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Secrets Listing
Total Number of Secrets: 5

1) Plans Room Floor
In the plans room, use a vine arrow in the metal grate in the south to jump across to the top of the safe cabinet (figure 1) (you may want to shoot a moss arrow up there to avoid alerting the mech in the next room). Go to the last window on the north (figure 2) and flip the switch (figure 3) , opening the hatch in the middle of the floor. This leads to Karras' secret office where you can open a gate to the beacon room in the North Apse (figure 4).
Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 3 Figure 4

2) Flash Mine
In Bay B, place an Acid Mix and a Quicklime Mix into the Amalgamating Machine to produce a Flare Mixture. Place the Flare Mixture and a Metal Chassis in the machine to manufacture a Flash Mine.

3) Explosive Device
In Bay B, make a mine bulb by placing an Iron Chassis and a jug of Quicklime Mix into the Amalgamating Machine. Go to Bay D and place the mine bulb into the right bin of the Sealing Machine, and a Bantam Node into the left bin to produce a Sunburst Device. You must place the items in the correct bin (bulb on the right, node on the left) or the sunburst device won't be made.

4) Flash Bomb
In Bay E, place one roll of spring wiring and one jug of acidic mixture into the Fusing machine to create a flux spheroid. After this, drop one steel plate and the flux spheroid you just made into the same (fusing) machine. A flash bomb will be created.

5) Quote Scroll
In Bay A, place 5 bot bodies and 5 Steel Plates into the Rolling Machine (1 set at a time - push the button between each set) to produce the famed 'Quote Scroll' (figure 5). You can get some of the bot bodies from Bay A (they're lying on the ground). To get the other bodies, simply use your sword to break apart disabled mech beasts. Grab their bodies and take them back to Bay A for your use.

Figure 5


Q: How do I drop the signal bolt?
A: Oddly enough, you actually need to use the 'r' key to drop it, rather than using the left mouse button as you normally would. This must be some wierd quirk that only happens at this very tense juncture of the game...

Q: How do I kill those dreaded spiders?
A: These mechanical spiders are very tricky to defeat, and they are some of the hardest enemies in the game. When they become alerted, they move with frightening speed (much faster than you could ever run - even with a speed potion). If you look closely when they turn around, you can make out a boiler, just like on the other mech beasts. Look closely - it is there, just not as brightly colored as the other robot's boilers. Two water arrows will take them down. Other means of disabling these spiders include fire arrows, mines, or a few frog eggs. If your clever, you can lead them to water - where they will be disabled for good (figure 6).

Figure 6

Q: How do I get into Bay D without going through all those mech beasts?
A: Pass the conventional entrance and go north to a ladder in the corner at the end of the hall (figure 7). Climb up, go to the catwalk, jump to the building on your right, and drop through the hole in the roof (figure 8). You'll emerge in Bay D.
Figure 7 Figure 8

Q: How do I do anything in Bay E without getting killed?
A: Make sure you use the entrance from the 'turnpike' south of the Apse to get into the Bay. Use the ladders to climb to the rafter above and slow fall toward the Fusing Machine - half the battle to staying alive is doing this without being spotted by the cameras. Once on the ground, use the hiding place behind the machine (figure 9) to mantle back and forth, as well as the hiding place inside the machine to take cover from the mech beasts.

An alternative method is to simply use a couple of fire arrows to destroy the two cameras. Then you can safely walk to the machine you need to use (the small robots are blind until they hear something - keep quiet, and you won't have any trouble). You can also disable the two small robots with some water arrows to make it even easier.

Figure 9

Q: Where is Karras?
A: You will find an elevator (figure 10) in a small room adjacent to the barracks area which will take you up to Karras' control room. Ironically, there are no consequences if he sees you - but he will indeed acknowledge that you are there.

Figure 10

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