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Avoiding Mistrust (v1.0)

 Filesize: 47.6 MB
 Released: 8/16/2008

By: DarkDragon

Plot Description: It seems my little rendezvous at Lord Raven's Mansion got the Raven's attention. My contacts have recently informed me that he has arranged a meeting with the City Watch Captain tonight at his newly constructed mansion conveniently located just a stone's throw away from Raven's place... which seems very suspicious. They are obviously planning something but I don't know what yet so what better to do then break into his house and do a little snooping around and see if I can unearth any dirty little secrets they have planned. The mansion is extremely large, even from a distance, I can see that the funding Raven is provided the City Watch is going straight into protecting the people. From where I am, I can see that the way in is very heavily guarded but there seems to be a few crates stacked outside the entrance. Hope they are dry inside..."

Additional Comments: The is the sequel to Lord Raven's Mansion.

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Thief 2 Fan Mission
CoSaS 2: Mission X (v1.13)

 Filesize: 319 MB
 Released: 8/15/2008
 Added: 10/3/2008


· Mission X, no movies v1.13
· Mission X, patch v1.13
· Mission X, credits movie, indeo
· Indeo movies only
· DivX movies only
· Game Manual
· Printable Maps Pack
· Desktop Art Pack (widescreen)
· Desktop Art Pack (standard)
· CoSaS Home Page
· The CoSaS Lexicon

By: Team CoSaS

Plot Description: It has been nearly a year since the events of Gathering at the Inn. Dante has been an agent of Master Nightfall's during this time. He has gained much experience, but this will be his first mission as part of a team. If he is successful, he will become one of Nightfall's elite team, the Material Components or MCs. The success of Mission X is crucial, not only to Dante's advancement within The Circle, but for the survival of The Circle itself. He must join the MCs in preventing Lord Raputo from purchasing the Ivory Rose Casino and Gentleman's Club. Master Nightfall's base of power is Hightowne. If Raputo can gain control over the Ivory Rose, he will take control of the small district of Three Gates Bridge. This is the last remaining connection between Hightowne and Nightfall's allies. If Raputo holds the Ivory Rose, he will certainly ensure the destruction of Nightfall, The Circle and any known or suspected agents. Dante's role is vital to the MCs ability to prevent this disaster.

Additional Comments: Mission X is the sequel to CoSaS 1: Gathering at the Inn.

This is a very complex mission. It is recommended that it be played with a fresh T2 install.

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Thief 2 Fan Mission
The Bloody Flounder's Inn (Das Gasthaus zum blutigen Butt) (vGER/ENG)

 Filesize: 2.5 MB
 Released: 8/1/2008
 Added: 10/23/2008

 Other: Das Gasthaus zum blutigen Butt nur in Deutsch

By: Master_edd

Plot Description: You've heard of a valuable crystal hidden inside the inn. It sounds like the perfect swag to you, and it shouldn't be too hard to steal the treasures of some drunken guests.

Your fence ordered you to steal a special cheese which is only stored in this house. He is willing to pay you a good price for it and in addition, there shall be some loot inside the inn waiting for you. So have fun at the inn.

In Deutsch:
Vor kurzem ist dir zu Ohren gekommen, dass ein sehr wertvoller, antiker Kristall in diesem Gasthaus versteckt sein soll. Da du momentan sowieso nicht viel zu tun hast, wäre das für dich eine lohnende Beute. Es dürfte wohl nicht allzu schwer werden, ein paar besoffenen Gästen das Kleinod zu stibitzen.

Dein Hehler hat dir auch noch aufgetragen, einen besonderen Käse, der nur in diesem Haus gelagert wird, zu stehlen. Er will ihn dir für einen stattlichen Preis abkaufen. Und natürlich gibt es in so einem Gasthaus bestimmt ordentlich was zu klauen, also viel Vergnügen.

Additional Comments: This mission supports both German and English.

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Number of Votes: 8

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Legend of the Four Elements 2: The Last Hope

 Filesize: 27.2 MB
 Released: 7/26/2008

By: Theker

Plot Description: After stealing the Plate of the four Elements, the Keepers studied it. They found a map of the palace where the Book of Ash is being kept. This book has the power to create zombies, and now Garrett must steal this book so the Keepers can destroy it. In the wrong hands, it would mean the end of the world because the undead would destroy everything. Garrett has a glyph from the Keepers which transports him to his room above the bar "The Flying Beer Stein". From this starting point, he'll have to try to find a key to activate the portal to the palace where the book is kept.

Additional Comments:
There is a German language version Legende der Vier Elemente II - Die letzte Hoffnung.

This is Part 2 in the the Legend of The Four Elements series. Get part one here:

Legend of the Four Elements in German & English

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Thief 2 Fan Mission
Evirath's Misery (vRev)

 Filesize: 20.5 MB
 Released: 7/25/2008

By: Turcaill

Plot Description:
This Fan-Mission takes place after Garrett took care of Karras.

You recieved a letter from an old mate named Franklyn. He askes you for help...for more information read the letter in your Inventory and just play :)

Additional Comments:
The books in this mission are important to read, not only for understanding the story but also for triggering some events (not all of them are really important but you'll miss a lot if you ignore them ;)). There IS a sword hidden somewhere in the mission but you actually just need it on difficulties "Thief" & "Master".

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Number of Votes: 10

Thief 2 Fan Mission
The Horn (v1.0)

 Filesize: 0.34 MB
 Released: 7/21/2008

By: Silencium18

Plot Description: Mr.Masso, one of the richest guys in the town, stole Basso's horn (also known as the "Horn of Quintus") and now blackmails him with it. Steal the horn and return with it to Basso (it should make a fine price). Mr.Masso´s house is located in a rich area, so expect many guards. You also can´t bring your blackjack with you, because Mr.Masso would know who broke in his house.

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Number of Votes: 5

Thief 2 Fan Mission
The Uninvited Guest

 Filesize: 47.2 MB
 Released: 7/19/2008

By: eepcat

Plot Description:
** This mission takes place shortly after the events of Thief 1 **
I was awoken this evening by a light knock on the door... and a letter from the Keepers. A Hammerite High Priest has taken ill and will soon meet his Builder. The Hammers are moving him to the Morgandy Parr, an old castle in the Burrel Mountains which is used to conduct burial cermonies. The Keepers have been tracking their movements and have discovered that they recently unearthed the Crayman Wand and are bringing it to the Morgandy Parr for study. The Keepers want to make sure the Hammers don't discover the Wand's power... so they want me to go steal it for them. My good sense tells me to stay here in the city while the Hammers are away and pull off some small jobs, but the Hammers won't be travelling light. This could be a big haul and it will get the Keepers off my back for a while. Plus, one of my fences tells me that the Horn of Valiance lies within the Parr and merchants are lining up their offers for that bit of Hammerite lore. I'm not going to get a better opportunity to crack this place, so....

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Number of Votes: 10

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Skylab (v1.0)

 Filesize: 0.66 MB
 Released: 7/7/2008

By: BG Taffer (Svetlio)

Plot Description: This is a tiny mission, I created it just for fun.

OK... Once again you hear rumors that the Mechanists are running a top secret project and the pagans have some information about it. You go into the nearby forest, find a portal and... you suddenly find out that you're in a very strange place. Find out where you are and steal something valuable while you're there.

Additional Comments: This mission is dedicated to: ***SLUGGS**** Thank you, pal, for your greatest and "bestest" FMs :)

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Number of Votes: 10

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Lord of the Thieves: Attack of the Orcs (v1.0)

 Filesize: 12.6 MB
 Released: 6/27/2008

By: Cavalorn (Csongor Hős)

Plot Description: Last night I got a letter from the Keepers:


We need your help again. Yesterday evening an army of orcs sieged and took the city of Nahoras. We think this was the first step of a master plan, but we do not know exactly what it is. We fear that they are about to launch an assault on every city and village. It is very important to find out what they want, and that is why we need your skills. You must infiltrate the orc-occupied town and find out something about their plans.

One more thing: there is an ancient sword somewhere in the sieged city, named 'The Flame of the North'. It was once King Elendur's sword, but it is now shattered and has lost its power. Nevertheless, it's still a very valuable sword. We will tell you more about it when you return. Unfortunately, it is locked in a tower and the key is nowhere to be found. We suspect the gatekeeper was trapped in the sealed mine. So get inside there and keep your eyes open but be extra careful, that place was sealed for a reason.

I know that you would reject this quest, but please consider it, if we don't stop the orcs they will wipe us out from this world.

Keeper E.

I hate the jobs given by the Keepers, but this sounds serious. I think I should pay a visit to Nahoras...

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Number of Votes: 15

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Strife (v1.1)

 Filesize: 10.9 MB
 Released: 6/27/2008
 Added: 9/27/2008

  • Author's Site

  • By: Ricebug (Terry DeLaney)

    Plot Description:
    Welcome to the Thief 2 conversion of Strife. This was actually my first attempt at DromEd. However, due to the complexity of the level and my total ignorance of DromEd, it was scrapped. Although I have attempted to re-create the original initial mission, the storyline has been revamped. This will (I hope) become a campaign, where more of the levels are introduced and the story unfolds. This is why you will see areas sealed off for future missions.

    Click here to find out more about the original Strife game.

    Additional Comments:
    The blackjack is included in the player’s inventory on Easy. On Normal and Hard, you will find it in different places.

    It is possible to “complete” the final objective before getting all the loot. However, you won’t be able to end the mission.

    Using Greenhorn’s crossbow takes a bit of practice. Aim higher than normal, especially when using broadheads and water arrows.

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    Number of Votes: 6

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    Good vs. Bad (v2.5)

     Filesize: 1 MB
     Released: 6/17/2008

    By: sNeaksieGarrett

    Plot Description: The Hammerites recently found out that their precious Builder's Chisel is missing. They found out that it was stolen by an organized thief named Jacob. The funny thing is, they want YOU to help them. (Be warned, because the guards are prepared.) The Hammerites are getting ready to attack, assembling around a fire.

    Additional Comments: This is a small mission. The idea is that Hammerites are on your side and guards are your enemy who stole the Builder's Chisel. So, the Hammers ask you to help them get the chisel back, and being the cool thiefy guy you are, you assist them. Enjoy!! ^ _ ^

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    Number of Votes: 10

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    Gold in Fort Knocks REV (v3)

     Filesize: 1 MB
     Released: 6/10/2008


  • Gold in Fort Knocks for T1

  • By: DarthsLair

    Plot Description: The following events take place not too far from the Dark City. The Hammerites owning much land in the Mountains above the city, and of course being rich in Gold Ore have built a Fort over these old mines, and like usual have much wealth to share with the willing thief. Rumours and such Led me to an old associate who, like usual, has an interest in artifacts. My only interest is that he, as usual, comes through with the cash after my work is done. I came by an old map barely readable, and only one small section depicted at least what I thought could have been a secret passage leading into a Crypt or a Vault, and, or it could have had an ale stain on it. Anyway I found a weak spot in their heavily guarded Fortress...A wall, with badly weathered bricks with just enough foot hold to make it up and over. The only problem I might have is going back over the wall, which just happens to drop straight down into a 100 foot ravine. Passage through the Fort Gates is Impossibe because all wagons, boxes, and guards from the city are even searched. My way is always unseen! So over the wall to get in, and hopefully out through an old mine shaft. Time will tell, but Gold speaks Louder than Words. Especially at Fort Knocks.

    Additional Comments: The Revised version is a conversion from Thief: The Dark Project to Thief Gold.

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    Number of Votes: 11

    Valley (vmulti)

     Filesize: 75.5 MB
     Released: 6/4/2008

    By: Flux

    Plot Description: Pagans are preparing for a war. A big one. To wipe out all the hammers from the city. Not that I care for each of the factions, but a full front war in my city is the last thing I want to see nowadays.

    I am heading into their hide-out, in some remote valley. An undercover keeper agent posing as a pagan, had already infiltrated into their grounds. I have to locate him first, or obtain information about him. Then, I shall see what I can do to sabotage their war plans.

    One more thing though, a pagan shaman has some personal grudge against me, so my sources say. Along the way, I have to take care of this personal matter too.

    Additional Comments: English, German, Russian & Italian language support is included.

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    Number of Votes: 2

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Broken Triad (v1.0)

     Filesize: 53.9 MB
     Released: 5/31/2008

  • Arkford Walkthrough
  • Arkford LootList
  • Tempest Isle Walkthrough
  • Tempest Isle LootList
  • Klatremus' Arkford LootList
  • Klatremus' Tempest Isle LootList

  • By: Eshaktaar

    Plot Description: Arkford. A six days' march northeast of the City; far enough for me to keep a low profile. The events in and underneath Farrington Manor compelled me to leave my usual field of activity for a while.

    Arkford's citizens have high standards when it comes to their prosperity. Nobody asks you how you amassed your riches, though, which made me fit right in. Still, I don't plan on overstaying my welcome, and after three months I've seen about enough of this conceited town. Tonight's job will be my farewell present before I head back to the City.

    A stone bust called "The Sleeper" is currently on display in the local museum, the Harrogate. The bust is as ugly a piece of art as it is a coveted item among collectors. Instead of being a useless dust gatherer, it would serve a much better purpose if it earned me some money, so I'm going to make it mine.

    What makes this task interesting are the elaborate security measures surrounding the sculpture. The bust sits on a pressure plate that triggers the alarm at the slightest change of weight. I assigned a sculptor to create a replica of identical weight which I'm going to exchange for the original. For the time being, that's the only detail I know about Harrogate's security system. Lucky for me, a renowned security inspector happens to be in town, and he has written a detailed report about the Harrogate's safety precautions. This report might prove useful in my endeavor. I also managed to befriend one of the museum's curators, Sheila Jennings, and persuaded her to borrow a few keys for me by tonight.

    It's time for me to pay the museum a late visit. The quicker I finish this job, the sooner I get away from Arkford. This town is starting to give me headaches.

    Additional Comments:
    This mission takes place a few months after the events in Ominous Bequest, so, if you haven't already played the prequel, you should play it first.

    Bug Warning:
    Due to a bug in the first mission that refuses to disappear, Garrett's feet tend to "slip" into the ground occasionally (it mostly happens at slopes). You can recognize this when his footsteps don't make any sound. If this happens, Garrett can't climb the slightest step. To get unstuck, you simply need to jump.

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    Number of Votes: 65

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Legend of the Four Elements (v3)

     Filesize: 22.5 MB
     Released: 5/28/2008

    By: Theker

    Plot Description: Lord Xaldin, the owner of a very strange estate, inherited a plate but the Lord wasn't able to access it. It was sealed with Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These four elements are said to exist on the estate. The lord hired a Keeper to find the four elements, his reward being the opportunity to study them in order to find out if there's more to them than meets the eye. Garrett was instructed by the Order of the Keepers to steal the plate and to bring it to them. Garrett was suspicious at first, but before he had to listen to the usual talk of evil times he vanished and made his way to the estate.

    Additional Comments: This version supports German & English.

    Get Legend of the Four Elements 2: The Last Hope in English or Legende der Vier Elemente II - Die letzte Hoffnung in German.

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    Number of Votes: 9

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    Holy Hammer (v1.0)

     Filesize: 2.16 MB
     Released: 5/26/2008

    By: Dront

    Plot Description: I resettled three days ago. My new shelter is not far from the Hammers' temple. Maybe that's why they asked me to do something for them. Their temple has been walled off since occupied by Trickster's beasts, but the Hammers left here their holy hammer. The beasts try to destroy the wall but it don't fall apart, so I have to find some another way in. Also, if I need some equipment, there is a little mansion located not far from this street massive. If I find it, I'll certainly find some weapons or potions needed to fight the beasts - seems like in the temple there will be very few shadows to hide in.

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    Number of Votes: 11

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