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Official Patches
  • Version 1.1 Patch Items Fixed: Difficulty Settings not working properly with the Save/Load system. This patch fixes the problem the player has with the game resetting the difficulty from Expert or Hard to Normal, or from Easy to Normal, when the game is re-loaded in-mission or if the player transitions more than once in any mission. readme

    Fan-Made Patches / Enhancements / Tweakers
  • John P's TDS Enhanced Textures Pack v1.0.3
    From the Author: Some of the textures in the Ion Storm game "Thief: Deadly Shadows" are lower resolution (lower detail, smaller size) than they have to be. The game looks good, but will benefit from having some of the lesser textures replaced by higher resolution and/or more detailed ones. This is why I started making high resolution/more detailed textures for the game. See comparison shots here.
  • Thief Deadly Shadows Tweak Guide
    Not a download, but a very comprehensive list of ways to tweak Deadly Shadows and modify the way the game is experienced and played.
  • Tweaker Tool
    This tool automatically implements some of the tweaks found in the above thread.
  • The Minimalist Project, v 1.4.1 This modification is designed to make the Thief Deadly Shadows experiece more akin to Thief 1 & 2. A complete list of changes this mod makes can be found in the readme. Forum Thread
  • GarrAT 0.6: Garrett Animations Tweak A revised set of animations for Garrett, made by ascottk. Forum Thread

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