quickly cross the bridge. Grab the sunburst device and the two fire arrows on the floor by the vine. Cross the next catwalk and go down the ladder. In this small space you'll need to stay in shadow while leaning around the corner to the left and flipping the switch for the tower gate (figure 15).

Figure 15

Go back up the ladder and south to the next ladder. You can use the sunburst device near one of the turrets here (figure 16), but be warned that lighting a fire arrow blows your cover - if you can see them, they can see you. Run full speed across the catwalk, crouching to get around the corner - then jump to the small corner pedestal at the end - go to the back corner and wait for the fireworks to stop.

Figure 16

Throw a sunburst device to the floor between the two turrets (as in figure 17) and detonate it using a fire arrow. You may want to stay to the south side of the pedestal to be out of range of the turret on your immediate left. This should give you enough room to get to the lift (figure 18).
Figure 17 Figure 18

Shoot a vine arrow into the far side of the metal grate beside you and rope down to the safety of the corner (figure 19). Note: Make sure you shoot this arrow to the lower far corner of the grate, or you will have major problems getting back onto it when you leave. Make a dead run to the elevator on your right, but stay to the sides of the room - you're still a good target. Take the lift up, switch the tower, then come back out and grab your vine, going back the way you came, through the spider room.

Figure 19

When you reach the hall, you can pick the double doors on the right, but they only lead to a large dangerous room with little reward. If you need an invisibility potion. Climb the ladder to the right inside the doors and take the catwalk to the last machine on the right at the far end of the room. Flip the switches, then get the invisibility potion from the room in the corner (there's also some building supplies in there).

Go south through the room with the three shaft entries and make a right into the barracks area (if you can't get down the hall, don't forget you can use the middle duct entry to go back to the large room with the water reservoirs and try it from the southern doorway - less light to sneak through).

Tower 7
To clean out the crates, use the niches along the walls to hide in, and loot the crates when the camera turns away (figure 20).

Figure 20

There's a gas mine, broad head, slow fall potion, healing potion, and a flash bomb between all the crates. Work your way counter clock wise around the room and exit through the northwest door. You'll see an elevator on your right- go upstairs and say hello to Karras (don't bother trying to blow the door - you can't - even with several sunbursts. Regardless, there's nothing of use or interest in the room anyway).

Continue west, then north through the room with the flickering lights. Grab the frog egg near the wall and observe the mech beast patrol patterns in the next few corridors. There are several ways around:

  • Shortest: Go diagonally northwest to room with the cauldron and jump through the small window (figure 21) (you can do this by jumping into the window sill, then crouching to squeeze through). Go north through the next window (figure 22) then west to the long hall with the lift at the end.
Figure 21 Figure 22
  • Longest: Take a speed potion and run across the smashing piston, mantle onto the conveyer (avoid the fire) and go to the northernmost room. Climb the ladder, go down the slide into the room with the green light, take a left and go to the end of the hallway. Go right at the toolbox with the flare and go to the lift at the end of the hall.
  • Most Dangerous: Go left through the blades and north to the room with the green light, then south to the long hall on the right.

Whichever way you go, when you're finished with the tower. Go back to the switch on the floor, and take the secret passage to the Tower 8 area (figure 23).

Figure 23

Tower 8
Cross the moveable bridge on the north (figure 24) (you can get some water arrows from the pool first). On the other side of the canyon, beware the camera in the little cubby on the north, but it should be fairly easy to sneak by the mech beast. Go to the southwest comer, grab a the frog egg and go up to the tower. Come back down after switching the signal and push the button on the left wall (figure 25) to bring the bridge down to you. Exit to the southeast and hide in the shadows of the round room.
Figure 24 Figure 25

Follow the patrols to the east exit (using the shadows and niches on the wall to avoid them). Go south out of the room with the flickering lights to the south hall, then out to the north apse in the south. Head back south through the halls and bays until you reach the front doors.

Once again you've saved the City - now it's time to play some fan missions.

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