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  • Dan & Saam's T3 Shakeycam Vid - 4.5 Meg - Windows Media Video (AVI)
    Watch me (Dan, aka Digital Nightfall) play the game in first person, while Saam records on his trusty camcorder, and a T3 mapper, Jeremy (aka Faceless) comments.

  • Thief: Deadly Shadows Intro - 4.5 Meg - Windows Media Video
    Third time's the charm? This may very well be the intro to the game. It's much higher res than the other videos, but the music is still pretty bad. Soon we'll find out.
  • Thief: Deadly Shadows Trailer - 9 Meg - Windows Media Video
    Though this is called Trailer 2, it's the only one of these which can really be called a trailer. Mixed scenes of gameplay and cinematics, with some bad music and too much action.
  • T3 E3 Teaser - 3 Meg - Windows Media Video
    This is an earlier draft of the intro to Thief: Deadly Shadows, released at E3 2003.
  • T3 Teaser (from Deus Ex 2 Demo) - 15 Meg - Blink Video
    An alternate draft of the above video, but again not the final game intro. This came packaged with the Deus Ex 2 demo.

    Imagine Games Network 4-21-2004

  • Gameplay #1: Put into motion a plan overheard while evesdropping.
    (Quicktime High: 10 MB) / (Quicktime Low: 4 MB) / (Winmedia: 4 MB)
  • Gameplay #2: Snipe a guard through a window, and then hide the body.
    (Quicktime High: 17 MB) / (Quicktime Low: 7 MB) / (Winmedia: 5 MB)
  • Gameplay #3: Kill a guard, other guards coming running. Flashbomb them, run past, grab loot, and run.
    (Quicktime High: 5 MB) / (Quicktime Low: 2 MB) / (Winmedia: 3 MB)
  • Gameplay #4: Run past multiple guards, flashbombing them. Find the vault and get the loot.
    (Quicktime High: 24 MB) / (Quicktime Low: 9 MB) / (Winmedia: 7 MB)
  • Gameplay #5: Pick a lock and rob a study.
    (Quicktime High: 29 MB) / (Quicktime Low: 11 MB) / (Winmedia: 7 MB)
  • Gameplay #6: Stalk a man in the streets. Knock him out and take his loot.
    (Quicktime: 17 MB)
  • Gameplay #7: Knock out a guard and hide the body.
    (Winmedia: 3 MB)
  • Gameplay #8: Douse a torch and a servant investigates. Knock out the servant and hide the body.
    (Quicktime: 34 MB)
  • Gameplay #9: Knock out a guard and hide the body. Pick the lock on a chest.
    (Quicktime: 23 MB)
  • Gameplay #10: Wait for a servant to come through a door, then knock him out and hide the body.
    (Quicktime: 29 MB)
  • Gameplay #11: Snipe a guard, then hide the body. Douse a torch.
    (Quicktime: 17.1 MB)
  • Gameplay #12: Fire a noisemaker and the guards swarm around it. Creap by and into a crawlspace.
    (Quicktime: 11.7 MB)
  • Gameplay #13: Shoot down a guard and then carry the body away.
    (Quicktime: 17.1 MB)

    Gamespot 4-22-2004

  • Gameplay #1: Tutorial. Try to sneak past a guard.
    (Quicktime: 26 MB)
  • Gameplay #2: Tutorial. Pick a lock, climb a ladder, knock out a man, hide the body, read a book.
    (Quicktime: 26 MB)
  • Gameplay #3: Tutorial. Evesdrop on an important conversation.
    (Quicktime: 26 MB)
  • Gameplay #4: Shoot down a guard and hide the body. Pick up junk from shelf. Read note. Grab loot from chest.
    (Quicktime: 26 MB)
  • Mission Setup: Select difficulty, review objectives, review starting gear, check map.
    (Quicktime: 18 MB)
  • Cinematic. Spoiler Warning!
    (Quicktime: 34 MB)

    Imagine Games Network 4-16-2004

  • Gameplay Video: The player goes on a rampage with debug cheats on.
    Full: (Quicktime: 256 MB) / (Winmedia: 41 MB)
    Part 1: (Quicktime: 14 MB)
    Part 2: (Quicktime: 17 MB)
    Part 3: (Quicktime: 23 MB)
    Part 4: (Quicktime: 32 MB)
    Part 5: (Quicktime: 25 MB)
    Part 6: (Quicktime: 28 MB)

    Imagine Games Network 2-23-2004

  • Interview with Warren Spector
    (Quicktime: 237 MB) / (Winmedia: 129 MB)

    Imagine Games Network 9-3-2004

  • Shakeycam Gameplay Video: These older videos are very poor quality, shot using a camcorder looking at a monitor.
    #1: (Winmedia: 3 MB)
    #2: (Winmedia: 3 MB)
    #3: (Winmedia: 3 MB)
    #4: (Winmedia: 3 MB)
    #5: (Winmedia: 3 MB)

  • Older gameplay video with German voiceover. Shot using a camcorder looking at a monitor.
    (Mpeg: 40 MB)

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